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Fuertaventura, Spain

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Surf Camps 1

7 Days Surf and Yoga Retreat in Spain

Available from January till October

Speaks English

from US$795
from US$795
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6 days / 5 nights

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Agata Papajak

Agata comes from Poland. She is into sports since she was born. She has graduated from the University of Physical Education in Poznan. She was also studying in Portugal. In the last three years, she spent working as a fitness director on a Disney cruise ship in the Caribbean. She is a Pilates, fitness, and aqua aerobic instructor. Every winter she snowboards and every summer she spends in water surfing or windsurfing. She is also a huge fan of crossfit. During the retreat with her, she will make you laugh at least 10 times a day. She will cherish and make your day full of fun!

Testimonials 7

  • Ciara Italy

    New Day Instituto website

    We stayed a week in this villa, many congratulations to the hosts (most helpful and very nice) and many compliments for the villa! Gorgeous!

  • A traveler Europe

    New Day Instituto website

    Beautiful place, house in super condition and amazing space around the house. If you are looking for peace and relax go there. Goat farm for your fresh goat cheese are neighbors and wonderful swimming pool with salt water. thank You will really enjoy!

  • Shefira

    New Day Instituto website

    My experience with Yoga at Diana. Every week, one hour and relaxation has brought me a lot. Besides a terrible agility (which I had not thought possible), the yoga brought me more peace and balance into my life. One that piece of reality steps and you focus on yourself and on the 'nothing'. The lessons are very accessible. It's not about what you can, but pushing your own limits in the exercises through concentration and breathing. By means of meditation exercises at the end of the lesson succeed sometimes to think really get nowhere. In addition, the lessons are just very cozy!

  • Monique

    New Day Instituto website

    When I started yoga at Diana, it was a feeling of 'coming home'. I learned that yoga is a way of life, a way of life and philosophy: but not one that you learn from a book. You have to practice yoga, you have to think about it, should bags, you have to practice ... although 'need' is not a good description. I would not be more different. The road is ahead, I can not and will not go back to the time before I started! Yoga is short, a perfect way to get closer to yourself in order to penetrate the nucleus where you always have something stuck in the external. Yoga opens your eyes to what you really want, who you want to be and what you want to do and with your life. Take that chance!

  • Rianne

    New Day Instituto website

    Yoga is a gift for yourself! It is a challenge, an experience one floor and, sometimes confrontational but very instructive. It gives wonderful insights, beautiful! You sit in the yoga class in an atmosphere that takes you further. The physical postures (asanas) provide flexibility and space. The exercises are clearly explained, and the meditations at the end of the lesson, do the rest. I had just started earlier!

  • Loes

    New Day Instituto website

    What yoga has done for me personally? In a sentence, it would be an improvement in my overall well-being. Physically it has given me a healthy, strong body. Coughs blow over, tension headaches and neck pain are gone, my attitude is extremely improved. By yoga. You can feel at a subtle level, what happens in your body, and complaints are quicker to trace and resolve. I have become more sensitive through yoga, but less emotional. Moments happiness are much more intense and more frequent. There happen naturally less beautiful things in life, but the feeling here is become purer. Unpleasant events have less grip, I get not so caught up in trouble. There is a kind of helicopter view emerged, from which I can see my life. No more sleepless nights, worrying at night parking fine somewhere so I can sleep calmly. You also learn during your meditations, to always return to one issue. I became more aware of my role and position in the moment. This awareness makes you better see certain behaviors and can keep away. So you can meet new situations open without judgment, fears, limitations or uncertainty. I remain more to myself and that gives peace. More take time to listen to others, and think before I say anything. But if I really have something to say, here not afraid of. The peace and distance also ensure that you will notice subtle things. Small behavioral changes in people, or feel an atmosphere and thus better anticipate the situation. In other words, my life is more polite, rather than lived. see life as it is, without being immersed in it. If a large alternating happen where I can be a spectator and should learn a lot!

  • Irma

    New Day Instituto website

    Yoga classes at Diana do me very well. I often have low back pain. Teacher Diana gave tips for exercises and after a very short time the pain was virtually gone. Hatha yoga classes help me to come into balance with myself and feel very good. I am much fitter, more stable and have more confidence! And they are also very fine / spicy classes, with a great atmosphere. Classes are fine and the meditation every time is special again.

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