The most exciting way to surf and explore the hundreds of perfect waves that the Mentawai islands has to offer, is without a doubt by boat.

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Ravi Witt Australia

Mentawai Blue website

I went on the Naga Laut late season in 2014 with a killer bunch of lads. We surfed our brains out three times a day enjoying the beautiful waters of the Mentawai. Didit, the local surf guide, would talk to us and find out what we wanted to do, then came out, and got barrelled with us. The crew where unreal sharing many jokes with us and prepairing amazing food, even a lamb roast one night, as well as pizza, fish, and some local dishes. I particulally remember one afternoon at a small island down south where I got a really nice deep barrel at a wave I have always wanted to surf. We had some great sesssions at HT's, Thunders, Maccas, and Scarecrows. Near the end of the trip, we went to Burgerworld, a picturesque point break which offers fun barrels and endless walls to play on. The fun never stopped. Much thanks to the captain and crew for the great times.