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Alyson D Canada

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Punta Hermosa is beautiful!!! The perfect vacation spot. Many beautiful beaches!!!

My surf camp was recommended to me. I am so glad. It made this stay terrific. The room was super clean!!!

Victor and his family made the stay amazing, from the pick up at the airport til the drop off!

The family gave me 3 delicious meals everyday. It was perfect.

Victor has the best customer service I have ever experienced. If I wasn't in the mood to surf, he offered to take me to the market, or ruins.

It was the most relaxing, REJUVENATING vacation in beautiful Punta Hermosa.

Priska A Switzerland

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I've stayed at this surf camp one week all inclusive and another few days just accommodation. The first week i was the only guest, which was a bit boring but i understand, that it's not season at the moment. Victor and his mum were super friendly and tried to make me feel at home. The food they cook is delicious. The rooms are spacious and clean. I could even leave my surfboard there when i was traveling. Second time i didn't have any food included. It's a bit difficult and boring to got to restaurants on your own. So i advice to take with food as they cook very good. There is a shop close by. They also invited me for dinner once although i didn't have any food and offered me shuttle to a beach and even a sup paddle lesson which i didn't have to pay, as they had other guests going anyway. I would stay here again.

Chris & Katy New Jersey

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My girlfriend and I just returned from a 10 day stay with Victor and had a trip of a lifetime! Apologies for the length of the review in trying to be as thorough as possible.

Our trip started out with a bit of a debacle after some last minute issues with Airline travel. Unfortunately, Jet Blue does not allow surfboards on flights to Peru from the States so we were left without boards and very little info about where to get them in Peru. We sent Victor a panicked email concerning this and he promptly responded telling us not to worry, and that there were plenty of reasonable options in his hometown of Punta Hermosa. Upon arrival, we found this to be true and were able to secure boards for very reasonable prices. whew! close one!

When we arrived in Lima we saw victor with a big My Surf Camp Peru sign with our names on it. We jumped in his car and started to make the drive down to Punta Hermosa. One thing I'd like to mention, especially for people from the states, is that driving in Peru is definitely not recommended. If you traveling for an extended period, by all means, get a car. But for a short 2-week trip, it's really not worth the frustration and hassle of driving yourself. Having Victor there to drive made all the difference, He takes to road calmly and is not nearly as aggressive as most Peruvian drivers.

The accommodations are basic, but everything is kept up nicely and very clean. For an experienced traveling surfer, I would equate this camp to traveling to visit a friend in a foreign country. The combination of Victors welcoming personality, his mother cooking all of the (delicious) meal's and the occasional visit from his children, you really get the feeling that they are inviting you into their home.

Being that it was Peru's winter, Punta Hermosa was very quiet. Coming from a seasonal beach town, I understood this when booking the trip. This was meant to be a surf trip, so we were not really interested in the party scene. It's unfortunate that previous reviewers build this into their review of My Surf Camp, I'm not sure why someone would think that a modest surf camp is also responsible for entertaining you with anything other than surfing. The fact is, they promise you access to high-quality waves all within a short distance to the camp. PH absolutely delivers on this. We were amazed at the wealth of breaks just a few minutes from the house.

For the experienced surfer, PH is Paradise. The waves for our trip were 6-8 feet the entire time with a left point break (Seniorita's) and a fun rippable right (Caballeros) directly out front of the house. Being a goofy foot I opted for the left for the 4 straight days we were there, many sessions with only a few guys out. At the camp, you're not relegated to just waves in Punta Hermosa. Peru is known for its wealth of quality point breaks that are also very difficult for the traveling surfer to find. It's outlined at the camp very clearly how much it is to travel to breaks outside of Punta Hermosa and if there is swell, I highly recommend it. BTW, if you're thinking of traveling to surf Peru, don't let a few bucks get in the way of you surfing a world class point break all by yourself, I'm still dreaming of the countless sessions that I shared with only my girlfriend and Victor in the water!!

We had initially only planned on staying at MSC for 3 days, We were hoping to catch a bus up to Chicama to surf the longest point break in the world. During the time we spent with Victor we told him our plan and asked if he had any suggestions. He gave us some great advice and then offered to take us all the way up to Chicama (900 kilometer away from Punta Hermosa). He gave us a clear breakdown of the costs and didn't try and pressure us into this option, he laid out all the facts for us in terms of what we'd go through trying to do it on our own and then informed us that if he took us, we would surf every wave on the way up to Chicama and on the way back down to Lima. I'm sure you guessed which option we chose.

We decided to hang in Punta Hermosa for a few extra days before we started out on our week-long adventure touring the coast with Victor. There was another swell on the horizon and it was looking like we were going to score some super fun Chicama. The morning we decided to leave we had to be up early to beat Lima traffic. 5 am departure time to get around Lima and when we woke up, Victor was already in the courtyard packing up the van with tents, sleeping bags etc.

We hit the road and got around Lima in a timely manner. The whole trip was a great time traveling with Victor, comparing each other's cultures led to some great discussions that are very welcomed when you're on the road for hours on end with not much to do. The first wave we surfed was located in a very small town that we would have had no chance of finding on our own. A 15-minute drive down a tiny dirt/rocky road lead to some great adventure! honestly, I thought we'd get stuck a few times... Tree branches blocking the roadway, a donkey pulling a cart of vegetables, sheep running out into the road all on a 15-minute trek to the beach was a welcomed experience. I'd like to mention this would be a point where you would not want to be in a rental, This 15-minute drive alone would have cost close to a thousand dollars given all the run-ins we had with thorny tree branches. Finally, we made it to dirt lot right on the beach. Not a soul in sight and perfect chest-shoulder high lefts peeling for 200-300 yards. We were out there! My girlfriend and I surfed by ourselves for a few hours and could not stop hooting/laughing at one another as we surfed by. This is what we came to Peru for!! Some locals showed up and patiently waited for us to paddle in before they went out for a surf, This day was starting out right.

One thing I'd like to note is the amount of knowledge Victor has about the Peruvian coast and where to find waves. I started to realize this when we would hear people yell out "Chino!" (Victors nickname) in every single town we went along the 900 kilometer drive.

Fast forward a number of hours and we finally made it to Chicama. Wow! this place truly is a sight to be seen. Once we arrived, Victor dropped us off all the way at the top of the point and gave us directions on each wave we would encounter along a 4km drift down the entire point of Malabrigo. This would end with the famous wave at the bottom of the bay and the opportunity to ride a single wave for over a km. 2.5 days at Chicama was truly life changing, sharing waves with the locals and having some of the worse leg cramps from riding a wave for over 1.5 km was an amazing experience. We left fully content and ready to call it a trip... But this was not until Victor had one last wave for us to check out. We drove most the day and ended at an empty beach in the middle of the dessert. Victor showed us a little plot of property he owns right on a beach and a hut that he built out of sand bags and concrete, pretty amazing. Out front, there were perfect 5-6 foot left-handers peeling for close to 200 yards, Not a single person in sight. We surfed for a few hours with just the two of us out, Perfect way to end our Peruvian adventure. Victor dropped us off at the airport that evening, we said our goodbyes and ensured that we would definitely be returning to My Surf Camp Peru. Thanks Again for all your Hospitatlity Victor and Family!

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