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Melbourne, Australia

Moon Tours specialize in real adventure travel for small groups and personalized private packages. They provide wildlife safaris, kite surf, and SUP holidays.

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  • Jen Iserlohn

    Moon Tours Facebook page

    We had the most amazing time exploring the Victorian Alps by 4WD and dirt bike!

    It was such an incredible experience climbing steep mountains, enjoying stunning views, swimming in crystal clear rivers, camping under millions of stars, sitting around the campfire listen to breath taking adventure stories, enjoying awesome company and just having lots of fun. Thanks for making this great adventure happen Steph and Trent! Anytime again!

  • Jessica Hansen

    Moon Tours Facebook page

    Wow! What an experience! I spent 10 days on a boat, kiting on remote untouched islands, visited villages in the middle of the Soleman seas with a population of 10 people, gained an open water dive ticket in the worlds' most amazing waters, and so much more. I have seen places I never thought existed and met some incredible people along the way. It has been an adventure of a lifetime. Thanks to Moon Tours, I cannot wait for the next epic trip!

  • Liv Shakes

    Moon Tours Facebook page

    Fiji School Holidays Trip 2015;

    Best holiday I've ever had, Trent and Steph were awesome and always making sure we had something to do! It was such a cultural experience with so much to do and see, we met people that we're still friends with after the trip, and it is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. My personal favourite experience would have to be diving with sharks and turtles and just being surrounded by stuff to look at the whole time you're under the water. Awesome! If you're not sure whether or not you should go because you don't kite, or someone in you're family doesn't kite. Take it from me; I don't kite and I did not have a dull second, so if you're not sure just do it!! Will be worth so totally worth it!

  • Kyle Smith

    Moon Tours Facebook page

    I had an absolute blast in Taveuni, Fiji. The kiting was awesome, the crew of legends with nice friendly locals and plenty of other things to do like swimming with manta rays and bombing big waterfalls. Taveuni is a beautiful little part of the world, locally known as the 'garden island'. It's off the main tourist track in Fiji with barely any other kiters, flat water (wave spots also) and wind - it's a tropical paradise. Trent and Steph are very down to earth hosts. They do a fantastic job organizing and bringing a bunch of like-minded people together to enjoy an unforgettable experience!

  • Deon Brink

    Moon Tours Facebook page

    Amazing trip to Tavueni, Fiji. Very well organised, loads to do on non-wind days. Absolutely worth every cent. Great for kiting progression. You will definately see me again in the future, I recommend going!

  • Simon Sav

    Moon Tours Facebook page

    If you're after a trip that offers great kiting in addition to all the cultural and adventure experience that goes along with international travel, then you need to get in touch with Moon Tours. Taveuni is a magical place and quite different from the well-trodden resort areas on the main island. Trent and Steph will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that your trip is interesting with plenty of variety. You're also likely to find yourself on the trip with a bunch of other like-minded folks, which adds to the whole experience.

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