Mooana is a concept driven to boost an overall healthy lifestyle of the individual in combining surf, soul, and wellbeing.

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Marcy Johnson

from United States, September 2017

"Loved it!"

This trip was a perfect mix of surf, yoga, relaxation, and social outings. The surf house was comfortable, had beautiful views, and the food was delicious. I was able to see and experience more of Cornwall than I ever expected on a surf and yoga retreat. I would definitely book this trip again.

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Concha is a person that literally shines. I find her very inspiring to be with as she is so dedicated to living her dreams, to share all her goodness with people around her and to express the elegance of life wether it is gliding down a wave or just being here and now. I highly recommend spending time in her company and to seek to learn from her profound art of living a healthy life.


Mooana website

Concha is great, she is a very focused surf coach who always watches out to improve your experience: from finding the best spot due to daily conditions to helping with advice and tips or subtle encourages you if you need it. To watch her surf is truly an inspiration and beside all of that she is not only interested in other forms of wellbeing but a lovely company to just enjoy a beer after a good day in the water! Can't wait to share some waves again soon!