Melissa Maher

California, United States

Melissa Maher helps women who are ready to realize their dreams and who have the confidence to make decisions on their own.

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  • Colleen Nichols

    Melissa Maher website

    Before my session with Melissa, I felt stuck and stalled out. I had an idea running around in my head about becoming an entrepreneur, but my ‘rational side’ was holding me back from making real moves. Melissa was able to help me see that my ‘rational side,’ the side of me that kept saying ‘play it safe,’ was actually my gremlin in disguise. That truly was the ah-ha moment that changed everything for me. Melissa helped me understand and make peace with my fear, while also helping me give myself permission to succeed. If you’re serious about bettering yourself and getting un-stuck, Melissa is the coach for you!

  • Traci Hines

    Melissa Maher website

    Melissa’s coaching has had a tremendous impact on my life. At a time of complete confusion, I found her to be grounded, intuitive, and full of wisdom and grace. I felt understood. I felt safe. I also felt like I came away with tools and insights that were spot on for my journey and the steps I needed to help me at that time. There was a depth to her understanding, a lightness to her words, and an incredibly magnetic personality. Dare I say, in the middle of chaos, I had fun and laughed! Melissa is truly gifted and ‘gets it’. An amazing gift in my life.

  • Lynn Oschmann

    Melissa Maher website

    Melissa is a fabulous coach. She is so insightful and intuitive. Her questions help me see things in a different way, revealing the core issues I’m not even aware of consciously. I’ve learned so much about myself in our work together. I have really been able to reconnect with myself and find more clarity of purpose and passion. She is always so present in our sessions and creates a comfortable, accepting environment that allows me to deal with my deepest issues. She’s the perfect coach for anyone looking to bring more mindfulness, depth, self-awareness, and personal growth to their life.

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