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Mazatlan, Mexico

Lessons, camps, out of town excursions, and a variety of packages are offered by Mazatlan Surf Addiction for a once in a lifetime surf vacation.

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  • a traveler

    Mazatlan Surf Addiction website

    Miguel was our expert and friendly instructor on both days. He picked us up at our hotel, right on time with surf boards hanging out of the trunk of his car. The beach of choice was the magnificent La Bruja out at Cerritos (North end of Mazatlan by the Riu resort).

    On both days there were perfect waves for beginners and advanced surfers. Great location, great waves and a sandy bottom... very nice all around.

    Miguel is very attentive and supportive. After the dry land lessons, he will be in the water with you the whole time. Every victory is celebrated, and every wipeout is analyzed for improvement (with a smile).

    It’s all very gentle, and the locals are just fine with newbies in their midst.

    Warm water,

    hot sand and sun, great waves, expert instruction by a passionate, nice guy

    , and....Mexico.

    I can’t imagine what you are waiting for!!

  • Tara Perrson

    Mazatlan Surf Addiction website

    We all had such a great time in our lesson with Miguel! I can see why you have continued to work with him. Miguel was so patient with all of us beginners and was the first one to cheer us on and celebrate our successes, no matter how little! He is obviously very passionate about surfing!! My husband and son are plotting how to get their own boards for our next trip to Mazatlan. (7, 9 and 11 year old along with Mom and Dad)

  • Scott Smith

    Mazatlan Surf Addiction website

    We spent a week in Mazatlán this past February, and Mazatlán Surf Addiction was the highlight of our trip. We were able to plan everything through Kate, who lives in Edmonton, via email a few weeks before the trip and booking could not have been easier.

    Our first lesson, Miguel picked us up at our hotel in his Jeep, 8:00 am. He had already driven to several different beaches that morning checking the waves, ensuring us the best place to surf for our ability that day. He supplied everything we needed - the boards, wetsuits and rash guards. It did not take Miguel long to have us up on our boards. After catching her first wave, my wife, who had been hesitant to surf three out of seven days, excitedly declared, “This is all I want to do now!”

    Miguel is a professional surfer who has represented Mexico in international surfing competitions. His surfing credentials are impressive and the locals know and respect him. My entire family took a liking to him right away as he was very friendly and knowledgeable. (His English is also very good.)

    There are several surf lesson companies in Mazatlán to choose from, and according to Miguel they are all pretty good. I must say, though, that Mazatlán Surf Addiction went above and beyond our expectations in every way. As a family we prefer to always try new places, new food and new experiences. But, thanks to Miguel, we all agreed that Mazatlán is somewhere we’d like to return. When we go back we will be booking with Mazatlán Surf Addiction again.

  • Michele and Jonathan Rockcliff

    Mazatlan Surf Addiction website

    Our first family surfing lesson this Christmas was an absolute treat in the capable hands of our experienced and talented instructor, Miguel. He was patient, dedicated and insistent that we see some success during our morning lesson yet never pressured any of us to do anything we weren’t comfortable doing. He knew exactly where to go in Mazatlan to make our experience both fun and challenging and scenic at the same time! We would have no problem returning to Mazatlan and would without hesitation seek out Miguel to guide us again. Thanks Kate and Miguel!

  • Shane Gaalaas

    Mazatlan Surf Addiction website

    If you’re thinking about a surf trip to mainland Mexico, you need to check out Mazatlan Surf Addiction. I was taking a trip to Mazatlan to visit my parents and being an avid surfer from SoCal, I thought I’d check out the potential for getting in a few sessions while I was there. Not really getting my hopes up to high as I’d never really heard much about the place having much for quality waves but... was I ever wrong! I was so lucky to have stumbled on to the Surf Addiction website and meet Miguel, a seriously charging surfer, and a very knowledgeable surf guide. He took me to some of the most epic breaks I’d ever seen, let alone surfed. I couldn’t believe what I saw the first spot we went to - perfect, juicy, long, left hand peeling walls that I’d envisioned carving in my dreams, there before my eyes.... AND NO ONE OUT!!!! We surfed alone and caught perfect wave after wave until I couldn’t paddle any longer, It was still firing when we left and no one else showed up...ALL DAY! The next day the swell dropped a lot but he took me to another lefty that was even more pumping? When the swell completely flattened out, he knew of beach breaks that were still fun. If you’re looking for an uncrowded epic surf expedition, check out Surf Addiction. AMAZING!

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