Marias Hostel & Surf offers surf lessons and only works with certified surf instructors to teach you in a fun and safe way.

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6 Day All Levels Nature Surf Camp near Porto, Aveiro

Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec, 2024
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4 Day All Levels Nature Surf Camp near Porto, Aveiro

Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec, 2024
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8 Day All Levels Nature Surf Camp near Porto, Aveiro

Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec, 2024

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Bruno Aguiar

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from Germany, July 2024

"Best surcamp"

I can only highly recommend, it’s the perfect space/area/people and the best was the surfing.

Janni Kjær

from Denmark, July 2024

"Surfing is suited for first time beginners "

The staff in the hostel was nice and the rooms were clean

Iza Bon Brzin

from Slovenia, June 2024

"Short and sweet "

Room, breakfast, the whole vibe of surf camp, we meet so many cool people and Bruno and his team are just amazing


from Norway, May 2024

Long surflesson every day, good breakfast and good location for surfing. Well equipped kitchen and clean rooms. Great quality pictures from surfing was a nice bonus. Overall very happy with my stay!

Nicole Zurita Round

from United Kingdom, May 2024

"not a total noob anymore!"

Everything was absolutely perfect. It was my first time surfing and honestly, I didn't think I was going to be able to even stand up, but they taught us well and gave us lots of really helpful corrections and advice. Everyone, both staff and other guests were super nice, the ambience was super chill and being able to surfskate in the evenings was a really nice plus. All in all, I had a lovely experience and can't wait to go again someday

So yeah, I guess surfing IS addictive :D

Fabian Castañeda

from France, May 2024

"Great Experience!"

Overall, the experience was really fun. I was lucky enough to arrive the day they were celebrating their 5 years anniversary. It was really fun. From the first day the vibe was amazing. Everyone was really kind and helpful, both the people working there and the other guest who were staying at the same time.

When it comes to the surfing, it was my first time surfing ever. The instructors were really good, and I learned a lot. They constantly corrected my technique and gave advice when needed.

Can't wait to come back!

Laura Renic

from Ireland, May 2024

"Great camp for surfing"

Every day we were in the water for a minimum of 3 hours, the lesson didn't include travel time. The instructors don't seem in a hurry and give great feedback and variety of waves.

Erigersa Hamzaj

from Italy, March 2024

"Beginner surfer "

First time surfing, was lucky with the weather and loved it. I would for sure come back. Thank you very much for the great experience and the patience 😊

Oguz Alkan

from Germany, March 2024

"Real deal!"

Mestre Bruno is the best.

There was nothing to complain about.

I would go there again without hestitation.

Sanne Van De Vorst

from Portugal, March 2024

"A surfcamp which makes you feel like you are at home"

Nice and long surflessons, clean and peacefull hostel, basic but nice breakfast and they will help you with everything you need during your stay.

Lin Ding

from United Kingdom, November 2023

"Can't wait to come back next year!!!"

I spent four incredible days at Marias, filled with joy and enrichment each day. The warmth and kindness of everyone there was truly heartwarming. A special thanks to Bruno for his enthusiastic hospitality and excellent surf lessons, and to Lucia for her healthy and hearty breakfasts every morning! All the instructors I encountered were highly professional, leaving me longing for more at the end of each surfing day. The rooms, beds, and bathrooms were clean. Although it was a bit cold in winter, the rooms were thoughtfully equipped with thick blankets, and the common area had a cozy fireplace that kept us warm. I highly recommend Marias and am eagerly looking forward to returning next year!


from Greece, October 2023

"Good vibe but not very organized"

General vibe

Undine Mies

from Germany, October 2023

"Really nice surf camp"

We really enjoyed the surf lessons. The instructors were really motivated and patient in teaching you how to surf.

The hostel was also nice and had everything you could possibly need!

Gareth Rice

from United Kingdom, September 2023

"Amazing experience, can't wait to come back"

Maria's Accommodation was perfect - basic but pretty with everything you need! (Perfect for the price)

The girls who run the hostel were amazing, so friendly and helpful.

The coaches were brilliant and helped my surfing so much.

The other surfing students were all great fun and very supportive, go and visit this place!

Nikola Kolínská

from Czechia, September 2023

"The best week of my life"

You can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf! And that is what we did! Amazing!

Aline Rüttimann

from Switzerland, August 2023

"Hat unsere erwartungen übertroffen"

Das surfen war super und die leiter haben sich sehr gut um uns gekümmert!


from Italy, August 2023

"A surf hostel where surfing is the priority"

- Long surf sessions

- Big and comfortable beds

- Very clean facilities

Carolin Wiggers

from Spain, August 2023

"Wonderful surfhostel"

We had a great time! The hostel is very nice, the lessons were fun and everybody was lovely!

Celia Domingo

from Spain, August 2023

"Thanks for the introduction to this amazing sport "

I had never tried surf before. And I could ask for anything better. The owner and instructor is a great person and professional: patient, involved… We also had the best of lucks with the group (both volunteers and other clients), which made the experience even better. I’d definitely recommend this experience, and I’d do it again. Also, great breakfast to start the day with :)

Alexander Blom Vigsoe

from Sweden, August 2023

"Everything was excellent - would recommend to anyone!"

The instructors are incredibly skilled and generous with their feedback. I knew nothing when I arrived and was able to catch my first wave on the first day. The Maria Hostel community attracts open-minded and friendly people who want to meet new friends. The facilities are clean and looked after, the staff is incredibly nice and the location could not be any better. I would recommend this to anyone who would like to learn how to surf from scratch or improve their pre-existing surfing skills.


from United Kingdom, August 2023

"Great Experience. "

Great lessons, lovely hostel, lovely town.

Emma Hütter

from Austria, July 2023

"very good value for money, family atmosphere, great hostel"

- very good value for money: nice room, breakfast and 3h surfing lessons are provided for an appropriate amount of money. The surf equipment new and of high quality. You warm up together, get short instructions and then you go into the water, a surfing instructor is always in sight and from time to time he comes to you and gives feedback.

- family atmosphere: you feel very welcome, the (good) breakfast together is perfect to get to know other guests :)

- great hostel: just like on the pictures, the kitchens are well equipped and everything is clean. Every room has its own bathroom (often on the floor).

- nice volunteers: of course they will change from time to time, but Bruno made a good choice during the time we stayed at Marias Hostel - they have everything under control and are super helpful! (we stayed there in the end of July 2023)

- reachability: questions on tripaneer were answered fast and sufficient, the hostel group on whatsapp, you will be add to, is perfect for quick information.

- on request you get a contact for the airport transfer: an extern taxi driver that picks you up from the airport directly to the hostel

Bethany Rees

from United Kingdom, July 2023

"The best! "

Loved my time at Maria’s surf & hostel! It had an amazing atmosphere, clean, safe and comfortable accomodation! Everyone was so friendly, supportive and accomodating! Wish I booked for longer! THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Helene Erdal Kristiansen

from Norway, July 2023

"Lot’s of fun with great people"

Good instructions and equipment, and great people

Raphael Aubert

from Netherlands, July 2023

"I'll be back! "

Everything was awesome from the surf lessons to the hostel & the instructors.

Such a good vibe with all the people there, wish I could have stayed more but I will come back for sure!!

Tamanna Agarwal

from Germany, July 2023

"We loved it here"

We loved how encouraging all the instructors were and how patient they were. The hostel was right at the beach and had a lot of restaurants nearby. There were longboards as well so we had something to do later in the day. The hammock was 10/10. We will miss you Bruno!


from Netherlands, June 2023

"Surfcamp Aveiro"

We enjoyed the overall experience. The location was perfect, it could not have been better. Breakfast was alright, the ingrediënts were fresh. The surflessons were fun and we learned quite a lot in just 2 days. The people were very nice and helpful if we had any questions.


from Netherlands, June 2023

"Zeker aan te raden !"

De sfeer was erg huiselijk en de mensen erg gezellig.

De surflessen waren uitgebreid en de instructeurs waren erg enthousiast over het lesgeven. Dit maakt dat de surfles erg relaxed is en je geen druk voelt om het meteen te kunnen.

Erg genoten en zeker voor herhaling vatbaar.

Pavel Ermoshenko

from Hungary, June 2023

"Good place to learn surfing"

The instructors and other staff were great. Everyone had good vibes and always helped us with everything.

Oliver Smith

from Germany, June 2023

"First ever Surf Camp - Won't be the last!"

Hugo and his team were excellent in introducing us to Surfing, and making the experience fun and with a sense of freedom! The surf lessons were great, and the Hostel itself was exceptional, with a really great "chilled out" vibe where all the guests were sociable. The location is great, and close enough to Porto to disappear for an afternoon for wine tasting and food.

Can't recommend it enough!

Patrick Hödl

from Austria, June 2023

"Amazing value for the prize"

Comfortable Hostel, nice to chill, good surf instructors that focus on teaching the joy of surfing rather than treating it as a boot camp. They don't hold your hand too much, but give you tips along the way, if you want more attention and tips be proactive about it, ask them for pointers and feedback, then they will take some more time for you.

Amazing value for the price, you get surf sessions every day with coaching around 3h depending on conditions, you can always go for a surf on your own, rental of boards, wetsuits and surfskates is included.

Usually large groups (10-12) and 2 coaches, so they can't focus on just you. You can always pay for private classes.

The rest of the day is pretty much up to your own.

Chances are good that I'll come back some day :)

Zakaria Azdad

from Switzerland, June 2023

"a place truly dedicated to surfing "

Honestly you can't dislike anything about the place. I felt like a family member, the place allow you to interact with the guests and share deep conversations and moments.

We had 3 instructors for 12 persons, they were very careful so we can improve quickly, in 3 days i was catching 1.8m waves. This place is all about surfing, nothing like other places that I have been.

Bruno was amazing, friendly and very helpful in all aspects. He is passionate about surfing and get excited when he sees you improving.

I met very lovely people which i definitely keep in touch with.

Lars Breuning

from Germany, June 2023

"Perfect :)"

Beautiful and very clean small hostel right next to the promenade. Great equipment, good coaches, nice surfspot for every level and absolutely uncrowded. You don't get a yoga-climbing-healthyfood-whatever-camp which would cost a lot more - it's all about surfing --> everything we wanted:) And that creates a special family-vibe. So, after travelling Europe last year and having a lot of experience with hostels now: this is one of the best for me! Thanks to Bruno, Ricardo and Antonio for the coaching and to the Volunteers Jara and Valentina for all the work!

Ollie Lee

from United Kingdom, May 2023

"Great value for money and excellent hostel!"

Everything from the surfing to the hostel! Both instructors were very friendly and helpful and the hostess in the hostel was really friendly! We made some great friends at the hostel despite the short stay - would definitely recommend for all sorts of travellers, solo and small groups!

Chloe Clark

from United Kingdom, May 2023

"Short stay vacay"

Was a fantastic holiday for a beginner surfer. Brilliant location and the surfing lessons were so much fun!

Nicolas Villarroel

from Argentina, May 2023

"I spent 4 very nice days there! "

I liked people and instructors, they are the best teachers

Joanne Senecal

from Spain, May 2023

"Great location and awesome hostel!"

The surf lessons were a super fun learning experience. Bruno and Ricardo are with you in the water and help you catch waves they also allow you to try on your own which makes for a great learning experience. As for the hostel, the location is awesome you can see the beach from the patio. The hostel volunteer Valentina was super welcoming. All in all it was a fantastic experience.


from United Kingdom, May 2023

"Surf camp"

Enjoyed the people & communal vibe of the camp, as well as the surfing!

Stanley Clark

from Spain, May 2023

"Value for money and fantastic stay"

The fact that the instructors will drive you to another beach when the conditions are not good just shows that they actually want you to learn something, they don’t have to do it but they do. Bruno and Ricardo are both great with the tips they give. They leave you the hostel mostly to yourselves and it sometimes feels like they are your dad checking in that everything is ok once in a while. The location is really nice, the communal terrace, opportunity to try out the surf skates. Nice breakfast everyday and everyone is really friendly and nice. I had an amazing experience and would go back in a heart beat. Thanks everyone!

Sofia Makarova

from United States, May 2023

"Amazing couple days"

The hostel was super clean and homey, everyone was very nice and the surf lessons were a great value and the location is incredible. Couldn’t have asked for a better stay!

Iris Arna Ingolfsdottir

from Italy, April 2023

"I loved it!"

This surf camp is a dream! I really enjoyed the surf lesson and I learned a lot of new things. Bruno was amazing, he focused on everyone and made sure everyone could catch a wave. The accommodation was not the newest but I really enjoyed it because I felt like home!


from Austria, April 2023

Everyone was very nice and for the price It’s definitely worth it. I was happy with everything.

Aline Stöckl

from Switzerland, April 2023

"alles war sehr gut! Würde sofort wieder gehen!"

Die Lage, Stimmung und Leute, alles war perfekt.

Gail Tooley

from United States, April 2023

"USA Mamacita"

I was the oldest female to do Marias surf camp. The other young surfers came from all over. Most were beginners and a few intermediates.

Bruno's other instructor Ricardo and the helper Antonio were very patient and helpful. They had slightly different methods which I found helpful. They say I now know how to surf, and just need to practice!

Marc Day

from United Kingdom, March 2023

Lessons were really good and a good selection of boards. Would definitely come back.

Georgia Barnshaw

from United Kingdom, March 2023

"You will not regret booking here!!!"

I had an amazing 4 days at Marias Surf Camp. The location is gorgeous, right on the coast with convenient shops and restaurants round the corner. The instructors were amazing, Bruno and Ricardo were both so patient and encouraging for my first time surfing and made it the most enjoyable experience. They also made sure to take us to the best beach for us to have a good experience which was really great for me as a beginner and they provided all the transport which was great. They really showed they thought about client safety and experience and made sure you got the most out of your stay and as much opportunity to surf as possible. The hostel itself was great, very homey and clean and the breakfast provided was lovely. I really can’t recommend this camp enough after my stay so thank you Bruno and team, I look forward to continuing to develop my skills and hopefully returning in the future!

Mariana Robert Arenas

from Ireland, March 2023

"1st Surf Camp Experience "

Bruno is a great instructor and very attentive host. His explanations were clear and straight forward which helped me to catch some good waves and I'm a total beginner doing surf. He even offered to pick me up close to Porto cause trains were canceled due a protest. I really liked the experience and would definitely consider repeating it!

Miriam Bobbo

from United Kingdom, November 2022

"Unforgettable experience"

My stay at Marias was in late November, probably the quietest period and not with the most favourable weather conditions.

However, I still managed to had the best time surfing. Bruno is an extremely supportive and competent instructor, as well as being a very nice and easy going person.

Nikol Vaňková

from Spain, November 2022

"More than I expected!"

What I appreciate the most is that we surfed every day no matter what weather was. So the instructor wanted us to practice as much as we can. However we didn’t have to go, nobody forced us so it was our choice. In my opinion, Bruno is a really good teacher cause I feel that the progress that we’ve made in 4days was pretty big. Each lesson was about 3hours and every time we had individual sessions so the instructor was focused only on us. At the end we got nice photos 😊. Highly recommended- Bruno works by his heart!

Sarah Henton

from United Kingdom, November 2022

"Great winter surf camp"

Very welcoming host, great surf and surfing equipment, Ricardo was an excellent instructor. Generous breakfast and Bruno went out of his way to accommodate my request as a vegan.

Rebecca Galea

from Malta, October 2022

"Great surf experience!"

The hostel is very close to the beautiful Praia de Furaduoro. Even though the weather conditions weren't always the best, Bruno made sure that we still had activities to do. We have learned new skills thanks to the SurfSkate session he held for us when the weather was not good for surfing. The surfing lessons were great, Bruno was attentive to our surf techniques and mistakes, and helped us improve our skills by explaining with patience.


from Portugal, October 2022

"not the best, but okay"

I liked the location of the hostel, the nearby bach, and that we could use the surf skates

Nicole Hunter

from Spain, October 2022

"Good value surf trip, great learning environment"

Bruno was a great instructor spending time assisting with surfing and giving pointers. Length of sessions was very good! Good vibes, the surf school was chill and enjoyable and they always tried to make the best of the lesson even when conditions were not good. Good value for money.

Arina Shumeliuk

from Germany, September 2022

"A cozy hostel to get great surf experiences and have fun"

Unbelievably happy that I booked this hostel. Here you can get great surfing experince on different beaches, learn how to surf with best instructors who will always help you and you will have a lot of fun during this time. The atmosphere in the hostel is so nice and cozy, it felt like a small family to me. Hostel has a great location a couple of minutes away from the beautiful beach where you can watch the sunsets.


from Germany, September 2022

"Tolles Surfcamp"

Die Surflessons waren sehr gut und hilfreich, sowohl Bruno als auch Ricardo waren sehr nette und gute Coaches. Die Volunteers im Hostel waren auch immer sehr nett und hilfreich. Das Hostel liegt wirklich in unmittelbarer Strandnähe und es gibt einige Restaurants in dem kleinen Ort. Man kann diesen auch mit einem öffentlichen Bus vom Bahnhof in Ovar erreichen. Für einige Surfstunden sind wir sogar bis zu einem Strand in Porto gefahren, da dort die Bedingungen für uns besser waren. Man kann sich auch immer außerhalb der Stunden Boards ausleihen und alleine Surfen gehen. Abends verbringt man auch ab und zu zusammen mit den Leuten im Hostel.

Vivian Berger

from Germany, September 2022

Die Gruppengemeinschaft im Hostel war super. Man wurde von allen herzlich aufgenommen und hat gemeinsam etwas unternommen. Die Surfspots wurden auch nach den täglichen Konditionen ausgesucht, sodass jeder bestmöglich Surfen konnte.

Yana Ivanova

from Spain, September 2022

"Great atmosphere, great value for money"

Hostel is just right in front of the beach, all coaches are nice and helpful

beach of surfing is just amazing

I loved everything!

Thanks to Bruno and all staff there

Steven Hunsche

from Netherlands, August 2022

"A hostel to find a new family with amazing surf experiences"

The hostel is clean and cozy. Big enough to have privacy if so desired, but small enough for the residents to feel like family. The surf instructors are professional, kind and enthusiastic. You can borrow surf gear outside of lessons too, where the owner will advise on when and where to surf.

The seas are not crowded at all, giving you enough room to find the right waves and surf during the best tides. All in all a perfect first surfing experience!


from Croatia, August 2022

"Cozy, familiar and a lot of fun!"

Super happy I booked Marias Surf&Hostel. I‘m really impressed with the quality of the surf classes and coaches!

Bruno is a great teacher, easy going and analyzes your mistakes super quickly which makes for a lot of improvement, really quickly!

Even more noteworthy, on days with bad conditions in Furadouro, he drove us to other beaches an hour away and split the already quite small group, so everyone could surf at their level. I was able to surf green waves by the second half of the week!

The hostel feels like a big flatshare, has a beachy vibe to it, is really clean and makes it easy to meet new people.

The cherry on top is the really friendly staff and the great location only a couple meters away from a beautiful long sandy beach, with the prettiest sunsets I‘ve seen in a while!

Thanks so much for having me!

Jan Hrebičík

from Czechia, August 2022

"Very friendly envirominet. Bruno is a great teacher."

1 thing I would rly highlight is Bruno's attitude. E.g. taking you 50km by car to another beach cause the waves are not good enough on set day in Fouradoura.

Nikola Katolická

from Austria, August 2022

"Lifetime experience - not just for first-timers"

The time we spent in the surfcamp was really beautiful. The location of the hostel is great, it's close to the beach so you can go to restaurants, walk to the beach, watch the sunset or try surfskating after your lessons. The schedule for the week is always planned individually according to the tide, so you will always surf when the conditions are best. Also, the instructors are very professional and will help you improve - no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced surfer, they look at all participants individually and give them the support they need. All the staff, including the volunteers, are friendly and kind. It was the first time we tried surfing, and definitely not the last. We couldn't have chosen a better camp.


from Croatia, August 2022

"Great experience for first-time surfers"

Everything was great. We had an amazing time. The beach is close and beautiful. Surfing at sunset was quite memorable. Everybody was very nice and friendly, and we met some great people, including the volunteers. Bruno and the instructors were patient and attentive. We learned a lot in a short amount of time, because the lessons were 3 hours every day. Bruno even sent us some lovely photos of us. We would definitely come back again! - Sindy and Petar

Aoife Ní Dhúdal

from Ireland, August 2022

Excellent help from the instructors even when I was struggling, thanks so much for a good experience

Eloise Sutton

from France, August 2022

"Great place for surf beginners "

We stayed for three days and had two surfing lessons, but could have had one the day we left as well. Bruno was very helpful with everything we needed and a great surf instructor. He communicated with us really well before the camp. The lessons are three hours so very tiring but meant we could make progress and actually stand up!! The accommodation was very cosy and provided everything we needed. Breakfast was included and made it easy to start the day and get to know the different people in the hostel.

Overall a great experience, we would definitely come back!!

Jenny Davies

from United Kingdom, July 2022

"Great time all round "

Had a really great time! Coming from very little surfing experience prior to this week Bruno and the team were great and the sessions were perfect for improving. We had the whole section of the beach to ourselves and the group sizes were kept relatively small so we could all spread out!

I may have had a little incident involving the board fins and my head but I was taken straight back to the beach and Bruno dropped his whole morning/ afternoon to get me to the hospital for stitches which I am very grateful for. Confidence was a bit knocked the next day but they allowed me to get straight back into the water and made me feel very safe and now I can't wait to go back! Would highly recommend if travelling on your own. Everyone at the hostel was so friendly and the local area, whilst quaint was perfect for chilling after spending hours out in the waves! Hope to be back soon

Andreanne Martin

from Canada, July 2022

"Excellent !"

Everything was perfect. Bruno and all the other coaches are excellent and are there to help you. The hostel was well located, near the beach, the bars and restaurants.

Nafisah Animashaun

from United Kingdom, July 2022

"Great surf lessons great hostel "

Maria’s is right next to the beach such a great location Bruno and everyone are so nice I felt welcome. The surf lessons are so great for beginners I learnt so much over my stay.I will be going back.

Dylan Vogel

from Switzerland, July 2022

"Great experience"

The instructors are great, the location is good for surfing, and the accomodation is excellent. No complaints whatsoever, highly recommended to anyone interested in a multi-day surf camp.


from Germany, July 2022

"Sehr empfehlenswert"

Sehr schönes, kleines Hostel mit netten Volunteers. Saubere Zimmer und Bäder. Das Hostel liegt direkt am Meer und man hat einen sehr kurzen Weg zur Einkaufsstraße und den Restaurants. Sehr nette Lehrer beim Surfcamp, die sich individuell mit einem auseinandersetzten. Hatte eine ausgezeichnete Woche!

Joel Steiner

from Switzerland, July 2022

"Best expierience in great surf school!!"

The most lovely host and familiar atmosphere in Hostel with other surfers.

Julia Chyczewska

from Germany, July 2022

"True blast!"

The coaches are the most lovely and cheerful people. Plus shout out to the volunteers for their amazing spirit!

The coaches are professionally trained as surf coaches so you’re definitely in good hands! They believe in you, support you, are always open to questions and give many tips for improvement too. The surf lessons are just so much fun!

They’re orientated on the tide and weather conditions so you can be sure that each surf session is scheduled for the best conditions for every day. The surf equipment is great too, since you have the possibility to try out different boards as soon as your skills upgrade over the days.

The atmosphere in the hostel is very familiar. It is equipped in everything you need and moreover has multiple cute chill areas where you can hang out with other guests or just on your own when you need some space.

This camp is a true treasure amongst all and I can’t recommend it enough so just go and give it a try. Warning: you might fall in love and never wanna leave!

Federica Menin

from Latvia, June 2022

"Best surfing experience ever!"

Everything was absolutely amazing!

As soon as we got there we felt like at home and everyone was so nice.

Bruno, Riccardo and Bernardo are such amazing surf instructors and amazing people inside and out. The Hostel is so clean and beautiful! From our bed we could see the sea and the sunsets.

The breakfast food was so yummy, we don’t think we have ever eaten as much bread as in Portugal because it’s actually so good!

And as Italians both of us, we really did find the food delicious!

During the surf lessons they truly care for you to learn and give their helpful tips!

We will definitely pass by again! ❤️


from Netherlands, June 2022

"We really enjoyed our stay"

The place is lovely and just by the beach. we stayed in the twin room, which is very spacious and comfy. we liked the instructor very much and the small group setup. the beach and ocean is very calm and allowed us to surf with tranquility. We learned some new skills and had a lot of fun.

Andrea Chaidez

from Spain, June 2022

"Amazing experience!"

The location of the hostel is a 3 min walk to the beach and near so many cafes/restaurants/stores. The hostel itself is very clean and has the cutest beach decor. I had such an amazing experience learning to surf with the great surf instructors. Highly recommend this hostel!!

Carla Kiefer

from Germany, June 2022


Als erstes ist die Lage perfekt, mit zwei kilometerlangen wunderschönen Stränden die nicht überfüllt sind. Eine kleine gemütliche Stadt mit alles was man braucht. Das Hostel ist sauber und sehr gemütlich, man fühlt sich wohl und kann wenn man mal nicht unterwegs ist dort sehr gut entspannen.

Das Surfen war einfach richtig cool, es hat so viel Spaß gemacht. Wir waren auch an der verschiedenen Orten und uns wurden immer individuelle Tipps gegeben. Am Liebsten wäre ich noch viel länger geblieben.

Alles im allen war es ein Traumhafter Urlaub und ich würde sofort und jeder Zeit wieder hin.


Matthias Helmke

from Germany, June 2022

"Perfect surf camp"

Bruno is a nice guy and a very good teacher. The location of the camp is perfect. Very clean and overall just amazing. Better than I have imagined it to be.

Pat Lok

from United Kingdom, May 2022

"10/10 would recommend!"

Very friendly and accommodating host and surfing instructor, very clean facilities, casual and friendly vibe. Convenient location with easy access via public transport. Perfect surf camp for a first timer in surfing!

Vitor Santos

from Portugal, May 2022


Everyone was very easy going and nice, always ready to help with what you need with a big smile, the surf lessons were enhancing, perfect for all levels, the accommodations were cozy and very well cleaned!

Eline Dirksen

from Netherlands, April 2022

"Had such a fun week! "

Really enjoyed my stay at Marias! Bruno is a kind and clear instructor and location of the hostel is super! Would definitely recommend!

Stina Phung

from Portugal, April 2022

"Perfect for beginners as a solo traveler or together"

Extremely clean hostel, cleaned every day by an amazing lady. Close to the beach and they were very helpful with tips on which wetsuit fits, surf tips and they have incredible fast communication. However, no lockers but everyone is usually out the same time anyway.


from United Kingdom, April 2022

"The perfect break"

Marios hostel and surf is in a beautiful friendly town with heaps of tasty places to eat and right on incredible beaches. I loved being able to walk from the hostel to surf but also the day spent going a bit further to another insane beach.

Bruno was a great teacher who was very supportive. Equipment was sound and was grateful for the extra hat as was a bit cold but we had the beaches to ourselves!

Hostel was clean, good cooking facilities and sunny hammock spot.

Thanks so much to the Marios team, I will be back!!

Andrea Semprini

from Italy, March 2022

"The perfect travel"

The accomodations

Yasmin Blewitt

from United Kingdom, December 2021

"i am soo happy this was my first surfing experience"

Bruno was an excellent instructor that created a chill environment, was super kind and positive, and got me standing on the first day, by the end I was catching green waves.

It is excellent value for money and I will be recommending it to anyone who surfs or wants to learn.


from Netherlands, October 2021

"Very Splendid Surf Trip!"

It's my first time in Portugal and the people, the surf, the scenery exceeded my expectations. Bruno, the instructor is such a helpful, genuine and down-to-earth person. Also, the hostel is clean and tidy. The best thing about the hostel is that the beach is literally there when you walk out. The surfing lessons themselves were amazing, the instructor gives great tips during the lessons. The little town is perfect, you can find anything you need around the area, within 5 min walk - supermarkets, shops, restaurants. I would recommend this hostel and surf lessons to everyone! the combination is perfect.

Carina Dangel

from Portugal, September 2021

"Amazing place to relax and learn how to surf "

Great hostel with beautiful interior, very clean and only 50 meters to the ocean. The owner is really nice and helpful and provides a relaxed atmosphere. Qualified surf lessons in small groups and after the surf lesson, boards, wetsuits and longboards can also be used free of charge on your own. Unfortunately, I only stayed four nights but had a perfect time there!

Hajni Hercz

from Hungary, September 2021

"Amazing experience - superb location and great instructors"

Having the chance to surf in a small group on a very spacious beach is so special and it helped me a lot with improving my skills in this amazing sport.

I stayed at Marias Hostel & Surf to improve my surf skills and to make new friends, and it was the perfect place to do both! The Hostel is very close to Praia Furadouro, a long stretch of sandy beach with waves for different surf levels, close to nature. There are restaurants, bars and shops within 2 minutes walk. Furadouro is a part of Ovar, a nearby city which has lovely architecture and a characteristic Portuguese feel to it.

The Hostel itself has a great layout for having privacy but also to be able to socialise with others - some days we cooked and ate together, some days I did yoga in the living room or just chilled in the hammock on the balcony. There are also big tables both indoors and on the patio which allowed me to work from my computer without distractions. The place is stylishly decorated. The daily breakfast is substantial, we had sweet and savoury food as well as fruits and coffee.

The surf instructors and hosts, Bruno and Henrique were amazing. They are very knowledgeable but laid back at the same time, which grants you to have a great experience and accomplishment in the ocean. They paid attention to the guests' requests and individual levels and made sure to teach every one of us something new. I'll be back at the earliest opportunity - this time it will feel like returning to friends :)


from Germany, September 2021

"Super Surfurlaub"

Das Hostel ist klein und sehr gepflegt. Es haben maximal 10 Menschen Platz. Die Zimm sind liebevoll und stilvoll eingerichtet und man fühlt sich sofort wohl. Außerdem ist die Lage wirklich überwältigend.

Auch der Surfkurs war für als absolute Anfänger sehr angenehm. Unser Surflehrer gab uns gerade zu Beginn wertvolle Tipps und Unterstützung, sodass wir sehr schnell Fortschritte machen konnten. Außerdem war die Stimmung während der Surfstunden stets locker und sehr positiv.

Wunderschön waren auch die beiden Surf-lessons am Abend, wobei der Sonnenuntergang in seiner ganzen Pracht neben dem Surfen bewundert werden konnte.

Victoria Kurbatova

from Spain, August 2021

"I had such a great time!! "

Loved the camp and the hostel!! Shout out to Bruno and Enrique; my friends and I had such a great time thanks to them, such a welcoming and friendly environment <3 gonna miss it and looking forwards to coming back next year!!!

Nikita Pikovich

from Spain, August 2021

"My stay at the Hostle"

I had an amazing experience at the hostel, all the staff and people around the place were super friendly and made me feel like I was at home. I would definitely recommend this hostel to everyone who is looking to enjoy their time.

Anna Shats

from Spain, August 2021

"Unforgettable stay with beautiful people :)"

Our last minute planned trip with two friends turned out to be absolutely amazing! Thanks to the Marias Hostel and Surf and all the great staff there, we spent a wonderful week leaving us with loads of happy memories and new surfing skills!! A special appreciation for Bruno who always made sure we were happy and comfortable as much at the hostel as out in the ocean. We definitely recommend this place and hope to return in the future!

Matteo Mantica

from Italy, June 2021

"An amazing experience"

I was at Maria hostel and surf for a surf camp, and it's been awesome. The hostel is very clean and cosy, and very near to the beach. Bruno is a passionate and prepared instructor, and his insights helped us progress quickly. He's also very dedicated in choosing the best surf spots for every day in the sea.

Massimiliano Mantica

from Italy, June 2021

"Fun and intensive surf camp"

Me and my brother had a great time in a one week surf camp with Bruno.

The classes and the choice of the spot were focused on the skills we had to improve. We went to 4 different spot in 6 days and Bruno managed to always find the best conditions to surf.

He gave us tips about how to improve the take off, paddling correctly, choosing the best waves and he corrected our posture on the board.

I strongly recommend this camp for beginners and intermediate surfers.

The accommodation was comfortable, clean and tidy, we were 2 people in a 4 bed shared room. Breakfast also had bakery products and different fresh fruit every day.

In Furadouro there are plenty of restaurants and cervejarias (O Tasco and Cantinha do Valente are the best ones imho)

Lea Rindlisbacher

from Switzerland, September 2020

"The perfect Surfcamp"

I decided to go on a trip to Portugal very spontaneously. I didn't know how to surf before and wanted to stay in a calm place. Maria's hostel & surf was the best decision I could have taken for this week. I had so many fun moments, all the people there were very kind, the hostel was always clean and the breakfast amazing. Bruno helped me a lot with surfing and at the end of the week I even was able to catch a few clear waves by myself. (I didn't even think about that to happen before) I can recommend this Surfcamp for everybody :-)