Majestic Surf Camp offers courses that cater to every student of different levels and aims to give a one-of-a-kind surfing experience. Enjoy the island life!

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Olivia Plotts

from Great Britain, June 2024

"Amazing experience with the best people and best surf "

Even before I arrived on Catanduanes, Kissy was the perfect host, answered all my questions and made the journey there as easy as possible. I was picked up from the airport on the island and enjoyed a wonderful Tuk Tuk ride where I got to see so much of the island. Kissy was waiting for me at the resort with breakfast ready for me and a great energy that immediately made me feel right at home. The first day was spent relaxing by the beach and getting settled in, followed by some yoga and a bonfire in the evening on the beach. The rest of the days I was there were spent doing activities in the morning (such as a sunrise hike, boat trip, waterfalls) and then surfing in the afternoon. Having never surfed before, this was a perfect place to learn with really professional and friendly instructors. The surf spots are not too busy and have waves for beginners, intermediates and advanced. The evenings usually also included an activity (such as a bonfire, fiesta, poker night) and also great Filipino food. There was always so much to do so you’ll never be bored, but also there was also no pressure to say no to an activity and choose to relax alone instead. The best part of the entire experience was that Kissy and her whole team are all so relaxed, welcoming and friendly. They really made me feel like part of a family.

Sean Maher

from United States, May 2024

I liked how the village had a small population and the beach wasn't crowded. It was a good opportunity to meet locals and see what the village was like.

The excursions we went on to see waterfalls were beautiful.

Héloïse Rouault

from France, May 2024

"Soooo Amazing "

Everything was so good, and Kissy and her team were so nice to us, we were here during the happy fiesta, and they made us meet some locals and participate to all the events, it was incredibly nice, you’ll get to meet amazing people, soft and kind heart, with a lot of activities, amazing spots, nice waterfalls. Long story short, don’t hesitate and go there !


from Thailand, April 2024

"Wunderschönes Surfcamp"

Das Surfcamp ist abgelegen und man kann super zur Ruhe kommen, da es fast nichts ausser surfen gibt. Was perfekt für uns war. Alles Surfinstruktoren waren sehr freundlich und haben uns perfekt unterstützt. Kissy und James haben verschiedene Ausflüge mit uns gemacht, welche immer hervorragend waren. Die Unterkunft ist sehr einfach, aber liebevoll gestaltet.

Damien Pisselet

from Belgium, April 2024

The quiet, the view, the locals


from Thailand, April 2024

Wenn man auf der Suche nach authentischen Leben auf den Philippinen ist, ist das Surfcamp genau das Richtige. Es war super mit den Locals Zeit zu verbringen. Lachen ist da vorprogrammiert :)

Die Unterkunft ist direkt am Meer gelegen, so dass man mit Meeresrauschen einschläft und aufwacht.

Das vegetarische Essen hat super lecker geschmeckt.


from Cambodia, April 2024

I booked this surf camp late and had no idea what i was in for. It was better than anything I could have expected as the food was good, the surf instructors were very helpful and the excursions were well planned and fun. I planned to stay one week and ended up staying for another. I would highly recommend doing this surf camp

Jennifer Birner

from Germany, March 2024

"Being part of a communitiy"

The people there are incredibly welcoming and accept you as part of the community. I immediately felt at home. The surf lessons are great, the surf instructor focuses on the student and constantly encourages and improves. Unfortunately, I had to finish early due to an emergency - the situation was handled very understandingly. Thanks again for that - I really appreciate it! I will definitely be back to enjoy the experience to the full!

Aleksandr Tolstykh

from Russia, March 2024

"Incredible surf camp with a lot of activities"

It was an amazing week staying in this camp. The people I met were so much fun and friendly. The surf insctructors are cool and very helpful and every day I felt I was making a good progress. The island has very few tourists, so the surf spots were completely uncrowded. Besides surfing there was many other activities: we visited many beautiful places on the island, played cards with locals at nights, volleyball, one night there was a bonfire on the beach, an amazing dinner on our last night and there is much more. They also make delicious mango shakes at the cafe. One week is just not enough. I would love to come back here again.

Hulya Mehmet

from Thailand, March 2024

"Amazing week with really great people! "

From the moment I arrived Kissy and the team made me feel very welcome!

It was a very unique experience being able to experience authentic island life as it is not touristy at all which is so nice.

The surf lessons were good, the teachers were fun and helped us a lot!

We had some fun excursions too which was a nice break in between the surfing!

The food was also good especially our leaving meal that we all had together, so delicious and fresh!

Overall it was a great week and experience with some amazing people!

Katie Brandwood Fiander

from Indonesia, February 2024

"Incredible week"

I spend the week with Kissy and friends but it was not long enough! However they still managed to include so much, from one on one surf lessons every day to tours all over the island to beautiful spots, it really was an action packed week (helped by a wonderful massage midweek). The quality of the surf lesions was excellent and I felt myself progressing everyday thanks to their detailed feedback. The activities that Kissy planned for us were both interesting and fun, whilst giving us a very authentic experience of Catanduanes. The evenings were lovely with delicious food, plenty of card games, good conversation and the odd gin. I will definitely be coming back and I miss it already!!!

Nicolay Andersen

from Norway, February 2024

"Good value"

The surfing was really good, the instructors where patiant and enthusiastic and we did also surf for a long time every day!

Tereza Veruncova

from Czechia, December 2023

"Amazing surfcamp with a lot of side activities"

The whole week was just amazing. There was no rush in anything, we had a lot of other activities besides surfing and Chris and Kissy were the most welcoming hosts i’ve ever had. They really made me feel like i’m a part of the family and they do anything you may fancy in order to manage the best time for you.

Tim Stadel Clausen

from Denmark, November 2023

"Authentic local surfing experience"

You got to really experience the local vibe of the island that few tourists know about, everything from the accommodation, which matches the quiet life on an island to the food, surfing, and the local people who you spend a lot of time with and go surfing with. You get to feel like a part of their group where they do their passion - surfing.


from United States, October 2023

"The Surf is Awesome!"

The beach is very calming and nice with only a few people. Food was always fresh and delicious plus great staff!


from United States, February 2023

"Highly recommended "

It’s a simple and happy life. Surfing, volleyball, cards, meals, and the people are happy and inclusive.

Daria Kondratova

from China, January 2023

"Even though it wasn't the best season I had a great time"

Experience is always about people, and for that reason, no matter season, weather, or condition people from this place made this trip memorable. Exceptional thanks to Kissy and Edmond (my surfing instructor). People around said they have a secret for surfing and everyone can catch their first wave on the first day. I was no exception:)

The location is also very special, helping you to recharge and enjoy nature. Hope to visit this place again

Ryan Winter

from Indonesia, July 2022

"More than a surf camp"

My time at Majestic Puraran Beach Resort was absolutely... well, majestic. The location is so serene and secluded, like standing at the end of the earth.

I had a very basic idea of how to surf, but by my 12th day there, I was catching some really fun waves. Elvis was my instructor and he is a total gun on a board and his ability to read the waves had me (a rookie) in awe. There was a bit of a language barrier, but by and large I think we both understood what we had to. (Be prepared to PADDLE tho!)

Food was devine! So fresh, so clean. Each day was something new and they were very accommodating to different dietaries.

The rooms were simple - bed with a mosquito net and a fan. But there is so much to do around the area/island that other than sleeping, I was never in my room.

But what makes Majestic more than a surf camp is the community. On reflection, I don't know if I have ever been around a group of people that were so lovely, so warm, so caring of one another and made me feel so at home. It honestly humbled and inspired me.

I cherish the time I spent there and look forward to returning. Thank you all so much.

<3 Yaya

Ninon Fournier

from France, March 2020

"Amazing place and staff"

Great experience in this place, all the staff and people around were so welcoming and helpful, so great time at surfing in different spot, learned so so much !

You are in a welcoming peaceful place, definitely worse it and everyone is so lovely.

I would come back for sure !!

Stijn Froberg

from Vietnam, February 2020

"Great experience in a beautiful place "

The people were awesome. I was the onlu foreigner because I was there during there 'winter' but they made sure I had an awesome time! Will definitely go back.

Also the instructor really helped me a lot as it was my first time surfing and because of him I was able to ride some awesome waves!

Edit: I'm from the Netherlands, not Vietnam as it states in the header

Vitalij Lang

from Germany, January 2020

"Lieber nicht"

Grace Eadie

from Philippines, November 2019

I had so much fun over the 7 days that i stayed here. Allthe staff are super friendly and a lot of fun. Big thanks to louisa for all the yoga lessons and to Val for being my instructor, photographer, tour guide and driver! Having the option of two lessons a day really gave me a chance to pick up surfing quickly. This place is not that well known so you baisically have the ocean to your self.I would love to go back one day!


from Great Britain, May 2019

"Great place and very nice people!"

The place is quiet and beautiful, the food is very good and people are welcoming, also the accommodation are very nice.

I would recommend it!


from United States, April 2019

"Amazing Surf Camp - lovely atmosphere"

Puraran is a small beach that never gets crowded, feels like you are on an island far away from everything !

Kissi, Nelson, Elvies and all the members of the surfcamp team were lovely and welcoming.

I would definitely go back there !


from United States, February 2019

"Our overall experience was great! "

Remote location, empty waves, fun atmosphere, was invited to a great dance party in the village, did the day long island tour! The whole experience was awesome and fun!


from United States, February 2019

"Know what to expect and you will love it"

First, and most importantly for me, it’s a quite secluded surf area with only a few small, rustic resorts on the beach. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere.

My accommodation was very simple. The cabin had a twin bed, mosquito net (which needs to be used), hammock on the porch, bathroom with very little water pressure from the shower. There are bugs. I’m okay with bugs but if having some bugs in your room is a deal-breaker, you should consider I different resort. I didn’t have a clothesline or hooks in the room, but you can hang clothes on the hammock. Again, expect a very basic accommodation.

The staff is very kind and helpful. talk to them about whatever you need and they’ll do their best to arrange it. Prices are reasonable for food, on site shop items, and rides to other spots in the island. I never had the impression that they were charging me extra.

The surf is great for beginners. There are two sessions per day, typically 1.5-2hours each, and you’re given an instructor (if you want). Instruction is limited, to be honest. They tell you the basics in a quick warmup, and then you’re straight into the water where they line you up with waves and push you off. It’s useful, of course, as for a beginner it’s necessary to get that practice, but as I improved I found the instructor had less and less info to offer outside of the basics.

There are two (maybe three) spots to eat in the beach resort area, and Majestic is the best. I’d recommend the grilled fish.

Adriana Aparici

from Spain, January 2019

"Perfect place to disconnect! "

Absolutely the place and the staff!!

They are like a family and I never felt alone!

Puraran beach is one of the best places I have ever been!


from Malaysia, November 2018


Firstly, the guys are wonderful! They had taken all care of me. It was really great.

Amy Gullis

from Great Britain, October 2018

"Slice of paradise "

Booked the surf camp on June for 1 week initially and loved it so much extended another week.

On my first night had a big bonfire and welcome party with the chef instructors and other guests - felt so welcome!

The location is amazing. Very rural and peaceful, the views will take your breath away. Especially surfing at sunset.

The people are very welcoming and friendly - probably the nicest people in Asia that I have experienced.

The accommodation is very cute, rustic beach cottages a stone’s throw away from the beach. You can wake up and check the waves from your window!

Food is delicious with a variety of local and foreign cuisines. You need to try the mango shake - game changer.

The surf lessons are 1-1 and incredible value for money. My instructor Val was very patient, encouraging and thorough in his lessons. Also very funny. Would definitely reccomend Val, I was standing on my first lesson.

Lots of extra activities to do as well. Yoga, visiting local falls and endless local feista’s.

Lydia Lowry

from Thailand, July 2018

"6 nights in the resort"

The atmosphere was great and the people were very friendly and inclusive. Although basic, the facilities were good and comfortable. Stunning location!

Theresa Buderath

from Indonesia, April 2018

"Awesome stay"

I love this place! Just a amazing stay with great people. It's the perfect mix between surfing, relaxing, drinking and enjoying the life. The people who lives there are friendly, helpful guys who makes yout stay unforgettable. I had a lot of fun and extended my stay here twice and hope to come back again for a longer stay!

The surfing was also fun, not always easy, but still a lot of fun and I always felt totaly safe with my instructor!

Rosa Preuss Ililonga

from Denmark, April 2018

"The most wonderfull place, with amazing people "

The entire place is really safe and has a homey feeling. You get your own personal instructor, and he will help you whenever you need it. Everything is so chill and laid back, but still very social. You could always find someone who was keen on playing cards or vollyball or just sitting in the restaurant chatting. The island tour is amazing aswell, they take you to a waterfall and another great surf spot. I actually just loved everything about it.

Natalie Ferreira

from Switzerland, March 2018

"Best place ever. I love everything about "

The place was amazing. Nice beach arounded by green jungle. Realy simple place but it has everything you need. I enjoyed every minute i stay there. And all the people who works there were all the time happy and nice and helpfull. Thanks a lot to everyone.

Rim Fahri

from Switzerland, January 2018

Great People, Great atmosphere!

Everybody was hospitable, very kind, extremely generous and very nice. I felt really like part of the family and was very well treated.

The place was peacful and full of good energy.

Kerry Crosson

from Taiwan, October 2017

"Eat-Sleep-Surf Getaway"

The location is perfect, right on the beach with 2 spots to surf, depending on the swell. It is undeveloped and beautiful, but with an organized kitchen that produced amazing meals. It is also really quiet and relaxing with a friendly and accommodating staff.

Henriette Van Riet

from Philippines, April 2017

"Thank you so much Cobos for the amazing surfcamp"

The Surfcamp and the people were amazing! It felt like my home-away-from-home, the surfing and the relaxed island life: couldnt have asked for more :)