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Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Lux Surf and Yoga helps you discover Costa Rica from the comfort of a luxury hillside villa, personal chef, daily private yoga sessions, and surf lessons.

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  • Susan Yim

    Lux Surf and Yoga Facebook page

    A big thanks to the Lux Surf and Yoga team for making this trip one of my favourite vacations ever! The entire trip was planned and executed with a perfect mix of adventure, luxury lifestyle, and local experience. The guides and teachers we had throughout the week were flexible on their classes, which made it easy for us to easily add in a few more side trips or shuffle in some new activities based on the day.

    First off, from a logistics perspective, Gloria was able to organize everything perfectly. The arrival and departure logistics were all taken care of for us even though we were all arriving at different times. When we stepped off the tiny plane, we were able to find our taxi and arrive at our place with ease and no trouble. The house that was booked for our stay was gorgeous! It looked even better than the photos that were shown to us when we first signed up for the trip. Included with the house was a house keeping team who cleaned up the place and did the laundry every other day so that we did not have to worry about towels or having a messy place throughout the week. Finally our ATVs were brought to the house as soon as we arrived so that we could immediately start visiting the town and beach nearby. Gloria even arranged for the ATV owners to teach us how to ride them. Lastly, we never had to worry about food or coffee! We had a local expat who had a passion for cooking come over to our place every day to cook us breakfast and dinner, and they were some of the best quality foods I have ever had.

    From an experience / adventure perspective: all of the activities that were planned for us were amazing experiences for me. We did yoga, surfing, ATVing tours to other towns and beaches, ziplining through the jungle, deep sea fishing for hours with beer and the sun (I was able to catch a barracuda!), and we even had a masseuse come over to the house to give us all massages by the pool where we had a beautiful view of the jungle and the ocean. One of my highlights was also when we took our ATVs out to Montezuma and we hiked to a waterfall that we were able to dive from!

    Local experience perspective: It was very clear that Gloria and the other expats who were guiding us through the trip knew the area very well. Our guides spoke perfect English and were able to speak enough Spanish to assist us with communicating with some of the other locals who were less versed in English. Our guides took us to some of the best local restaurants (called "sodas") so that we can enjoy true (but also good!) Costa Rican meals. For one of the nights our guides took us to some local hangout spots where we could drink and dance and have a great time partying with the locals in the area. Even though we were staying in a luxrious house in the jungle, we were still able to mingle around town and got to meet a lot of the locals who were super friendly to us and knew our guides very well.

    Concerning our guide: Gloria truly knew the area we were in and you could tell that she genuinely loved the place. She honestly made this trip the best it could be for all of us, listening to us to see how we were feeling that day, quickly reaching out to the locals she knew to help us make changes in our schedules. By the end of the trip each of us were having ATV problems, but Gloria would always go with us to the ATV shop to resolve any of the issues and make sure that we were able to exchange our ATVs when we needed to. She was able to help us arrange a last minute fishing trip and we were taken by one of the local fisherman who was super friendly and knew some of the Lux Surf and Yoga crew. Because of her we were able to meet a lot of interesting people and we were able to leave Costa Rica having made some new friendships and connections Emoticn smile

    Overall: I would highly recommend this vacation to anyone who is interested in visiting Costa Rica. We had the best guides, and because of that we were able to have an amazing trip. Big thanks again to the Lux Surf and Yoga team - you guys have really left a mark in my heart for Costa Rica. See you again in the future, and pura vida!

  • Zach Blumer

    Lux Surf and Yoga Facebook page

    This was an unbelievable vacation, I can't stop thinking about Costa Rica since I've been back. Everyday we woke up and did yoga with Nancy, and by the end of the session we could smell awesome breakfasts being prep'd by Russ, our chef for the week. Full from breakfast we rode our ATV's down to the beach to meet Jobbie for surf lessons. Highlights of the trip for me were: Surfing out past the break - the waves are perfect; deep sea fishing - Todo sashimi'd a fish on the dock for us to eat right there; ziplining - the guys here are crazy! Lastly the accommodation: I had no idea it would be so nice.Having Gloria organize everything was absolutely the best way to go, which she did so seamlessly. When you're with her you'll be treated like a local, I'm pretty sure she knows everybody in Santa Teresa. You will probably see Russ, Nancy and Jobbie everyday, and each of them deserve to be called out: they were all incredible which was huge in making this trip so memorable. I highly recommend Lux Surf & Yoga to anyone looking for an active vacation, especially for someone like me who has limited vacation days available and wants to get the most out of each trip!

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