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Lobitos Yoga specializes in small group yoga classes and retreats. They offer a variety of classes including Yin, Gentle, and Hatha yoga.

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Alice Hamer

Lobitos Yoga website

Leah’s classes were honestly some of the best I’ve ever been to. I not only liked how intimate they were but also how interactive they were. She was able to tailor the practice to the students’ specific needs and we could openly ask questions about how to achieve certain poses – something I never felt I could do with other teachers! I left every session having learnt a new balance position or sequence I never thought I could do and those challenges really helped me develop my practice. The classes are very humbly priced for what she offers and if your experience is anything like mine was, you will want to go three times a week as well!

Daniel Boyco Orams

Lobitos Yoga website

Practicing Yoga with Leah in Lobitos was awesome! She a great yoga instructor, very knowledgeable and dedicated to the practice. She also paid a lot of attention to what each of us needed and wanted in our practice. I had a great experience doing yoga with her. Best of all, it was in an excellent spot, which is Lobitos! I wish the very best to Leah and highly recommend her classes to all surfers and non-surfers as well.

Krystal Calisé

Lobitos Yoga website

One of the most personal yoga classes I’ve ever taken. Yoga with Leah felt like I was having a private class even with 3 other people in the room. She takes the time to individually come around and see how everyone is doing and asks us before class and even during class if there are any things we would like to cover or practice specifically. I really enjoyed her one-on-one attention and overall flow in class. It was challenging enough that you felt like you were learning new things and strengthening but it was also relaxing enough to let go of anything that was worrying you. Truly amazing!

Alicia Briscoe

Lobitos Yoga website

Leah’s classes are fun, gentle and tailored to the ability level of her students. The perfect way to wrap up a salty, surf-filled day and escape the Lobitos sun and wind for bit, Leah’s classes are a treat for both beginners and experienced yogis alike.

a travaler

Lobitos Yoga website

Unpretentious, friendly classes which never feel monotonous. Leah is encouraging, warm and guides the class beautifully even when she is bending herself into a pretzel shape whilst balancing on one hand. Amazing.

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