Live Life In Tents

Live Life InTents is a unique adventure tourism company aimed at providing a turn-key adventure experience such as SUP, river tubing, kayaking and more.

Testimonials 3

Wes Booth Canada

Live Life In Tents Facebook page

Spent a weekend in Margaree last fall and was totally blown away by what these guys were able to provide us. Their knowledge, connections, and variety of things to do make them the ultimate one stop shop for outdoor adventures in Cape Breton!

Stephen Drysdale

Live Life In Tents Facebook page

Will go back for sure. Felt comfortable and well equipped. Thanks again guys! Ask for Margaree Lee when you get there. �

Christian Toth

Live Life In Tents Facebook page

My time was limited & relaxation maximized during an amazing weekend! Didn't have to worry about any tents, or anything! Perfect easy get away stress free option.

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