Lissenung Island Resort

Lissenung Island Resort provides many activities in Papua New Guinea while supporting the local communities and helping the upkeep of communal facilities.

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Hi mate,

Thanks for the speedy response. I’ll book up as soon as I know. I wrote a little story to send home to friends and family describing just one day at Lissenung. My niece read it and said to my sister, “it’s a lovely made up story, is it part of a book he’s writing?”. My sister told her it was all true, Albatross passage, Chivas and the turtle, catching tuna and marlin circling the boat try to catch Diede’s tuna, drifting under the milky way on the way back from fishing. It was an amazing 5 days and will never be forgotten. All I wanted was a few chill out days but ended up with a 3 dimensional kaleidoscope experience.

Many thanks for the you tube link, now I can stun people into silence! Be in touch about January,

Margie and Dennis

Lissenung Island Resort website

Hi Dietmar & Ange,

Many thanks for a wonderful vacation! We want you all to know the accommodations, food and diving far exceeded our expectations! We have been most impressed with the friendly staff, always happy to chat and trying to make our trip enjoyable. Special thanks to Silas for his help on the boat, Nozaki for great guiding and Igua and Rapan for chatting with us and sharing their experiences. We have felt welcome from start to finish… and we can’t wait to visit again.

Thanks a bunch

Ivana and Marc

Lissenung Island Resort website

Hi guys,

Marc and I wanted to thank you again for your great hospitality, wonderful diving, great food and just overall excellent experience! This is one rare place where we would highly recommend you to anyone that is curious, adventurous and open for fun! It’s an ultimate ‘get-away-from everything’ place! And you truly enable this for which we were extremely grateful!

Hope to come back to PNG one day….just wish you were a lot closer….

Thank you!

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