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Lava Charter offers unique experiences of boutique sailing and surfing adventure to discover the Canary Islands like never before.

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Vicente has been sailing basically all his life. Since a young age, he started to sail and took his yacht-master certification in Valencia, his home country. He was a windsurfer for many years until kite surfing showed up. Vicente fell in love with the sport and until today, he is a frequent kite-surfer on the beach of Famara in Lanzarote. He is Lava Charter's best skipper and kite surfer guide wo knows all the best spots around the Canaries for the practice of the sport.

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Olaf H.

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We were kindly suprised by the low costs for harbours and living. It was not comparable to the often high prices at the hot spots of the Mediterranean Sea. The crew was very kind - we felt very comfortable right away. Lava Charter - anytime again!"

Jan and crew

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Every second worthy! Thanks to my Lava Team.

Jens and crew

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Perfectly equipped boat, perfect service, and perfect sailing area!

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