Lanka Living Surf is all about sharing the gifts surfing has given them: a better quality of life, happiness, health, strength, and fun.

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5 Days Surf Camp in Ahangama, Sri Lanka

Feb | Mar | Apr | Nov | Dec, 2019
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Instructors (2)

Mikaela Ekfeldt

Ashan Ishanka

Reviews (7)

Max Curry

from Great Britain, January 2019

"An amazing jungle villa, people and surf! A no brainer!"

The passion that Mika has put into the camp's creation is obvious, it is beautiful, it has some incredible views and sits right in the middle of a local town on a hill. It has a very personal feel, which is something you don't get with hotels and other similar hostels. Alessio and Rupa cooked some incredible food, I always looked forward to meal times! Michael and Alessio were so welcoming and were very inclusive, and with having a lot of solo travellers this is crucial, it breeds inclusivity throughout the camp. I improved my surfing a lot through lessons with Mika and Ashan. Ashan broke down my technique and then rebuilt it, and I could see the benefits within days. Then the lessons I had with Mika, she gave me some great tips to progress even further. She is very good at passing on her passion for surfing, and as a result I intend to go surfing a lot more, I am hooked even more than before! I met some great people and for someone who doesn't like going back to the same place twice I am already considering booking for next year!

Daniel Zimmerman

from Australia, December 2018

"Just a fantastic experience!"

I was blow away by how friendly and involved everyone was, the staff as well as the other guests. This place has such a strong community vibe that it never feel like I was just staying at a Surf Camp or Hostel. The surf instructors themselves are incredibly professional and driven. And the food was top notch, which is always a good bonus.

7 days was just not enough time hanging out there, I would 100% stay again!

Kelly Righton

from Australia, December 2018

"Lanka Living Surf Get-Away"

Loved the energy of Mikaela, Michael, Alessio, Ashan and all the rest of the team helping to run the camp.

It is well organised and yet there is a flexible, chilled vibe happening.

Things to rate on were: the airport pickup was smooth, surf lessons were informative and helped my surfing heaps; both in and out of the water, the surf spots were epic, the food was delicious and healthy. I really enjoyed the communal dinners and nights out to! Love to see you again soon! XOOs

Gary Hunter

from Australia, November 2018

Just spent 10 fantastic days at Lanka Living. I have been on several surf trips and class myself beginner to intermediate, on other surf trips instructors sit in the line up and don’t say much. At Lanka Living every wave you catch you get 2 to 3 points to think about. Mikita and her team are very good at getting the best out of you on every wave. A chilled and relaxed atmosphere. Other guests and interaction with them also makes the trip. I have to say Tim who was there with me caught wave of the trip.

You will not be disappointed booking with Lanka Living.

Waves are plenty and you will be smiling until the end of your trip when you sadly have to leave.

Many thanks

Jaime Lusher

from United States, November 2018

"Overall Experience"

Lanka Living Surf Camp was above and beyond what we expected in every way. Between the amazing jungle location, adorable home decor, 5-star food (thanks Alessio!), and wonderful team -- this trip was absolutely top of our list. We came away with new friends (shoutout Mikaela, Honey, Lia, Alessio), tons of insane / off-the-beaten-path experiences and of course knowing how to surf. Loved it and look forward to coming back! :)

Karin Hansen

from Sweden, March 2018

Mikaela and Ellie at the camp are super friendly and helpful. The food excellent! The surf coaches were really good on a day to day basis and we were in small groups.

Markus Lauber

from Switzerland, February 2019

Breakfast was outstanding. Dinner unfortunatly not.

Testimonials (3)

Andi Hebnar aka Crispy Duck Austria

Lanka Living Surf website

My experience with Mikaela Ekfeldt. April, 2017 I spent some awesome weeks in Sri Lanka this year! I was focused on improving my surfing, this is how I met Mikaela as my surfing instructor. I had so many different instructors, teachers, lecturers,… in my life, but Mikaela is the best! She was pushing me to a level I never expected to reach in this holiday. I always thought surfing is a very serious thing because nobody was talking in the lineup! Now I know: it doesn't have to be that serious! We where laughing so much, and we had so much fun out in the water… it was just amazing! If we where on the reef break, in the white water or doing exercises on the beach: fun, fun, fun! This young girl made me (and all the other surf camp members) laughing and enjoying our time! (even on the dance floor making party) I came there as a customer and I left as a friend. Mikaela, thank you for the wonderful time.

Lili Sterzer Germany

Lanka Living Surf website

Mikaela- this girl is better than any energy drink, more effective than dextrose and more energetic than any protein bar. When I met this girl the first time in the tropical zone, I got little scared cause she had “balls like a bull”- she was damn strong. After the first surfsession with her- I knew SHE is it, she should be my teacher: she took all my fear from my shoulders, she gave me faith in myself whereof I started to trust myself, she was still honest with me and accepted as well as respected my limits [whenever my fear got bigger than the waves] and of course she showed me how to get control over yourself/myself if you get into a runaway situation in the wild ocean. This girl is not just a motivation bomb- she is a gorgeous all around packet: she can dance with you- whenever you miss music in your life, she will cry with you- whenever you want to share your sufferbaggage. But she will show you as well her teeth through a huge smile to remember you on the sunny moments in life and she will be the best lifeguard buddy you can imagine- whenever you need to catch a new vibe. So all in one: she is an unique, strong, disciplined, open, interesting, beautiful and faithful person- so the best “bar” you can get. See you hopefully soon, babe.

Nedzer Tanham Ireland

Lanka Living Surf website

Mikaela took D and myself under her wing during a surf trip to Sri Lanka. As an instructor she strikes the right balance between supportive and taking no bullshit. She observed our ability and bought us out surfing out on some of the local reefs. D and I were confident in the water but unsure of our skills when it came to knowing what to drop into. Mikaela pushed us out of our comfort zones encouraging us to take risks and progress our surfing, knowing what we able for and what we weren't. We both came out buzzing from surf sessions. You can be guaranteed to learn about the technical aspects of surfing, whilst having a balance of banter, and building your confidence with Mikaela and her team. Mikaela took time out of her own day to show us the lay of the land, give us useful tips an info when we set off to explore central Sri Lanka. I'll be back to train with Mikaela and hopefully push my surfing, have the banter and enjoy the beautiful beaches and mountains and curry Sri Lanka and Mikaelas team has to offer.