La Escuela Del Sol

Montezuma, Costa Rica

La Escuela Del Sol is a yoga, surf, Spanish, and fire dancing school that also offers yoga teacher trainings amongst other workshops in Costa Rica.

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  • Renata L District of Columbia

    Trip Advisor Website

    La Escuela Del Sol turned out to be much more then what I initially expected. I started with one week of Spanish and yoga, and then extended my stay for a second week. By reading earlier posts it seems that it is quite a trend among new arrivals and I am not surprised. I am not alone in falling in love with the place and its people (and a cat ;).

    The individual attention, (well, it helped that I was the only student taking the classes at that moment :), adjusting to personal style of studying, warmth and kindness by each and everyone of the staff, at every step of my stay were priceless.

    As I tried to immerse myself little more in Spanish, as well as get acquainted with the locals, I decided to do the home stay for the first week. I stayed with wonderful people, who will get out of their way to help you practice Spanish, and help you correct your language mistakes. You don't need to go through the house to get to your room, so if you need privacy, it's there. But if you are up for interacting, Maria and Lupillo will be there for you, as will plenty of neighbors, cousins etc. (the whole village is related so they pop in and out :). The accommodation is very modest, but the luck of hot water, a little concern at first, did not really matter, as all you want in the tropics is cool shower. The place is 10 min of a very pleasant walk to school, 5 min walk to the beach, which was helpful when motivating myself to get up at 5 am to catch the sunrise at the beach. Priceless! Ah, and Maria is a very good cook!

    My Spanish teacher, Wendy, is really good at what she does. Very professional, able to figure out your learning style very quickly and adjusts her teaching so you get best out of her sessions. Classes are never dull and it is easy to have a good laugh with her.

    As for yoga... Talking about accomplishments! For 2 years I was trying to do a craw and a headstand, with no luck. I would never imagine that it will take me only 2 days to be able to do a perfect ( at least I think so :) craw and few more to do a head stand. yeah! Mandy and Jessica are to be thanked for it. I learned from them so much about my body, while they show me that the limits of what I can or cannot are only in my brain...

    Last, but not least, the man behind it all, Jeremy, the owner. Very helpful, ready to respond to any query and/or request so you can get most out of your experience. He has the ability to pull out the best in people, staff and students alike, and is able to create an atmosphere of inclusion. You will never feel out of place.

    Look no further, La Escuela Del Sol, Cabuya, the people and the quality of classes have no match elsewhere.

    Just one request... If Puma, the little adorable cat falls in love with you, please don't mention it at your later review. I like to keep imagining that we had a special relationship... Love that cat! ;)

  • a traveler California

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    La Escuela del Sol truly exceeded my expectations! I stayed at the school for two weeks in July, taking private intermediate level yoga classes from 7:30-8:30 followed by Intermediate Spanish from 9:30-11:00 and Spanish conversation from 11:10-12:30. This was my week two schedule. During week one, I was joined by another student during yoga and language lab. July is the off-season, so there were only three other students on site at the time.

    There were two yoga instructors, who had complimentary practices. Mandy has advanced knowledge of anatomy and led me in an exploration of how the different poses can be modified to enrich my practice. Jessica introduced me to yin yoga and also helped me discover ways in which I can push the boundaries of my practice to increase openness, flexibility, and strength. Both instructors helped me make significant improvements in the "correctness" of my poses.

    I was equally pleased by the progress that I made during my Spanish classes. Wendy is very skilled at explaining how the academic concepts, such as the subjunctive tenses, are used in everyday life. During the private lessons, she was willing to modify instruction to meet my needs and interests. During the language lab, she shared engaging activities that helped build fluency. For example, playing games such as Trivial Pursuit or listening to popular music and translating the lyrics.

    Socially, the experience was exceptional. During my off time I went on excursions with other students, we cooked meals together, and frequently explored the local sodas (restaurants) with the owner, Jeremy. A highlight of the stay was an evening barbeque on the beach followed by a bonfire and firedancing. I also enjoyed practicing my Spanish with the school staff, who were consistently friendly and helpful.

    I also appreciated the accommodations. I stayed in the on-site villas, which have a stunning view of the ocean, porch swings, and wi-fi. Next year they will be equipped with a pool. Grocery stores, restaurants, and the beach were all within easy walking distance. For excursions to Montezuma, the bus was cheap and easy to use.

    Short version, I highly recommend La Escuela del Sol.

  • Don C

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    There are too many words and some not yet invented that would be used to describe this journey; it was exactly what I needed and more !!

    Everything was a new challenge; from the initial trip into San Jose and subsequent traveling to Montezuma to the culture and communication barriers ~ from the need to adapt to a new diet to the level of physical activity abound at every destination.

    That was just the tip of the iceberg as beautiful landscape and cultural diversity became enduring ambient noise to the amazing escapades that La Escuela Del Sol brought to the table. Wildlife and breathtaking fauna accent every nook and cranny of this tropical paradise of education ~ where the students unite as a family while learning Spanish, Surfing, Scuba Diving Certification, Poi, and Yoga with some of the best teachers this nook of the country has to offer.

    This opened the doors to a life changing experience around the peninsula that networked me with a plethora of amazing souls from around the World and set the stage for a near future permanent living amongst the natives and travelers in Mal Pais.

    If you've been on the fence about this experience (as I was for 5 years since I discovered the website online) ~ waste no more time and take the plunge -- it will be one of the most epic adventures you've ever taken.

    Pura Vida !!

  • Aileen Canada

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    My husband and I spent two weeks with LEDS: We studied Spanish together, I did daily yoga and he got his scuba diving certification. We highly recommend the courses as the instruction for everything was excellent.

  • Keisha United States

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    Love La Escuela! Gabriel, Dennis, and Jeremy were so helpful and Wendy was a great teacher. The yoga classes were also awesome. I signed up for three weeks at the school but only ended up staying for two only because I wanted to see the rest of the country. I am a skeptic with a lot of things I do, but I am soooo glad I found La Escuela Del Sol. Go with them you won't be disappointed.

  • Ryan United States

    TripAdvisor website

    Decided to do something different for travel this year and headed down to LEDS in Costa Rica for a week of Surfing and Yoga (I have never done either). Wow! I should have come sooner! The location is great! Jeremy and his team made sure everything went super-smooth. We made friends quickly with other students and did many activities as a group. The classes and instruction were awesome. Pablo quickly (and safely) got us riding waves and the Yoga instructors were very helpful to me just starting out. Really looking forward to a return trip!

  • traveller

    Jan 2014. Tripadvisor website

    I would definitely recommend La Escuela Del Sol to anyone looking to learn Spanish and/or do yoga classes in Costa Rica. I was told that the surfing and the poi were also great, but I didn't take those classes so I can't speak from personal experience. The teachers were fantastic and the location in Montezuma is fabulous - the beach and plenty of great restaurants are within walking distance. The rooms are reasonably basic, but comfortable.

  • traveller

    Dec 2013. Tripadvisor website

    I spent a week surfing and at Spanish school here in early December and had the best time. The teachers are great, really nice with good English, I had Pablo and Wendy and both were very professional. My room was ok, quite noisy on the ground floor, but I was pretty busy with activities and enjoying Montezuma to spend a lot of time there, just don't expect to have many lie-ins if you're in room 4. Other facilities were nice though, lounge area great for some hammock-time and kitchen well stocked for cooking, etc. Staff also very friendly and welcoming, it's just a great place to spend time learning new skills!

  • traveller

    October 2013. Tripadvisor website

    Amazing? Wonderful? Magical? I can't find one adequate adjective to describe my month at La Escuela Del Sol. Jeremy Levine has created an environment where you can learn to surf, learn Spanish, practice yoga and get scuba certified while being supported by kind, gentle, loving, caring people that have nothing but your best interest at heart. Everyone from housekeeping to management knows you by name, what classes you're taking and they are all genuinely interested in hearing about your latest surf adventure or to help you out with your Spanish.

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