Kristy Murphy's Siren Surf Adventures

California, United States

Kristy Murphy's Siren Surf Adventures is the culmination of years of Kristy's personal experience as a surf instructor working for the world's most esteemed women's surfing retreats.

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  • Liz D. United States


    Went to Surf Camp in Saladita, Mexico and will definitely go to surf camp again to be taught by Kristy and Cat. Not only are they patient and skillful teachers, but they are so much fun! The accommodations are beautiful and come with a cook who whips up delicious local fare. I can't say enough about Kristy and Cat and how much I enjoyed surfing and hanging out with them. They will teach you how to surf and have fun doing it. I am so grateful to them! Miss them already.

  • Patrice R. Utah


    I have surfed for a few years and went to Oahu to be coached by Kristy and Cat so that I could move to the next level in my abilities. What I experienced went way beyond their expertise in the water. The cultural exposure that they created in our free time made the experience even richer since it was connected to local residence who know and love Cat and Kristy. I felt like I was on a surf trip with fun friends! Their surf instruction was completely personalized to my goals and ability. I will definitely join them again for another trip!

  • Debra C. United States


    Our group of six went to the Chuparosa location in La Saludita for a week. Most of us were beginners, but a couple surfed a bit. They started us all off with basics of safe surfing and surfing etiquette, which I didn't know at all. They were enthusiastic, patient and so, so funny. They seemed very respected by the other surfers in the area, locals, and tourists alike. The accommodations are very comfortable and nice, right on the beach with beautiful views. They provide a cook who cooked healthy, delicious breakfasts and dinners. We often went to local places for lunch and then a couple times for dinner. You could surf morning and afternoon, or just hang out in the afternoon. It’s your choice. The location has different size waves in different places, ideal for different levels. Kristy and Cat actually made the trip with their personalities, expertise, professionalism, and wit.

  • Claire M. United States


    Kristy and Cat offers a superb surfing experience whether you are experienced or just learning. From dry land drills, to hands on coaching in the water, to analyzing video footage, I got the best leap of improvement in my own surfing after 30 years of paddling out. I did their Costa Rica. Pavones camp April 2014 and had the best time staying in great accommodations, great food, felt like a local being with them (they know everyone!), explored the rainforest, and got some of the best and longest waves of my life. Plan to surf with them every year in their other camps too.

  • Shawn M. Colorado


    I had the opportunity to meet and watch Kristy and her friends surf in Pavones Costa Rica this month and she is amazing. She has so much energy and is a joy to be around. Her surfing is breathtaking, graceful, and such a treat to watch. I look forward to meeting her again next year in Pavones.

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