Kitesurf Tarifa Spain

Kitesurf Tarifa Spain offers a professional and customized kitesurfing tuition and accommodation. Their kitesurfing lessons are for children, women, and men of all ages and skill levels.

Testimonials 2

Le Just

TripAdvisor website

I was a complete beginner to kitesurfing with Kitesurf Tarifa Spain. Since it’s a male-dominated sport, I was afraid that I won’t have enough strength or muscle for this. However, with all my fears and attitudes, Tanja has changed my view about kitesurfing. She believed in me. In day 3, I finally rode my first 50 meters on the board. I think every woman should try sport, because you will feel so empowered and elegant at the same time when you are riding. Besides, Kitesurf Tarifa Spain has a shop in the city center so it was easy to find them and get to know all team better!

Catherine E. Ireland

TripAdvisor website

Kitesurf Tarifa Spain's team has been the highlight of my stay in Tarifa. They offer a very good location and great equipment. I was in Tarifa for few days and didn't bother to bring my own gear. I also met amazing people and was extremely delighted with their service and great advice all along my journey. I really recommend Kitesurf Tarifa Spain!

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