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Kitesurf Sardinia offers kitesurf courses or lesson for all levels from beginners to advanced, kite camps, and kite safaris.

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Alessandro Ferro

Alessandro is the founder of Kitesurf Sardinia and Kitesurf Vietnam schools. He is a dreamer with an endless imagination. He has a degree in computer science and worked for nine years as a software engineer developing web portals. One day, he threw his tie, suit, and keyboard started to work as a kitesurf instructor. In 2005, he got the authorization from Sardinia government to set up the kite zone of Porto Botte, the first official kite zone in Southern Sardinia.

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Simon Zeng Hao China

Kitesurf Sardinia School website

Being a total beginner for kiteboarding, Alex and his assistants are very patient, supportive, and earnest both on the water and off the water! I had spent total four fabulous weeks in Sant' Antioco with Kitesurf Sardinia, two full weeks of lessons, and one week self practice on water. I started as a total beginner who know very little about kitesurfing and somehow afraid of the powerful kite. But at the end of the trip, I am now able to setup equipment by my self, know how to ride upwind and downwind, and started to practice my jumps on the water. It's truly a life changing experience! Born and raised in Sardinia, head coach Alex started with safety first concept immersed at every step which make me very confident with the powerful kite, from understand basic acknowledgment of wind and aerodynamic, equipment use and maintenance, self rescue, body drag, and body drag with board. I have been making great progress and having fun everyday with the crew. Kitesurf Sardinia has the best instructors, equipment, and indeed many good spots (depends on wind direction) for beginner and intermediate kiteboarders! Sant'Antioco is such a lovely quite Mediterranean town with many breathtaking beaches around and multiply outdoors sports options for non-windy days. I will definitely come back!

Jack Australia

Kitesurf Sardinia School website

Completely enjoyed my week with the guys from the Kitesurf Sardinia school. The course was excellent and the guys were very passionate about teaching the sport. I found their teaching techniques very good the use of a radio helmet was very helpful. The course was set up very well not just the kitesurfing component but also the accommodation and travel. The whole course was well organized and I can now ride, which is good considering I have never ridden a board in my life. A completely enjoyable week from start to finish amazing, not just school but also location, people, and food.

Roberto de Filippo Germany

Kitesurf Sardinia School website

I starting kiting three years ago in Florida, but shortly after, I moved to Munich with my wife and two little children. I fell in love with kiteboarding during a trip to the famous Gorge in Oregon. There I saw two men flying across the water pulled by beautiful kites. Next thing I did back in Florida was to buy a kite and pay for some lessons. Unfortunately I do not have a chance to kite often and in the past three years, I have had about 25 sessions in total. Kiteboarding is a passion of mine and I remain determined to practice it as often as possible. In February 2011, I was planning my family vacation and I had a few goals in mind: Find a place with beautiful beaches, clear waters, with lots of wind yet peaceful with good food, and affordable. I was basically looking for a place to give my non-kiter wife and my children a nice beach vacation while allowing me to go kiting. Having just come back from South West Sardinia, I can tell you that when I found this island, Alessandro carefully advised me about the right lodging for my family and we picked a large apartment in Calasetta. Calasetta is a small town that looks just like the Italy I used to watch in the black and white movies my father used to play. It was calm with friendly people. Lots of small shops where we could find amazing food and clothing. Everybody that we met was basically extremely friendly to us. The town offers three beaches that are just amazing, with a light-tan sand, and crystalline waters. There is no traffic (at least in June) and reaching the beaches and parking was done daily without hassle. At night I enjoyed playing Chess with my buddy Burke (He came along with us with his wife and two children from the States), eating Gelato and watching the kids play with the local kids in the main Piazza.

Of the 14 days we spent there we had eight Mistral days (strong NW winds) and four South-Winds days, so after having been about four hours at the beach with my family I would drive to Porto Botte (20 minutes drive), and kite until sunset. Mistral blows side or Side-on shore at Porto Botte almost daily with intensity between 18 and 30 knots.

The wind blows all day but it gets stronger in the afternoon. Porto Botte offers flat water close to the beach and small chop further out. The water is shallow for the first 100 yards and is ideal for beginners and expert kiters alike. No swimmers on the area and enough beach space for all kiters. For a day trip, Cagliari is definitively worth it and for a Caribbean-like beach experience drive to Chia area. You will not be disappointed. This areas is still pristine and is visited by a relatively few least for now! I recommend SW Sardinia and Alessandro to all; He picked us up at our arrival and welcomed us with a bottle of wine while showing us the apartment. He gave us great indications according to our needs and was always ready to help during our stay. We hope to be back soon.

Justin United States

Kitesurf Sardinia School website

To anyone interested in learning to kiteboard, I highly recommend spending some time with Alessandro in Sardegna. I loved my four days there this past June and went from knowing nothing about the sport to feeling very confident in my skills, my understanding of how and why things work, and to understanding all the necessary safety procedures. Ale was a true joy to work with. He is patient, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, experienced, and focused on ensuring his students and Sardinian guests enjoy themselves. Finally, the location near Sant'Antioco was perfect. It is used only by kiteboarders so there is no need to worry about swimmers and others folks in the water. The winds are strong, steady, and reliable. And the water is mostly flat making learning that much easier. And to top it off Ale can help you find a place to stay, restaurants to eat enjoy, and sights to see. Thanks Ale!

April Singapore

Kitesurf Sardinia School website

We had a fantastic time thanks to Alessandro and his team. The accommodation was perfect. Alessandro showed us all the great places in Sant Antioco and the kite instruction was great too.

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