Kitecamp Tarifa

Located just 300 meters away from the main Kitesurf spot, Kitecamp Tarifa is the best place to learn and improve your skills while living an incredible experience.

Instructors 2

Yasmina Bujanow

Yasmina has been Kitesurfing since 2007! She learnt Kitesurfing in Tarifa and since then she has travelled and teached in many different countries in almost every continent! She loves her job and has a ton of experience as she has been teaching for +8years. For sure she has the tip under her sleeve to get you up and going!

Jose Rosado

Jose started kitesurfing in 2013 in Tarifa and since then his passion and motivation for this great sport hasn’t stopped. He is a team player and you will always find him helping everyone in need at the beach. Kitesurfing was a life changer for him and he loves to transmit that feeling to his students. He is very patient and always makes sure his students have fun while they safely learn Kitesurfing!!

Testimonials 1

Jose Martinez

Kitecamp Tarifa Facebook page

Fantastic place and fantastic teachers. Really enjoyed my time there. Absolutely recommend to anyone.

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