Kiteboarding Cairns Australia

Cairns, Australia

Kiteboarding Cairns Australia is an international kite school with professional qualified instructors. They can help you kitesurf safely and quickly.

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  • Kevin Koyzab

    Kiteboarding Cairns Australia Facebook page

    I have done a lot of kitesurfing lessons in Australia but nowhere was as good as here.

  • Steve Van Puksen

    Kiteboarding Cairns Australia Facebook page

    It is a very good place to learn kitesurfing. The instructors are easy going with lots of knowledge. It is the best place to learn kitesurfing!

  • Emily Jelich

    Kiteboarding Cairns Australia Facebook Page

    I had wanted to learn how to kitesurf for a long time but found it to be out of my league. However, having two extremely knowledgeable, experienced and attentive instructors, Andy and Luke, with infinite patience and positive enthusiasm left me wanting to learn more. After being hooked on kitesurfing after only two lessons with these guys I bought my first kite. Heading down to Yorkeys Beach almost every day learning to control the kite and ride the board at the same time was definitely harder than I thought it would be, but Andy and Luke gave me the right guidance and advice within each day I was noticeably improving. I am personally on the basic side but I have watched them teach other students jumps/tricks that blew my mind.... hopefully one day I will get there.

    I still have much to learn but find that having a good instructor makes all the difference so if you’re looking for some adventure and thrill you should totally try some lessons with these guys!

  • Astrid Gotlieb

    Kiteboarding Cairns Australia Facebook page

    They have very good instructors, with a lot of positive energy and a great passion for the sport!

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