Kite Progress Tarifa offers courses taught by a dedicated team of international qualified teachers. Mission is to turn you into a true independent kiter.

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Peppe Salvini

Reviews (5)

Xinyi Zhao

from Sweden, July 2024

"Excellent experience of beginner's Kitesurfing"

We spent 7 days in Tarifa and 6 days on kitesurfing with Peppe and his colleagues, Nicolas and Matthias. The instructors are very nice and experienced. The courses are arranged in a good pace, starting with theories, setting up the kites and stuffs. And going steop by step to get used to controlling the kite, and doing exercise in the water. And all the preparations are handled properly by instructors, including kites equipment, wet suits, safe helmet, radios, lifejacket. There are also good safety measures when having the courses. In the 7 days you'll have 4 days with courses included in the package. If you want more course time you can contact Peppe and to arrange more course slots extra. In summary the experience of the course is really great.

Stijn Van Willigen

from Netherlands, February 2024

"Outstanding service and experience."

Looking to learn kitesurfing from the best and most caring people? Peppe goes the extra mile for you.

I have had many customer service experiences, but the integrity and effort from Peppe at Kite Progress Tarifa is unmatched.

He took extra time to listen to all our doubts and needs and he customized the entire package according to our needs so we would have the best experience possible.

But he is also honest to tell you when it’s not worth it because of the wind that day.

The lessons are very professional and well organized.

The teachers Julian and Caesar give specific advise over a walkie talkie so you make the most of every minute of lesson time, and they are very good at making you feel at ease.

Please choose this school if you want to progress in kitesurfing as fast as possible with an amazing learning experience.

P.s. We are beginners and took the 1on1 classes, which are great value for the price (one of the best I found in Tarifa).

Gary Evans

from Great Britain, August 2023

"Father and Son Kite Surfing trip"

We had a great time - Peppe and the team were super-helpful and friendly both before we arrived and then throughout our trip. They really went out of their way to make us feel welcome (recommending the best restaurants in town and also then best dishes at each and also having drinks with us at the hostel after kiting). All the instructors we had we also excellent (we were all beginners so they were also really patient). I would definitely recommend Peppe and the team to anyone!

Elie Hayek

from France, August 2017

"Great kite school very friendly and professional "

Everything from A to z was amazing