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3 Days Exciting Tarifa Surf Camp Spain


Fascinating Surfcamp Spain

Do you want to escape from your busy life? Do you wish for a nice holiday while you can have kitesurfing lessons? Kite Fun Tarifa Kiteschool can give you the answer for your wishes! They offer quality. The quality of treatment, quality of courses, and quality of equipment. They are well organized and they can guarantee that you will get the best performance out of your kitesurfing course. At the end of this 3-day camp, you will be able to kitesurf with full of confidence!


  • Qualified instructors
  • 9 hours of kitesurfing lessons
  • Free use of surf and skate equipment
  • 2 nights' accommodation
  • Transfer to the beach
  • Certification card

Skill level

  • Beginner


  • 3 days with instruction
  • German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, English
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During this surf camp, you will stay at a town-center hostel provided by Kite Fun Tarifa Kiteschool.

Day 1

With Kite Fun Tarifa Kiteschool 's teaching methodology, you will start the course in the same way as you do when you go to the beach alone. On the first day, you will learn how to prepare your equipment, safety systems, and the correct choice of a spot to practice depending on the wind and other factors. The basic idea of this course is that when you finish, you know how to choose the right place at the beach, prepare your stuff and be able to fly the kite. The goal of the first day of your kite course is to be fully ready to go to the water the next day.

You will learn all the steps to practice kitesurf safely on your own. You will know where to prepare and practice kitesurfing, understand how the kite and power zones work by learning about the wind window, and How to prepare kite, bar, and lines. Then, the instructor will show you all the safety devices and procedures in case of emergency and you will practice how to use them.

Not only that, you will learn how to fly the kite and all the possible movements you will need during your kitesurf lessons. You will practice several times this exercises as it is extremely important to understand this part and you will learn how to walk in all directions while flying your kite. Next, you will learn how to rescue yourself in an emergency situation and you will learn how to pack your equipment and have it ready for the next session.

Day 2

You will have your first contact with the water to learn something fundamental, the bodydrag. Bodydrag is a technique of dragging the body in the water with the power of your kite. You will learn to go in different directions and also rescue your board. Then, you will also learn to relaunch the kite from the water and how to generate power to be ready for the board. The goal is to be ready to start using the board on your next following lesson.

To begin this day, you will learn everything that you have learned on day 1. Then, you will learn how to go in the same directions as the wind and not coming back to the same point. You will also learn how to reach the same point or upper which is essential to recovering your board. The lesson continues by learning how to move inside the water with your board as you will be able to pass the shore-break. They will tell you all the aspects to relaunch your kite from the water quick and safe. Then, you will learn the movements to generate power and be ready for the next day with the board.

Day 3

On this day, you will repeat what you have learned on day 1 and 2. On day 3, you will begin with waterstart. The order of learning will be, first, put the board on the feet. Second, you will maintain the correct position of both kite and body. Third, you will learn the handling of the kite and find the point of power needed to get up safely. Finally, you will work on the position of your body and board and get you to make your first meters.

They will show you the tricks to put the board easily and quickly. Depending on the wind, you need to know how to position your kite, body, and board in one way or another. To be able to achieve the required movements and balance, they will tell you what to do and how to make your first meters.

Tarifa is a special place for its exceptional geographical location between El Parque de Los Alcornocales, various rivers, natural dunes, and the two seas that wet its beaches. Tarifa also has a cosmopolitan and lively atmosphere where you can unwind and lost, taking advantage to release adrenaline playing sports, especially if it has to do with the wind, as in the case of kitesurfing.

Tarifa has all the amenities and facilities needed to spend a few days holiday, relax and have fun, but also has the best conditions and climate in Europe to practice kitesurf. Its extensive coastline provides safely kitesurf spots. The wind blows over 300 days a year and it is very rare have more than two days without it. Also, do not care if you come in summer or winter. In Tarifa, you can learn and practice kitesurf all year round. Kite Fun Tarifa Kiteschool mostly teaches at the beach of Los Lances as the beach usually offers the best condition to learn. But if the wind changes, they also change the destination and head to the beach which best suits the wind conditions.

Even during busy days and peak seasons, you will be taught in a space far away from the crowds. Kite Fun Tarifa Kiteschool is located directly at the beginning of the teaching area. In less than a 10 minutes walk, you will be in a more quiet area where you will feel safe without being surrounded by hundreds of kites.

Kitesurfing spots

  • Los Lances beach
  • Valdevaqueros
  • The lagoon
  • El Balneario
  • Playa Chica
  • Canos de Meca
  • Palmones
  • Getares
  • Hiking in natural parks
  • Horse riding
  • Roman ruins visit in Bologna beach
  • Stand up paddling
  • Surfing courses
  • 2 nights' accommodation
  • 9 hours of kitesurf lessons
  • Certification card
  • Free use of surf / skate equipment
  • Qualified instructors
  • Transfer to the beach
  • The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 2 days before the arrival date.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

Tarifa, Spain

Kite Fun Tarifa is a watersport center located in Tarifa offering kitesurfing, surfing, and SUP courses and rentals.

Speaks English

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