Kite Center Garda Lake

Kite Center Garda Lake is a kiteboarding school which offers kiteboarding lessons, kiteboard rents, and kite boat lift service located in Italy and Brazil.

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Yury Yoursky Estonia

Kite Center Garda Lake Facebook page

Probably the best kite school on Garda Lake! The beginner course is worth it! Thanks, guys!

Lina Anklew Sweden

Kite Center Garda Lake Facebook page

Kiting on Lake Garda is a completely new kiting experience! My level is beginner, have done a basic course home in Sweden and practiced a bit myself after that. I did two sessions on Lake Garda, first a afternoon session and then a morning session day after. It was confusing at beginning, cause everything works differently when you go out with a boat! So the afternoon session was a bit of trying out this new way of kiting, and struggling with the gear etc. The next mornings session was awesome, when I knew how everything worked and also had got a bit practice the day before, things fell in place and I absolutely enjoyed it! The guys in the boats have control of the situation the whole time. Even though it might seem like things are happening fast and a bit randomly - they have a really good check on every person out there! And they are very skilled. I felt safe kiting in lake gardas water and would definitely do it again! The staff were also really helpful in general, since they even helped me finding transport to the airport Thanks for a great experience!

Sarah Marnitz

Kite Center Garda Lake Facebook page

Always like coming home. Great staff, good material and the training is no blabla, it is hands on. I love it. Everybody who is registered for the morning session receives a message if there is wind or not before to get out of bed....very convinient.

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