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Kirsty Wright Yoga

Kirsty Wright Yoga is an international yoga teacher. She teaches in yoga retreats held in different locations in Australia, Europe and Asia.

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Laura Ireland

KIrsty Wright Yoga website

Johnson teaches Anya’s signature class, which is part meditation, alignment, kinesiology, core and enough vinyasa flow to remind me it is yoga. Johnson is a fierce teacher with a Zen presence and the class itself brings a keen awareness to your movement.

Renee Australia

KIrsty Wright Yoga website

Kirsty is a calm and nurturing teacher. Her classes are enjoyable, sweaty and motivating. I have gained so much knowledge about yoga, exercise and myself through Kirsty. She loves what she does and walks the talk, she is so bendy! I enjoy my yoga classes with Kirsty. If I am rushed or stressed when I get there, she calms me by speaking ever so softly and by simply asking how I am.

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