Kirsty Wright Yoga

New South Wales, Australia

Kirsty Wright Yoga is an international yoga teacher. She teaches in yoga retreats held in different locations in Australia, Europe and Asia.

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  • Laura Ireland

    KIrsty Wright Yoga website

    Johnson teaches Anya’s signature class, which is part meditation, alignment, kinesiology, core and enough vinyasa flow to remind me it is yoga. Johnson is a fierce teacher with a Zen presence and the class itself brings a keen awareness to your movement.

  • Renee Australia

    KIrsty Wright Yoga website

    Kirsty is a calm and nurturing teacher. Her classes are enjoyable, sweaty and motivating. I have gained so much knowledge about yoga, exercise and myself through Kirsty. She loves what she does and walks the talk, she is so bendy! I enjoy my yoga classes with Kirsty. If I am rushed or stressed when I get there, she calms me by speaking ever so softly and by simply asking how I am.

  • Marta Spain

    Kirsty Wright Yoga website

    I met this bright soul at a yoga ashram in India. It was 26 intensive days to share a room and a life experience with her. Open minded, genuine, compassionate, and level-headed, Kirsty can always be counted on to listen and provide support when needed. Her wonderful sense of humor, adventure, and life experiences have given her the ability to see any situation in a positive sense. She is professional and dedicated to yoga, trying to find the real truth, not giving up along the path. She gave me my first experience in AcroYoga and massage. She was the pilot, I was the plane and my happiness was reaching the sky full of stars. Personally believing that "people come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime" I know Kirsty Wright is a lifetime friend.

  • Nicky Australia

    Kirsty Wright Yoga website

    Kirsty has the ability to uplift, inspire, and relax the entire class, while connecting with everyone, and making them feel comfortable. Kirsty has a real presence about her and has boundless energy and a passion to share her knowledge and love of yoga. Kirsty has also given me the knowledge and techniques to push through mental barriers I didn’t know I had.

  • Michelle Australia

    Kirsty Wright Yoga website

    I appreciate the way Kirsty teaches her classes. I find it very calming, relaxing, and gives me the best nights sleep. Yoga is truly a gift to your self and Kirsty is a gift to yoga. Her classes allow me to bring my mind, body, and soul back into balance. I couldn't achieve this without Kirsty. She also has a very calming voice which is my favorite especially when she sings.

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