JT Pro Center

JT Pro Center is a kitesurfing school on Union Island in the Caribbean that offers the best services for anyone looking to learn how to kitesurf.

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Joe Hoppis

JT Pro Center Facebook page

Excellent service from coordinating travel to an excellent board lesson. 3 hours of boat assisted water time with walki talki helmets. Not only did the instructor tell me how to get better but he also would jump on kite, give me a needed breather, and show me. Starting the day I had never done a transition turn or a jump (ok it was by accident but I still landed it). Feel far more confident. Can't recommend highly enough.


Sarah Barthelet

JT Pro Center Facebook page

Took the 'advanced lesson' and am now wishing I had done it sooner. Jeremie is an excellent teacher - observant and encouraging. He had just the right pointers. I took so much more away from the experience than I could have imagined. He totally added a noticeable layer of finesse to my kiting as well as teaching me new tricks. It feels great! My brother also got the beginner set of lessons here and they helped him progress so quickly - absolutely unreal. The local kite spots are world class.

Marco Montanari

JT Pro Center Facebook page

The best place in the world!!! Our fantastic accomodation in front of the spot was really good!!

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