Jibtopia Wake Park is a cable wake park in North Carolina that was built by riders for riders that are passionate about getting up on the water.

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I really enjoy coming out here. It’s a great vibe, good people, everybody’s down to earth, always have a good time keeping it real, hanging out with fam.

Paige Henrie Thomas

Jibtopia Wake Park Facebook page

I was skeptical at first, but we got to the park and couldn't get enough of the place! Super glad we had a full day to spend at just the wake boarding cables. I recently tore my ACL and had surgery, and this was my first time back in the water (skiing or wake boarding). I was so nervous but the owner and employees encouraged me and made me feel confident enough to do it. Even without doing any of the jumps or rails, carving in the glassy water was a blast! Probably went for 6 hours. They taught me how to ollie and helped me get it down pretty good! It was different than being pulled by a boat, but less exhausting and fun in a new way! The food was delicious...I got a burger and fries. The t-shirts are so cool. The music was awesome. I can't speak highly enough of the patient, funny, helpful staff! They seriously made this experience! If I were to do it again, I would stay longer to experience the atv trails, horseback riding, beach volleyball, etc. It was an amazing experience!!!!

Nicholas Bralove

Jibtopia Wake Park Facebook page

Two friends and I from Washington DC drove down to Jibtopia for the opening weekend and had an awesome time Wakeboarding. One of my friends is pretty advanced but my other friend and I were very new. After starting off in the beginner area for about an hour, he and I picked it up pretty quick and were able to get to the more intermediate course soon after. They gave us good instruction early on which was helpful and all of the other riders there were very encouraging. There were riders of all ages and great vibes all around. This is a great weekend getaway spot and we'll definitely be coming back sometime this summer.