Into The Wild Algarve

Budens, Portugal

You want to surf and do yoga? Into The Wild Algarve is an eco clamping offering the ultimate feeling of reconnection with nature in eight tents and a tree hut.

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  • Pico Geurts

    Into the Wild Algarve Facebook page

    The sandy windy road took us up and over the hill

    into magical ITWA.

    Stunning nature, great tents with good beds, your private terras overlooking the lake,taking a shower and sitting on a toilet under an open sky…

    A place for children to roam free and explore, to swing from a tree, to ride a raft on one of the lakes and chase kittens and dogs for hugs.

    On tuesdays the hosts prepare lovely, creative meals in the ruins kitchen, with a burning wood oven and the galaxy for a ceiling, accompanied by the sweet tunes of their resident dj.

    This magical place is run by inspiring, interesting, warm people and so it seems to attract inspiring, interesting, warm people.

    All of this situated near the coastline with its beautiful beaches.

    Sonja, Dave, Quirina, Dror, Mike…Thank you!

    We’ll be back, but until then...

    ITWA pitched up a tent in our heads stuffed with all the sweet memories and inspiration.

    A place to retreat to when city life becomes to crowded or hectic.

  • Ines Monteiro de Barros

    Into the Wild Algarve Facebook page

    We had an absolutely amazing time!

    The dome is full of charm and has a beautiful wake up view over a little lake!

    Nature is all around so we reconnected with it almost instantly.

    There were lots of nice people there, hosting and guesting, leading to very interesting conversations.

    The shower was nice and hot plus the eco toilet system was a good surprise!

    I am still thinking why that system is not used much more in camp sites, festivals and the likes...

    A truly billion star accommodation with amazing night skies and if you are lucky enough a full moon delicious pizza night..

    We were there just yesterday and we miss it already so going back for sure!

    Thanks for having us ITWA!!! You guys are true inspiration...

  • Annabel Jansen

    Into the Wild Algarve Facebook page

    I've travelled all across Portugal to find this truly astonishing piece of magic. What Dave, Sonya, Mike, Dror and Q have created together is hard to describe, you have to experience it. There's so much beauty to find on the property that I didn't even feel the need to go to the (even though they are very pretty too) nearby beaches. I just stayed in, cuddled with all the cute dogs and cats and children and felt at home right away. There's a big lake and a small lake to swim in, a beautiful yurt, geo dome and tipi tent, fast wifi (who needs that though?) a spacious kitchen that turns into a five (billion) star restaurant every Tuesday, when all guest and the family members come together to eat. I even had the privilege to take a few yoga classes in the morning. ITWA is there for a reason: to give us stressed out Urbanites some rest, peace of mind, silence and true beauty. I will be back for sure. I might even never leave...

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