Iguana Surf

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Tamarindo's original surf shop offers surf lesson, kayak tours, canopy tour, scuba diving and much more.

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  • AB2122

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    My wife and I came to Tamarindo for a week and surfing was one of our checklist items. We had both attempted surfing in the past with little success. The lesson made all the difference as we both made it up after a few attempts and Gino helped us catch a ton of waves during the lesson. Highly recommend this spot for anyone that wants to learn how to surf!

  • Traveler

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    First off, this place was amazing. When I got to Costa Rica, the locals in other cities were recommending this place for when I got to Tamarindo. The people are so friendly and cool. Grevien is like a pro. He showed me the safety first, then the tips. He taught me how to watch the waves come in and how to surf using as little effort as possible so you can reserve your energy for paddling and getting up on the board. He had me standing up and surfing in like 30-40 minutes. I was stoked! Keep in mind, he was helping me with the board, now I need to learn to paddle and catch that wave like he showed me. The photographer Aurora was very talented and professional. I got a great deal on the photos. I can't wait to post them on Facebook lol. I'm going back to Texas soon but this place will stay in my heart forever. Pura Vida!!!

  • Laura B

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    I went to Iguana Surf with a group of three other young women to learn to surf for the first time. When we arrived the Iguana staffs were friendly and excited to see us, we instantly felt comfortable and our apprehensions about beginner surfing were assuaged right away. We had a 2-hour private lesson from Fifo for 45 USD per person and it was well worth the investment. I personally had always been terrified to learn how to surf, and I couldn't have asked for a better teacher! Under Fifo's guidance, we all got up on our boards right away and fell in love with surfing. Tamarindo is a gorgeous beach - the setting was just stunning. The following day we returned to rent boards - only 5 USD a person - and Fifo came out to the water to watch us and give us tips. I am so happy I got to meet Fifo and the rest of the team. They were exceptional. I couldn't have asked for a better location to learn how to surf.

  • Lorelei Colorado

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    This was our first time in Tamarindo, and we will definitely go back even though our usual MO is to check places off and head to the next adventure locale)! Iguana made the experience even better. The instructors were great, patient and fun. All 4 of us got up pretty quick. For the rest of the adventures, they are responsive yet chill, accommodating and not pushy.

  • Qidara

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    I enjoyed learning the basics of surf. These guys know what theyre doing, and gave me the confidence I needed.

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