Hotel Moana

Hotel Moana is a welcoming place for the guests to enjoy with a modern and stylish approach to the rooms and amenities. Hotel Moana also offers surf lessons.

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Lolo originates from the Mediterranean island of Corsica where he grew up surfing. Lolo is a qualified surf instructor and previously studied marine biology in Guadeloupe, French before moving to Malpais 12 years back. He has been running his school, Adrenalina Surf School in Malpais for many years, teaching thousands of people of all ages how to surf as Lolo knows all the top and safest breaks in the area.

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Cristobel y Rhonda

Hotel Moana website

I have nothing but positive feedback for the Moana Lodge and the wonderfully efficient, professional, helpful and friendly staff.

My husband and I knew the minute we arrived, as we met the owner, were escorted around the beautiful and well designed property, that we'd found the right place.


Hotel Moana website

What really makes me enthuse about this hotel is the personal care and attention Aidan invests in his guests. I was travelling alone and it was great to be taken out and entertained by this gregarious proprietor and his partner. Is this a hotel review written by a friend to corrupt the impartiality of the TripAdvisor ranking system... NO... But I had such a great time at this hotel, I just can't rate it highly enough. Is it possible to add a sixth star? It's just so refreshing to find a funky, stylish, and utterly fab hotel run by someone who really does give a damn...Recommended? You betcha...! See you soon at the Moana...

Lee and Jane

Hotel Moana website

The thing both my husband and I loved so much about Hotel Moana Lodge was the personal touches, from the fresh flowers, the sincere chats, the wonderful decorated rooms, and the smiling faces, can’t wait to come back.

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