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a traveler Ireland

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This is the perfect place to try out and learn how to kite surf. The instruction was first class and very informative yet fun, going into the theory of how to get the best out of the wind and lots about safety. The water at Duncannon is nice and shallow so we were never out of our depth, the wetsuits are nice and warm too so all was good. So pleased that we will definitely be back for more.

Shane F.

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A Fantastic experience, a huge consideration for safety, but lots of fun, and ran by professionals. This is a sport worth doing right and it's great to have instructors who know they are talking about. On top of that Duncannon is an exceptional beach with stunning views. Good to go all year round, once ya get going ya don't notice the cold. I went July through to November.

Nicola M.

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Even if you're not a watersports enthusiast this is the place to go to find out what's happening around Duncannon, from Sandcastle sculptures to cinema nights on the beach to fireworks displays the guys will know what's happening. And if you are a watersports enthusiast this is the place to go where you can get everything you need from equipment to lessons, to safety advice to friendly banter. It's got it all.

Jen H.

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This review is a bit late, but I felt the need of letting people know what it's like for me as I had a great time there. Kitesurfing is not the easiest sport in the world, but it's possible to experience a lot of its techniques in a day. I had a one day course with Niall, the weather and location were perfect for beginners like me, I learnt controlling the kite and attempted standing up on the board while being dragged by the kite. It really was an amazing experience to be dragged up in the air by the wind and knowing you'll only fell back into the water and won't get hurt. The kites are such cleverly designed equipment, the sport is fascinating. Niall is easygoing and very experienced. I enjoyed my day and learned something interesting. I recommend the one day course at least for beginners, so you'll get to try stand on the board and may get to riding the waves like a pro if you're good.

a traveler

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Fantastic day on Duncannon beach Sun 28th June. I decided to try kitesurfing lesson with Niall based on the beach there. We didn't quite know what to expect as neither if we had tried before. As we are both in our fifties we were bit nervous, but Niall put is through the various stages explaining and reassuring us all the way. From learning to control kite on beach great fun altogether but that was only beginning because when he took us into the water we enjoyed every minute and can't wait to continue our lessons. It isn't easy and a lot to remember but certainly worth doing. If you are young or old definitely worth trying out. Beach is safe and water shallow so not much to worry about.

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