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11 Day Surf Camp in Playa Del Hombre, Las Palmas

July | August | September | October, 2024
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Mariano Reynot

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Jakub Kotlan

from Slovakia, May 2024

"Amazing experience"

Where to start.. from amazing location on cliff right above the ocean and beautiful beach with stunning view each morning, with one of the best instructors Leo surf lessons were great as he delivers everything he promise to us on day one, to teach us how to be independent surfers, and last but not least THE BEST HOST EVER Maleki! he is just eternal sunshine taking care of proper mood and keeping up high morale through entire trip! Definitely recommend to anyone!

Elena Kazinachikova

from Spain, May 2024

"Trip that became a core memory"

One of the best experiences of my life. I was really surprised with how well it went. Starting from a nice house that had a working area, a big kitchen, and nice rooms with an amazing view of the ocean and sunset. The house is literally a 10-minute walk from the private beach where we surfed.

Leo is a fantastic coach. It is extremely rare for a person to be great in what they do and be an educator who can support you when you are failing and give really practical advice on how to succeed. It was my first time surfing and my first time in the ocean. But I still managed to make decent progress, thanks to Leo and his step-by-step explanations.

And most of all, I loved the community created by the camp's team. Having a friendly, welcoming host always at the house made my experience safe, comfortable, and really fun. It felt like home, and strangers in the house became close friends even before I memorized their names 😄

Oh, and sometimes Leo brings his cute puppy to the house!

Florian Haid

from Germany, May 2024

"The perfect surf experience."

First off: I loved the week there so much that I extended my stay for 2 more days - but if I need to say more:

Leo and his team managed to create an amazing atmosphere in the house and during Surfing.

The Surflessons with Leo are worth the money in itself, but also Maleki is a wonderful host that manages to bring lot‘s of laughter and friendly banter but also a lot of respect towards his guests.

The community building is strong there, so it’s perfect for solotravellers, but also couples and groups were quickly integrated.

Last but not at all the least comes the house itself, which is super close to the almost private Beach (5mins by foot) and the view is simply stunning.

I will love to come back as soon as possible since this surfcamp has got me hooked on surfing!

Robin Aalvanger

from Netherlands, May 2024

"5 out of 5 stars! Holiday of a lifetime, amazing!"

I dont even know where to start. Literally everything was just so much better than I expected, truly a holiday to never forget!

Leo is an amazing surf instructor and really just an overall supercool guy! Love the fact that he doesn't just teach you the 'standing up' part of surfing ( like a lot of schools do). His goal is to make you an independent surfer. So you get so much more. He teaches you to read the ocean, to respect its power and the 'surfer way of life'. One of the best teachers i have ever had ( in any field of sport). Even in bigger groups, he still makes it feel like a private lesson, very impressive. Also love that there arent any set times for lessons, but Leo checks the tides and (wind)conditions and lets you know the evening before what time the session is, so you get the most worth for your money! Amazing

The house is insane aswell! Huge house, different rooms ( all with private bathroom!) , 2 kitches, very clean and whether you want to socialize or enjoy some alone time both is possible. The garden/terrace is super for chilling, BBQ, and enjoying the amazing view! And a private beach in front of the door ( 2 min walk), so no other surfing schools! Unreal, like no other.

The host was incredible aswell, such a nice guy and he really creates the right vibe for the house!

In summary: Do not look any further, you have found your next holiday! Trust me, you will not regret booking this! Loved every part of it, and i will definitly be back!


from Spain, May 2024

"That’s THE surfing camp you’ve been searching for"

This place is amazing. I just love the whole experience. The big sea view house, the great instructor, the super welcoming host, the beautiful island, most importantly the incredible surfing experience…..yes, it’s beginner friendly, it was my first time surfing, also I just learned swimming 4months ago, very quickly with the help of my instructor Leo, I was able to stand up and surf the small waves all by myself. And if you don’t know how to swim, it will not be a problem to learn surfing as well………

Highly highly recommend this camp, I promise you will not regret! maybe you will even come back for a second and third time, just like all the others I met in the camp. I’m already planing my next trip there😆! No need more words.

Alessia Mandriota

from Italy, April 2024

"Very nice experience "

wonderful experience, Leo is an amazing instructor, he helped me improve my surfing skills by explaining everything very clearly. I had so much fun and met so many nice people. the house is always clean and the girl who hosted us was always very helpful and kind. It’s perfect for a surfing holiday!!

Ryan Schuler

from Ireland, April 2024

"Amazing experience, highly recommend"

This experience exceeded all prior expectations I had, the location was great, a mere 3-minute walk from the front door to the beach. The lead instructor Leo was excellent, he clearly has a passion for surfing and sharing it with others. He really wants everyone to have fun and enjoy their time, but he is also serious when talking about the ocean and the power that it posses. Michaela did an awesome job working in the house as she made everyone feel at home and provided help whenever needed. Many of the people I met there became good friends as most nights we cooked dinner and played games together. Overall it was a 10/10 experience, my surfing progressed more than I thought possible and all the people there made it special.

Amiel Schweizer

from Switzerland, April 2024

"Nice place to improve/learn surfing and enjoy the surfvibe "

Regarding surfing, the reason I chose this surf camp in the first place, Leo quickly identified my technical shortcomings, and after the surf session, he provided tips on how to best correct these errors. It's worth noting that Leo's focus on technically correct surfing really helped improve my surfing. I also liked his philosophy of you as an independent surfer, where you have to catch a wave on your own as if you were surfing alone. As for the stay itself, the house where everyone stayed during their time there had a really nice vibe. With the other guests, we could always enjoy a cool atmosphere, have nice conversations, and generally just have a good time. Personally, I was able to further improve my surfing and made some really great acquaintances.

Ilia Borisov

from Portugal, April 2024

"Very good surf camp for beginners"

I liked location. The place and beach were very good. I liked accommodation. Everything was comfortable and suitable. House is a little used but clean. I liked host Mika who was very positive and attentive. She really charged everybody with fun and positive emotions. Also everybody in the house was very friendly and sociable. That was great! Also I liked that everybody knew about all activities in time. And everything was in time.

Hongmei Li

from Spain, April 2024

"One of the best holidays ever"

The booking was easy and the stay was really pleasant.I met the most amazing people and great instructors. By day five, I caught 7-8 waves by meself.I was so proud of myself and really enjoyed the whole experience. We shared games and food with other surfers, it almost felt like a big family. We encouraged each other and helped each other.It was one of the best things in the world.Love what you do and do what you love.

Patryk Czajkowski

from Norway, April 2024

"Great experience "

I've met amazing people up there, I've learnt how to surf properly with the aid of Leo and victor it was my best trip ever, definitely recommend this one, stay salty brothers 😎🤙🏄🌊

Regina Jia

from Czechia, April 2024

"An awesome experience "

I 100% recommend this camp!! Great people(super professional and patient instructors; friendly surfing buddies; adorable Denny!); Great location(2 mins from home to surfing spot); Great living environment (multiple choices of rooms which all are very clean and sweet)…

I struggled a lot to finally be able to catch waves myself and stand up and make turns a bit all because of Leo’s encouragement and instructions!

Will def come back🫶🏽🏄🏽‍♀️🥰

Katerina Kojetska

from France, March 2024

"Perfect first surf experience ! "

This was my first surfing experience and I loved it !

The beach is only few minutes walk away, private (so no crowds there and being stressed by other surfers) and the waves are great for beginner surfers.

My instructor was Leo and I really appreciated his attention and very cleared and structured inscructions. He would listen to you and your needs and be very patient.

I also loved the location, as it is in a small village/town away from the tourist crowds. I could walk easily along the seaside to two differrent small cities for some coffee or some good local food. It was very chilled and calm atmosphere.

As for the accomodation, I also really liked it. I was in the dorm and I really appreciated that it was a small dorm (only 6 beds) but the room and the bathroom was of a comfortable size. The other facilities (kitchen, breakfast, the terrase) were definitely exactly what I needed and was enough.

I also loved to company of Clara and Fanny (volunteers) who were very lovely and outgoing!

I definitely recommed this place for people who are serious about learning to surf, who love calm and chilled atmosphere and enjoy the local life rather than tourist places.

If I can, I'll definitely come back ! :)

Fabienne Rieder

from Switzerland, February 2024

- Very nice accommodation

- House beach (great for surfing!)

- Super staff <3

- Very good BBQ (especially the fish from Leo!)

- Feedback and surf tips (very valuable for me as a beginner-intermediate!)

- Group chat!! (You were always up-to-date)

Maleki Burke

from Great Britain, February 2024

"WOW. Highly Recommend. I'll be back!"

Hands down, this was the best week of my life. It was my first time doing a solo trip like this, but I got so much more out of it than I bargained for. The surfing was amazing, the location, and the people I met whilst there.

If you're considering booking, just do it. I've been home less than 12 hours and I'm already planning to go back.

Thank you Leo for the lessons, your knowledge, the jokes, (and the bottle of rum).

A big shout out to Clara and Fanni for making everyone feel so welcome and for just being such lovely people.

Finally, a special thank you to my camp mates for being awesome and making the week so special 🤙

Julian Reingold

from Greece, February 2024

"I surfaced when all of my being was enlightened"

Leo is a pro surfer and knows Playa del Hombre like the palm of his hand. He quickly assessed my knowledge of surfing (last class when 18, now I'm 35) and focused on improving my technique, which I did not only through the two sessions per day, but also with a skate-surf session the one day there was no waves.

By the fourth day of surfing I was already on my feet and enjoying the swells. It was a superb experience, felling safe under his supervision and always pushing beyond my limits thanks to his discipline. The staff was also great and super friendly and helpful.

The house is just a stone-throw away from the beach, which makes everything so much easier. I visited during late January and the temperature did not drop below 20°C, so I was wearing shorts and flipflops most of the time. The water temperature was also great, we wore the suits mostly for protection, but you could swim without it and not feel cold at all.

Don't miss out on it!

Olga Haas

from Germany, January 2024

"A wonderful trip!"

The moment I arrived there I already felt like home, the house was very clean and has a breathtaking ocean view. The people I lived with were the kindest people I’ve ever met and we spent a lot of time together. It was my first time ever surfing, but Victor is a very great Instructor, he always helped me and gave a lot of useful tips.

I will recommend this surf camp to everyone and would love to come back very soon!

Ula Klasa

from Poland, December 2023

"Really dope experience "

I loved the place, so close to the water! Victor is an amazing instructor and Dom makes you feel like home ☀️

Carlo Rizzuto Ferruzza

from Netherlands, December 2023

"It was a fantastic week"

Leo and Dom have been pivotal to the success of this week! The place is set on the rocks that dominate a small beach, well served by waves and not too crowded. The atmosphere at the camp is fab, very chilled and relaxed and the people I met quickly felt like family and made time a lot more enjoyable pushing us to do more and better both in the water hunting for waves and outside of water just enjoying the island. Two hours twice a day will really exhaust you but will serve you well for learning as the time spent with Leo is very precious!

The rooms have everything you need and there are towels and other things provided. A week I won't forget! Thanks

Rachel Knox

from Great Britain, October 2023

I had the best time here! Anna is lovely, she met me at the airport and drove me to the house which is awesome and right on the beach - perfect location! Dom showed me around and helped me settle in, then the next day was straight into lessons. Leo is an amazing instructor and nearly as funny as I am. He’s super passionate, encouraging and takes time with each individual to help them with the things they’re struggling with. He can also cook a delishy fishy BBQ so if you get the chance to do this it’s definitely worth it! We also had Victor, another excellent instructor - who I’m sure can cook great fish as well! For me the week was the perfect balance with lessons and downtime but you always have the opportunity to take the boards out yourself. When I left I had an evening flight and was able to join in the surf for the day so that was super nice too.

I would also recommend hiring a car (or getting lucky like me and join in with other people that have hired one…) and exploring the island on the day off you get, also handy for driving places in the evenings for dinner etc.

I had a great week and left covered in bruises and full of good energy and I can’t wait to come back here again and have a gin fizz with the fam!!!

Steph Gledhill

from Great Britain, October 2023

"Surf Camp"

Previous surf lessons have just been about getting on your board with no real input on what you are getting wrong, and being pushed from the back so you catch the waves.

Leo’s approach to teaching how to surf was completely different, he taught you how to surf independently, we were all catching waves in the first 30 minutes without any help. Leo watches from the shoreline so he can see what you are doing and provides regular feedback on what you are doing correctly and incorrectly.

You are taught how to read the conditions, choose the best area to surf and how to feel the waves.

The two lessons a day allows you to remember what you’ve learnt in the morning to put into practice later.

I really feel now like I can surf and choose the waves, know what to look out for when surfing and surf independently, whereas previously I’ve been reliant on the surf instructor.

I’ve still got a way to go which is very normal for surfing however I have faith I’ll be able to catch and surf the majority of waves in the future.

I’m looking forward to returning for more advice and teaching so I can progress to the next level.

Tina Rosenlund

from Denmark, October 2023

"Perfect place to surf and a really nice gruop of people"

It has been a fun and educational week with a fantastic instructor who embraces their students with great understanding and smiles. We went as a family, and I can highly recommend it to other families. It's definitely a surfer camp/destination we might consider returning to. The place invites social gatherings and cooking together with the house's other surfers. We send good waves to the upcoming visitors

Francesco Fabrocile

from Italy, October 2023

"Great surfing camp"

The location, just above a beach perfect for surfing. The accomodation, with great common spaces to chill with other guests.

Leo is a great and encouraging instructor.

Jerzy Chromicki

from Denmark, October 2023

"Stay away from this camp!!! "

People who shared the house with us, sunshine every day, shallow water, and proximity to the sandy beach.

Since 1500 characters isn't enough for what we experienced I will start my rant here and continue in the disliked part.

On day one we got picked up by Leo. His first first sentence to us was "don't scratch my car" and to question about potential touristic interests he answered "I'm not going to entertain you use Google".

Upon arrival we were not given the welcome drink (neither did anybody else as we found out) and when my friend used the staff bathroom Leo shouted at her saying "use your bathroom in the cheap room" (we booked a dorm room). We were never told which bathroom we can use and the staff bathroom didn't have any sign on it whatsoever to indicate it's not simply a normal bathroom. What's more, when my friend, who isn't 100% comfortable swimming in deep water on her own, asked Leo about wearing a vest, he told her it's ridiculous and he'll have to consider whether he wants to allow her to surf at all. Could've said "it's not necessary because water is shallow and there's no strong currents here". But no. He made her immediately stressed she'd miss all classes.

Day two began with the theory lesson. His tone was unwelcoming throughout the entire time and when we got distracted for a second by looking up towards the window, he immediately stopped and demanded we keep the eye contact at all times. He pointed at my friend and said "we're going to have a problem".

Romana Grajcarová

from Slovakia, October 2023

"Amazing surfing experience"

It was one of the best weeks in my life. :) Leo is a great instructor, easily one of the best. The house is perfectly located right at the ocean. The waves at Playa del hombre are perfect for beginners, I learnt so much in one week! Thank you! I would recommend this surf camp to anyone :)


from United States, October 2023

"Father-son adventure trip"

From the time we walked off the plane, we felt welcomed and cared for. Anna met us at the airport, and then took us by the grocery store to pick up what we’d need for our first night. The house was clean & spacious, with a well-equipped kitchen; and the patio overlooks the beach where we’d have our surfing lessons. The self-serve breakfast options were plentiful and filling. There’s a supermarket within walking distance.

The family-friendly beach was clean, with very soft sand; the waves are suitable for surfers of all skill levels.

Instruction was very professional. The goal was not just to teach the basics of standing up on a board, but to instill the necessary skills and awareness to be able to confidently judge surf conditions on your own, with an emphasis on safety. He was exceptionally patient with our teenager, who had really mastered the basics by the end of our trip.

Exploring the island is an option; renting a car offers the best way to get around, and is easy to do. There’s minimal “night life” unless you travel to the southern part of the island, but most days we were so tired from the surfing, we just ate dinner and relaxed before bed.

We enjoyed this place so much, we opted to extend our stay by two days, and, should we decide to go surfing again, will strongly consider either returning to High Voltage Gran Canaria, or visiting one of the company’s other locations.

Marcelo Elias De Oliveira

from Switzerland, October 2023

"Surfing for Life"

This is the perfect spot to learn surfing and embrace the ocean lifestyle. It offers a safe environment with consistent, high waves, a beautiful sandy beach, and no dangerous rip currents—ideal for dedicated surf learners.

Michaela Trnkova

from Czechia, September 2023

"Surf camp that completely SURPASSES all your expectations!! "

I stayed at High Voltage Surf Camp for a week and it was the best ever active holiday I have ever been on. The house is right next to the beach, overlooking the ocean. Everything was very clean and the house had such a special homey feeling. There were two fully equipped kitchens as well as several bathrooms, equipment/surf teaching area and a terrace overlooking the ocean.

As a competitive swimmer with 18 years of professional career experience I need to say that I wish more coaches/instructors were like Leo. He puts focus on a deep understanding of the ocean, surfing technique and developing strong basics so his students can build on top of their newly gained knowledge. I loved that his goal is for us is to be independent and knowledgeable about the ocean enough, that after completing his course I would be confident to rent a surfboard and go practice surfing alone.

I had the most amazing time, endless laughs and I learnt so much. I would honestly recommend this camp to my best friends in a heartbeat and I will definitely be coming back!

Thank you so much Leo and High Voltage Surf!! YOU ARE THE BEST 🩵🏄🏽‍♀️🤙🏼

Vlad Arutyunyan

from Great Britain, September 2023

"Highly recommend "

My Surf Camp experience with High Voltage Adventure exceeded all my expectations. From start to finish, everything was exceptionally good.

The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly the incredible instructor Leo. His professionalism and expertise were truly outstanding. Leo's passion for surfing was incredibly exciting, and he made every moment of the experience enjoyable and memorable.

The surf sessions were a dream come true. Two sessions per day, with the backdrop of the beautiful Gran Canaria beach, was an experience I'll cherish forever. The thrill of catching those waves and the feeling of being at one with the ocean is something I can't put into words.

Moreover, the beachfront accommodation provided added an extra layer of relaxation to the whole experience. Waking up to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore and having breakfast with a view of the sea was simply magical.

I was in a state of pure bliss. High Voltage Adventure not only provided an excellent surfing adventure but also a chance to connect with nature and find serenity in the ocean.

I wholeheartedly recommend High Voltage Adventure to anyone looking for an unforgettable surf camp experience.

Many thanks to Leo and the entire team for making this journey so special. I can't wait to return for another adventure with you!

Bill Sherrington

from Great Britain, September 2023

"Can't recommend this place highly enough!"

A really great experience for my first real attempt at surfing. The accommodation is excellent and the tuition from Leo was first class! As a former pro with 37yrs experience, Leo clearly knows his stuff and guides you through the process at your pace as you progress. Also the whole atmosphere in the house is laid back and relaxing and looks great thanks to Leo and Anna. There's a huge choice of breakfast foods included too.

Gillean Palmer

from Great Britain, September 2023

"Most amazing week away"

From the moment I arrived at the airport I was welcomed with a friendly smile and this continued throughout the whole week!

Lots of laughter and friends made through the 7 days.

Leo and Marcos are both amazing instructors who have taught me so much on my first surfing adventure and I will definitely be carrying on with this new found love.

The surf house is lovely and literally on the doorstep of the beach so if you fancy that 830pm swim there is no issue.

Even if mother-nature is against you and the waves aren’t good, Leo will take you surf skating and you can continue learning and perfecting that position you need for surfing.

I highly recommend this camp for anyone wanting to give surfing a try.

Joe -

from Switzerland, September 2023

"Great surf camp!"

Great surf camp experience! Big thanks to Tim and Leo who made the experience memorable

Cecilia Rudelli

from Italy, September 2023

If you really want to learn how to surf this is the perfect place: Leo is always ready to give you the right advise and to answer your questions. The location is awesome, near the surf spot and other amazing beaches. I assure you, when you’ll come home you will want only to surf again!

Hiba Iskandarani

from Lebanon, September 2023

"“You and ur sister are RUDE and NOT FIT to be surfers” - Leo"


Svetlana Dournow

from Spain, September 2023

"Leo - Best Instructor, Amazing Dream Ocean House, Super Camp"

I was in five surf camps before, this is the BEST surf camp I ever been! This place is absolutely fabulous, Ocean house is really a dream house ( all surf accommodation i was before - you cant even compare to this house ) Its just on the beach, so you have no problems to carry out your board and you dont need to travel across different surf spots ( what i did in others surf camp, as they were too far away from the beach ). You have a break between sessions - you can come back to the house, 2 min walk from the beach, shower, chill, lunch, get tan on terrace and then be ready for another session.

Leo ( the owner ) is also an instructor. He is the best instructor who i met so far. Only with him i finally progress and understood my mistakes, he has a very personal approach and you can see, he has passion for it and he is very professional ( i took private classes with him as well - its available for extra ). I also was surprised that they took me to a big supermarket where I did a grocery shopping, as none of surf camp offered before. Lots of things available for extra in the house which is cool ( day trips, photoshoots, bbq dinners ). House has qr codes where you can find all information about the island and places near by - niceeeee.

I came for a short period as i have some arrangements at my home, but i already booked my next trip for November. Thank you very much. You are amazing guys. See you soon

Svajunas Gusarovas

from Lithuania, August 2023

"Owner scams everyone on arrival with extra taxes "

Federico Fresu

from Italy, August 2023

"Awesome vibes only"

A wonderful place, with an even better mood, hosts and guests with the right vibes, competent and patient instructors. A fantastic week of surfing. Keep shining🫶🏼

Vangelis Kravvaritis

from Greece, August 2023

I had a great experience. The place was amazing and the staff were really supportive - great hospitality.

Natalie Abbott

from Great Britain, August 2023

"Expectations Exceeded"

I booked this on a whim and am already planning on returning. This surf camp exceeded all expectations and was good for the mind, body and especially the soul. No matter your age or fitness, everyone should spend a week here in their lifetime.


from Slovakia, August 2023

"Great atmosphere and family feeling "

I really liked the friendly atmosphere, kind people, surfing lessons and the sunny terrace :)


from Switzerland, August 2023

"Fantastic crew, awesome place, amazing vibes"

I enjoyed my stay so much, I can really recommend it! A cool house close to the beach with an amazing view. Leo is a great and experienced surf trainer, you can feel surfing is his passion. Ani is a wonderful person / crew member being a reason for the good vibes in the house and making sure the guest have everything they need. All in all a great experience - thanks guys!

Giulia Snozzi

from Switzerland, July 2023

"Une semaine super fun"

La maison et la distribution de l'espace permet de se rencontrer mais aussi d'avoir des moments à soi. Annie était super sympa et très serviable. Ana est une super animatrice et Leo un très bon instructeur qui guide en bienveillance et ne s'exaspere pas des fautes qui sont toujours les même.


from Switzerland, July 2023

"Amazing experience! "

Learned a lot, had a lot of fun, met amazing people, the team is great & so was the camp location itself.


from Luxembourg, May 2023

"Excellent Boostcamp and instructor"

Leo is an excellent instructor, his eyes spot directly what good and what’s not so every feedbacks are gold.

Was able to understand the fundamentals and surf my first waves from the first days

The camp is perfectly located: on head out and the beach is just down below your eyes … amazing

Beth Heyes

from Great Britain, April 2023

"Absolutely fabulous"

The whole experience from start to end exceeded my expectations. The house is gorgeous, the people were amazing and Leo is fabulous. I could’ve stayed for months. I am so glad I decided to book this camp, I honestly had so much fun and fell in love with surfing, I will definitely be returning! Surfing is definitely challenging but the feeling when you catch a good wave is so worth it. Leo knows his stuff and you will leave with a lot of new skills. Also, apparently, sharks don’t exist in Gran Canaria, although Leo will very happily get you a plaque should you die by shark! ;)

Luca Astolfi

from Italy, April 2023

"Great surf camp!"

Great location - house is within walking distance from surf spot

Cozy rooms & shared areas

Leo is an excellent instructor!

John Morfee

from Great Britain, April 2023

"Fantastic experience"

I am an overweight, 66 years old man who had never even touched a surf board before this course. The step by step structure of Leo's course was exactly what I needed. I expected to be pushed hard physically, and I was not wrong. I was surprised at just how much effort it would take to get me and my board back out through the waves between each attempt. At the end of my first session in the water, I could hardly walk back up the hill to the house. However, as each session passed, it got a little easier and by the end of my week, my aerobic fitness had improved beyond my expectations. Under Leo's instructions, the younger, fitter members of the group progressed quickly and were soon able to stand up on their boards for at least some waves. However, my lack of flexibility and oversized belly caused me problems. On dry land, with a stable board, I could get myself into the exact positions that I needed to but in the waves, I just couldn't do it. Sadly, at the end of my week, the best that I could do was to ride in on the waves on my knees. With that result, you might think that I would be disappointed but you would be wrong. The encouragement that I received from Leo and from my fellow course members is something that I will always remember. This was one of the best holidays that I have ever had and I had the biggest smile each and every day. I am already checking my calendar to see when I can go back to finish the job. I will stand up and ride those waves next time.

Fia Addicks

from Spain, April 2023

"Will definitely repeat this! "

Nice people,excellent place, nice views, short time walking to the sea with the boards, Víctor the instructor was super and Leo ofcourse too. I've learned so much in 1 week. Unforgettable experience :)


from Spain, March 2023

"Surf was excellent. But surfcamp was not as expected."

In short: We really love the location and the surf opportunities everyday. Employees of the surfcamp were nice (Lorena and Elisa). Surf materials were nice. Breakfast was okay! Surf instructors (Marcos and Borja) were young but experienced and really passionate about surfing.

If you want more info about how this surfcamp looks like more in detail:

When we arrive, a employee picked up us (it's included in the price) and took us to the supermarket for the groceries for the week. Breakfast is also included (self service: eggs, toasts, cereals, yogurt... ok!).

2 lessons per day, normally one in the morning and another one in the afternoon, but could be also 2 lessons in a row (4h morning OR afternoon) with a break (+30min/1h).

Surfcamp provides some facilities like dumbbells, yoga balls, couple of yoga maths, a great sunny terrace next to the sea (that's the best part!).

We slept in individual beds (in tank beds) in a 4- shared room with a private toilet. This was okay too! Upper beds are less comfy about space limits but its what its is!

Leo (owner) gave us a theorical surf masterclass (about 1.30h) and then another 1.30h practical. This was nice too to have a better understanding of how surfing works. Its more useful than u may think!!

Surfing at that beach is amazing. Really love the place if u are there for surfing, but not much to do around. First restaurant around 20 min by walk.

Hope u enjoy the surf there as much as we did!!!

Claudia Dietz

from Germany, March 2023

Die Lage der Unterkunft ist großartig! Den Surfbeach direkt vor den Füßen, mit einem 5 Minuten Walk runter zum Strand.

Sehr gute und fähige Surflehrer (für mein Empfinden)! Viktor, Markus und Leo waren meine Surfinstructor.

Eine sehr schöne Gemeinschaft im Haus, mit gemeinsamen Frühstück und tollen Gesprächen. Ich habe mich nach kurzer Zeit wie zu Hause gefühlt.

20 Minuten zu Fuß gab es in beide Richtungen der Unterkunft gute und bezahlbare Restaurants und jeweils einen Supermarkt. Die Wege sind auch sehr gut für entspannte Spaziergänge geeignet.

Ich war rundum zufrieden mit meiner Surfwoche und habe tolle Fortschritte gemacht.


from Great Britain, March 2023

"Highly recommend! "

Every people I met here are quite cool and the instructors were responsible for offering structured lessons. You can do free surfing everytime of the day(the lastest time I guess is around sunset) if you want.

Flora Parragi

from Spain, March 2023

"Amazing one week of surfing"

Very close to the surf spot, you can just walk there whenever you want. Very good tips from Leo and Victor to improve your surfing and the groups are kept small so it is very cozy and friendly to be there. I wish I could stay longer, definitely recommend.

Michael Gründing

from Germany, March 2023

"Great place for beginners, experts and anyone inbetween"

Very good lessons, structured and planned lessons, but also ability to go surfing on your own, super nice people from all over the world, everything runs smoothly (e.g. all equipment already included, airport transfers, shopping runs, etc.). Will definitely be coming back!


from Germany, February 2023

"Ich hatte einen super Aufenthalt "

Die Unterkunft ist super schön, sauber und direkt am Surf Spot. Die Surf Coaches machen einen top Job. Der Gastgeber Leo ist sehr freundlich, offen und witzig. Außerdem ist er super bemüht und ermöglicht nahezu alles, wie ein Grillabend oder Netflix mit dem Beamer auf der Terrasse.

Ich würde definitiv wieder kommen.


from Denmark, February 2023

"Great stay, would recommend"

Amazing location, nice rooms and hang out areas, owner was full of initiative and very helpful.

Elisa Morandi

from Italy, January 2023

"Enjoy surfing with an amazing view"

Wonderful experience shared with 6 other people. The apartment is in a very strategic position, an incredible view and the sound of the waves accompanies you day and night.

The surf spot is right below the house.

Extra points: for all the necessities they had for breakfast and the kind attention to us guests.

Vic Padin

from Spain, January 2023

"Nice place, people, place"

a good week with awesome people and perfect hosts

Milena B

from Spain, January 2023

"So far it’s the best experience I got in Canary Islands!"

The house is new and very clean, rooms are spacious, warm and have everything you need. The overall ambiance of the High voltage is friendly and respectful. Owners Leo and Ana leave there and it makes the house feel more like home. I was also amazed by the quality and variety of breakfast choice.

And of course, the surf - it’s a quiet beach with only 1-2 surf schools there which makes it safer. Also the beach is of sand and there are no rocks - even mor estaré and enjoyable especially for the new starter. Leo is a highly experienced professional and very positive person, so the surf lessons with him was such a joy! I definitely come back for more! Thank you guys!


from Italy, January 2023

"Beautiful adventure "

I stayed at this surfhouse for a week. Not only did I learn to surf but I also met many people from different parts of the world. Leo is a great teacher and very patient, when someone doesn't understand exactly, he explains more clearly. I had a little difficulty communicating in English, but they always understood me despite my difficulty. Not only did I enjoy the surf but a good few evenings with Leo and Anastascia having a few nights out. I had a blast. I would recommend this place to anyone to experience the adventure of surfing at High Voltage Adventure.

Sabine Hazboun

from Switzerland, November 2022

"Amazing stay"

I liked everything :) Amazing experience and I would definitely go back

Andrew Ranger

from Great Britain, November 2022

"Amazing experience "

Great location, great instructors, great experience

Marcin Kalwak

from Norway, October 2022

"Awesome beginners camp"

Playa del Hombre is perfect spot for beginners, also very beutiful.

Leo has tons of experience as a surfer and instructor so you will progress very quickly with him, three of us that started the same day could stand on the board at the end of it!

The house is just near the beach which is convenient. Also Leo offers private rooms, big kitchen, yoga studio, terrace with the view on the ocean and that’s for very affordable price.

Charlie Freeman

from Great Britain, September 2022

"A home from home…"

It’s so safe and easy. This was my first lone traveller experience and the best place to start. Booking was a breeze with Mariano! He kept answering all my questions up until I left the UK.

Leo picked me up from the airport, made me feel very welcome and just said ‘get involved’ - he couldn’t have been more right! We played volleyball, made dinners together and learned the philosophy of surfing (and how to do it).

Everything you needed was in the house, breakfast every morning, timing was clear about when we were going to surf and when Leo was going to the supermarket (in case you needed anything). Between Surfing was plenty of time to relax and get to know the other people staying at the house.

I couldn’t recommend this camp enough for any level of experience!

Roksolana Zanyk

from Spain, September 2022

"Amazing experience "

I was there for 4 days and it was an amazing experience. You have all the facilities that you need, Leo is really nice person and the atmosphere is really familiar. The people who come are of different nationalities and it’s a total immersion in the English language, which is a plus to put it into practice.

The beach es near the house and you can check in every moment the waves conditions, learning a lot about it.

Also, the house is fantastic, it’s designed for surfing and really nice decoration.

Everything was incredible!

Weronika Wykrota

from Poland, September 2022

"Really amazing experience!!!"

The whole camp was awesome. I met great people, ate delicious food, learned to surf. Leo is really good instructor. The view was beautiful, so was the accommodation. I wish I could have stayed longer. I highly recommend to everyone!!!

Joost Keizer

from Netherlands, August 2022


Leo is a great host, everything is taken care of, he's super helpful. There's a great vibe in the house, there's good equipment, and the quality of teaching is above expectations.

Marina Sobyanina

from Switzerland, August 2022

"Mesmerising! Lit up a passion for surfing in me. "

The whole experience exceeded my highest expectations. Leo is teaching real ocean awareness, how to read and understand this immense force of nature, go with it and not against it. Even though I was a complete beginner, it felt very safe, the approach was individual to challenges and progresses of every guest. The house and the atmosphere in it feels lika a family. Highly recommended. I am definitely coming back for more. 💜🙏

Bruno Dolabella

from Switzerland, August 2022

"You CANNOT get anything more special !! 🤙🏼"

I know you guys want to hear about how amazing the 3 min walking distance from the beach is, how clean and comfortable are the bedrooms with stunning views, about all the house facilities with huge and equipped kitchen and a nice garden for you to read a book during the day or chill at night with friends … Don’t worry AT ALL, you will have all of this in a very high standard ! It’s guaranteed ! 👍🏼

However, this review is all about the EXPERIENCE you will have when booking your holidays with the BEST host and surf instructor you could ever had ! It is not easy to explain what Leo does for his business, it is so much passion put into this that you HAVE to experience it to understad 🤷🏻‍♂️

When your surf instructor wakes you up for a sunset solo surf session, guides you to drop your first “green wave”, you look behind the wave and see him celebrating that much, even happier than you … well, this is something which will stay forever. Leo, thanks for that, you will always be the one that was there cheering for me on my first wave ✌🏼

With Leo and Ana hosting you, you will feel like your are in holidays with your friends, and it does not matter if you are really there with your friends or traveling by yourself. 😉

Guys, wait for me. This vacation has passed, but your friend will be back soon. No doubts ! 🤙🏼


Mariana Boev

from France, July 2022

"Amazing instructor and host in a beautiful location"

Leo (the host and surf teacher) is an amazing human being, he cares so much about your well being and always wants to make sure you are having a good time. He is an incredible instructor that shares his passion, makes sure you learn to surf in a safe way and he is your biggest cheerleader. All the surf sessions are tailored to your own level.

The house is by the beach, fully equipped, each room is well decorated and the beds are very comfortable. Leo and Ana are great hosts, it feels like you are part of a family, living in a shared place with amazing people.

Naemi Ostler

from Switzerland, July 2022

had the best time at this place! you not only learn how to surf you also meet amazing people. Leo (the host and surfteacher) takes care of everything, you can really see that he enjoys what he does and u feel welcome since the first second. The surflessons are created really individually since there aren’t a lot of guests in the house at once. The surfhouse is right to the beach, every room is decorated verry nice and unique and every guesst has their own bathroom.

definitely a good desicion to go there 10/10!! :)

Jessica Tregear

from Great Britain, July 2022

"Best surf camp!"

The house was beautiful with the most amazing views. Leo the instructor was amazing and the surfing lessons were incredibly useful and enjoyable! Will definitely be coming back!!

Farah Bishara

from Kuwait, July 2022

"The best time with the best people!"

I loved everything about this experience. Leo is an incredible surf guide and host; he really took great care of us all and built our confidence to get out and surf. Every day was a learning experience! He also took us out a few times to dinners in the city. We all bonded and had such a wonderful time!

Davide Bagnoli

from Italy, July 2022

"Such a Great experience!"

Perfect location, good vibes, Leo transmitted me the love for surfing, very cool person and great instructor.

Marie Lou Zharinova

from France, July 2022

"You’ll never want to leave"

The house is great, the rooms are just perfect as the bathrooms. Leo is a great host and surf instructor.

He tailors his surf lessons to your level, super teacher and overall a great person.

The vibes are amazing, it’s very hard to leave. I extended my stay and Leo made it possible. You can’t feel bad here so do not hesitate to book !!

Clara Kan

from Italy, July 2022

"Absolute beginner to standing in 5 days!"

Leo was such a phenomenal instructor who demonstrated brilliant patience and support every session. His knowledge of all things surf was evident everywhere and that really helped in every sense of the trip, from learning how to surf, to being safe in the ocean, to the geography of the island itself (although I still need to work on sunrises apparently). He is so accommodating to everyone's needs, making sure each lesson and tip is completely individualised but also making sure his home is our home, and I honestly have never felt at ease or happy whilst being away. He is so easy to get along with, we laughed so much and everyday there was a smile on everyone's faces. Within a couple of days of arriving I had started to catch most waves-I had learnt more in two days with Leo than I had dome in two whole weeks on other surfing trips! Basically, the entire week was incredible, the opportunities to learn but also explore and have fun were incredible, I've made some amazing friends and I will definitely return for more!

Bozhidar Ivanov

from Germany, June 2022

"The perfect tailor-made surf adventure and excellent comfort"

When you learn to surf on Playa del Hombre, you can surf anywhere else. The surf camp exceeded my expectations with utmost comfort within the surf house. The private room and private bathroom are exceptional in design and comfort. The surf lessons are tailor-made, ensuring the step-by-step progress of the attendee and reaching the necessary skillset to surf properly. I started from zero surfing skills and reached a confident level. The beach is fantastic, the common areas within the house are also super nice. The views are unparalleled. Leo is an excellent coach, instructor and an amazing host. The equipment, facilities, instructions and overall conditions are top quality. It's a surfing experience like no other. Very strongly recommended no matter if you are an absolute beginner (just as I was) or an experienced surfer. Especially recommended for people who are willing to experience something new, meet new people but without the hustle of being in a crowded house or having to act as housemates with a bunch of other people. Comfort, private space, excellent instruction and true surf spirit. In high voltage.

Dmitrii Zhelezov

from Austria, June 2022

Basically private surf lessons with a lot of attention to details. Leo has 35 yrs of surfing experience and it shows.

It’s not a typical surf camp so expect a higher degree of autonomy and a more flexible schedule. The house is just in front of the beach so one can adjust to weather conditions pretty quickly.

Anastasiya Stenina

from Great Britain, June 2022

"The BEST experience ever! "

This is the best surf camp and the best experience in my life. I like everything! Leo is one the best instructor and person.

When I booked the camp I did not know what to expect, I was afraid that I would not like it. I liked it so much and I'll be back in November :). The house is right next to the sea, which is very convenient, no need to walk long with the surf. The house is just gorgeous, rooms are so cool, terrace with an ocean view - breathtaking. You feel like at your own home, so comfortable. Leo is so hospitable that there are simply no words. We had a lot of fun, lot of surfing, social interactions, volleyball, bbq, cooking together. He did an amazing things for us, the atmosphere and the vibe is super cool. His bbq dorado is one of the best that probably you can try. Highly recommended. These are indescribable emotions that I received while being there for all the time. Thank you guys. Thank you Leo for everything.

Regina Unyi

from Hungary, June 2022

"Fantastic experience"

There was literally nothing I could fault. The host was attentive, kind and a great instructor with vast experience. The location and conditions are perfect with only a minute walk from the beach. The house is beautifully done and being improved upon even still. I appreciated each room having its own bathroom and comfortable double beds.

The tutoring was indepth and Leo was very encouraging all the way through. Leo made sure we made the most of it and got as much surfing done as it was physically possible.

The vibe is unreal and it was so easy to lose sense of time and just enjoy the whole experience. Outside of surfing we spent time exploring the island, BBQ-ing together, going out for drinks and dinners.

I have booked another week in for the winter on my second day, that is how much enjoyed myself. I could not recommend this experience enough. Pack your bags folks and get surfing!

Isabel Maier

from Germany, April 2022

"Perfect holiday and the nicest surf teacher ever"

We were 4 people and stayed for 10 days. The accommodation was totally clean and the location perfect for surfing. The surf teacher was always absolutely kind, had barbecues, dinners and drinks with us and even drove us to the store, the club and to another surfing spot. We surfed almost every day and two sessions each. The coaching was really good. Couldn't been better. Thank you for this amazing holiday! :)