Hidden House Montanita

Hidden House Montanita is one of the best surf hostels in Montañita, offering exciting surf camps in beautiful Montañita Beach, Ecuador.

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Tori Tori

Hidden House Montañita Facebook page

What a stay! My friends and I approached the Hidden House hostel for the first time excited, after having heard rave reviews from friends who we had met along the road, but nothing could have prepared us for the beautiful reality. We barely left the hostel over the next few days, for why do so? The hammocks lulled us into a soft, warm haze until dusk, when we were awakened by a battle cry of fun and alcohol. The partying was intense, the iguanas crawling over the sand were beautifully grotesque and the showers were amongst the best we have experienced in South America. Can’t wait to tell both of my parents to stay here shortly!

Alejandra Garcia

Hidden House Montañita Facebook page

Loved staying at hidden hostel. One of my best experiences in Ecuador so far. The hammocks are so relaxing and the communal spaces create a sense of community between all the guests. So close to the beach! I would absolutely recommend staying here to anyone visiting Montañita.

Diana Carolina

Hidden House Montañita Facebook page

This is actually the best place in the whole Montañita town, not only it looks beautiful but the iguanas and the hammocks and the lights are absolutely amazing. We came here to celebrate our honeymoon and ended up camping for a couple of nights and then finally getting a room. Book it in advance don't leave it for last minute as we did! Marvelous place to stay at!

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