helene.moves is a yoga and health project run by Helene Roselstorfer, a yoga, bodywork, and moving specialist, offering several holidays including yoga retreats.

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from Germany, September 2018

"Yoga am Berg"

beautiful location, most peaceful scenery, stimulating air, most friendly teachers, very indivual tuition, very flexible and heartwarming classes, Yoga at its best

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Ania Kondera Spain

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What a beautiful energy radiates from this girl! Helen's passion foe yoga and healthy delicious food transpire through everything she does and is so inspiring. As a Kitesurfing instructor, I found Helene's anatomical knowledge very helpful during the yoga session as she found the asanas directly targeting the affected muscles without the risk for bones and joints (knees in my case).

And the raw food I was lucky to have was just sensational!

Thank you foe being part of my life Helene, you rock!