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helene.moves is a yoga and health project run by Helene Roselstorfer, a yoga, bodywork, and moving specialist, offering several holidays including yoga retreats.

Instructors 3

Helene Roselstorfer

Yoga is a part of Helene's life, even though she was not aware of this for a pretty long time. Yoga consciously happened for the very first time around the year 2005. It was not love at the first sight, but she felt straight away that yoga was good to herself, her body, and her mind. Yoga and Helene slowly grew closer and closer as time passed, and since 2010, she has been practicing yoga regularly. Her relationship with yoga intensified in 2013 when she attended her first teacher training and so she gradually started teaching yoga as well as practicing it.

YogaWorks and Yogawerstatt Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Yoga)

Kevin Mitchem

Kevin is a Level 2 International Kiteboarding Organization instructor. He is one of the most experienced instructors in Tarifa, having lived and worked here since February 2006. He has a detailed knowledge of all the best beaches for you to kite each day, the wind conditions, the town, cafes, and restaurants here in Tarifa and beyond.


Gitty is a breakfast artist and EFT practitioner.

Testimonials 3

Ania Kondera Spain

Helene.moves Facebook Page

What a beautiful energy radiates from this girl! Helen's passion foe yoga and healthy delicious food transpire through everything she does and is so inspiring. As a Kitesurfing instructor, I found Helene's anatomical knowledge very helpful during the yoga session as she found the asanas directly targeting the affected muscles without the risk for bones and joints (knees in my case).

And the raw food I was lucky to have was just sensational!

Thank you foe being part of my life Helene, you rock!

Camille USA

helene.moves website

Overall my experience was amazing!!! Everything was so welcoming and i felt right at home immediately. Both the kitesurfing and yoga instruction was wonderful. I really liked how helene incorporated everything that happened on and off the water into the yoga classes. I can recommend the retreat to anyone interested in yoga, kitesurfing, eating good & healthy food and meeting really cool people!

Reino Folmer Utrecht

Space for Yoga Facebook page

I was part of the Space for Yoga retreat in Tarifa. As a first-time yogi, it was a big bang with 15 hours of yoga in one week. Helene made it easy with helpful comments and it made me feel that I was doing great. Yoga is not a competition, just experience of what feels good, and the retreat definitely felt good. Thanks to Helene and my fellow yogis.

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