Happy Kite

Happy Kite is a chain of international schools organizing kitesurfing and windsurfing camps in the best wind spots worldwide.

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Sergey Naumenko

Sergey is a sports person since long time ago and had tried different sports like snowboarding, mountain skiing, motor riding, parasailing, and few others, but kiteboarding had become his favorite since he tried it for the first time. After it had happened, he left his business life in Moscow and started teaching and traveling around the world and sharing his new passion with people.

Vladimir Sliva

Vladimir is a person who enjoys mountain skiing and snowboarding. But after his friend introduces him to kitesurf, he does not only love snowy winter but also summer time. It all is changed since few first minutes of riding, he felt the wind magic and water freedom and realized that summer can bring a lot of adrenaline in his life.

Dmitry Shmatov

Since long time ago, he was sailing windsurfing and he tried a kite just for fun to ride his snowboard in the new places. He was so surprised and realized that kiteboarding is a sport for summer. So first, he mastered twin-tip board and practiced freestyle tricks. But then he quit and became insane about waves and since that he is perfecting his wave freestyle skills.

Stas Kulas

As an instructor, Stas Kulas traveled the seas and oceans around the world and continue to discover new amazing places. He loves traveling and gladly arranges trips for himself and his friends. On any roads, Stas is an interesting guide and a reliable helper!

Iana Zumnukhova

Iana Zumnukhova visited Dahab as a tourist for a couple of weeks and didn't have time to learn kiteboarding. Unfinished course kept her interest even more than before, so she quit her career in Prague to move to Dahab for kiteboarding. All came in a good way and she was hired to Happy Kite as a manager and as an instructor later.

Testimonials 3

a traveler Russia

TripAdvisor website

They have pro instructors who know their stuff very well. Good, not wearied off equipment. They have RRD kites. It has a nice place to store kites, take lessons, and just be around in between, waiting for the wind. They have fun parties and a lot of interesting people to meet. I enjoyed my stay there. Thanks guys!

Gleb D.

TripAdvisor website

We have just returned from Dahad when we, my wife and I, caught some wind as newborn kitesurfers. They have a clever and very talented instructor, Toni, from Happy Kite who helped us to do our very first steps with the kite and after three to four days, we did our first ride. We now have IKO certificates that helps to us rent kites in any other spot in the world.

Lisa Bach Germany

TripAdvisor website

Awesome kite school! First time I came to Happy Kite was in February 2013, since then I plan my annual vacation in Dahab. They have perfect conditions for beginners, flat, shallow water, separated lagoon from the sea and an Arabic atmosphere all around. I can highly recommend Happy Kite to everybody who wants to learn kite surfing or improve their skills!

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