GUINCHO WAYRA HOUSE is set in a valley overlooking Guincho Beach and Cascais Natural Park offering yoga, mindfulness walks, kitesurf, surfing, rock climbing...

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6 Day The Balanced Surfer Surf Camp in Cascais, Lisbon

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4 Day The Balanced Surfer Surf Camp in Cascais, Lisbon

Oct | Nov | Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | More…
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8 Day The Rock Climber and Flow Surfer Camp in Cascais, Lisbon

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8 Day The Balanced Surfer, Surf Camp in Cascais, Lisbon

Oct | Nov | Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | More…
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4 Day The Rock climber and Flow Yoga Camp in Cascais, Lisbon

Oct | Nov | Mar | Apr | May | Jun | Jul | More…

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Laura Quiroga

Bernardo Ruivo

Hans Vasquez

Catia Pereira

Isabella Limmer

Reviews (86)

Vivian Pach

from Germany, September 2020

"Beautiful Surf&Yoga experience"

I want to thank Laura for a wonderful week in Guincho Wayra House. It was a very welcoming and nice atmosphere. The Surf lessons have been well organized and the quality of the Yoga lessons was also great. Laura and the staff have been warmhearted and helpful all the time.

I would definitely book a stay there again.

Janina Uspelkat

from Germany, September 2020

"The perfect vacation"

The vibe and the atmosphere of the house were just amazing. I have enjoyed staying here so much more than expected as everyone was so positive and friendly. I really couldn’t have asked for more!

This is a very unique hostel, highly recommend it

Nikolett Biro

from Germany, August 2020

"Excellent place and experience to break every day routine "

I liked the location of the place and its peaceful atmosphere both within the house and outside. The surrounding is simply gorgeous with the ocean view and the forest. I also liked the decorations and the nice reggae music which was played during the day. It was a really international group during my stay which I enjoyed a lot. The beach is within 5 minute drive which was also very practical. Nestor and Laura who welcome the new guests are very helpful hosts and open to any requests. I wanted to modify my package and try rock climbing beside surfing, and I could change it even a few days before on the spot. We also went out for nice dinners together with the group, which was always a lot of fun. I highly recommend this place to everyone who would like to try something new and adventurous.

Amin Boukhatem

August 2020

"An amazing experience"

The package offers a perfect balans between surf lessons, yoga and just enjoying the atmosphere in the hostel. The whole vibe is just on point with great people, good waves and an amazing location with a beautifull view.

This surfcamp is perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of the big city. The environment around the hostle is also astonishing. This is the place to be to reconnect with yourself and with nature. It is also a place to meet beautifull new people.

I would totally recommend!


from Czechia, August 2020

"Love <3"


José Luis Villalobos Neira

from Spain, August 2020


Since the very first moment you check in, both Laura and Nestor make you feel at home. The facilities, the mood, the surrounding areas are perfect for disconect of your daily life.

Eveything is too nice in Guincho Wayra House, from the common areas to the bedrooms. I spent great times in its balcony with views to the forest and the sea and both Laura and Nestor join the guests in their chats and activities so everyone feels included in the hostel's good vibes.

No hesitation. I'll be back. Everything have been good moments in Guincho Wayra House.

Charlotte Grogan

from Ireland, March 2020

"Wonderful stay "

Laura was a wonderful host. She was very understanding when I had to change my trip at the last minute. She was incredibly helpful and provided lots of support. I enjoyed the yoga classes and the surf lesson was incredible. It was a small group and there was plenty of one to one time with the surf instructor.

Sarah Sarca

from Austria, December 2019

During my whole stay, I felt totally comfortable and happy. Their house is cozy and charming, the breakfast is super good (especially the view!) and the yoga and surf classes are great! Al in one it was a super relaxing and fun stay.


from Great Britain, September 2019

"Thank You for an amazing experience it was big fun."

Our host Laura together with her great team created a perfect atmosphere. All the activities were well planned. If you want to get new experience highly recommend this kind of holiday. Thank you! Danija&Sergejs

Joe Dorne

from Great Britain, September 2019

"Fantastic stay"

The hostel atmosphere was lovely. Well kept with nice facilities, staff and attracts a good crowd of visitors (not too 'backpacker').


from Netherlands, August 2019


The people working, the conditions, the happy atmosphere, lovely experience

Youssef Al Fahham

from United States, July 2019

"Awesome Experience"

The surf instructors are wonderful and the hostel is amazing. Met some great people at the hostel! Would love to go back again. Great for beginners and solo travelers.


from France, July 2019

Nice atmosphere there ! Really nice place for vacation, the hostel has a great location.

Louise Hemfrey

from Great Britain, May 2019

"You cannot worry at Wayra House"

Guincho Wayra House is a beautiful retreat centre and healing home, full of care and courtesy. The hosts, Laura and Valentina, are simply delightful people, who honoured me by sharing some of their stories and advice for life. I will definitely be back later this year to experience the house, the yoga and the sea again!

Eugenia Muraveva

from Great Britain, April 2019

We had the most amazing time at Laura's place! thank you so much!

Diana Vozarova

from Portugal, March 2019

"Unexpected situation"

The greeting was very nice and warm, the environment itself is beautifully decorated, house is full of light and sunshine, nice terrace and everything very clean. Easy, but nice fresh breakfast, nothing extraordinary, buffet style. Tea and coffee always available to make by yourself. Location good, if you want to get around, youĺl need a car. You will enjoy it here if you respect the 1000 house rules :) And I also think it's better to come during the season as there might not be such a huge focus on everything from the owner when there are more people.

Generally would recommend.

Lara Leibrock

from Germany, August 2020

"Mit Sicherheit nicht das letzte Mal gewesen!"

Ohne große Erwartungen an den Urlaub, komme ich erholt und glücklich zurück!

Bei der Ankunft wurde ich herzlich im super schön gelegenen Hostel an. Die Atmosphäre erinnert an ein großes herzliches Wohnzimmer. Die Unterkunft ist gemütlich eingerichtet und bietet auch tolle Ecken, um sich ein bisschen Ruhe mit wunderschönem Ausblick zu gönnen. Vor allem die Sonnenuntergänge habe ich sehr auf der Terrasse genossen.

Der Yoga Unterricht war abwechslungsreich und immer an die Tagesform der Gruppe orientiert. Vor allem Ida möchte ich hier nochmal loben, sie hat mir persönlich sehr viel Unterstützung und Rat geleistet!

Der Surfunterricht gefiel mir auch sehr gut, es war immer eine motivierende Stimmung und individuelle Rückmeldung, weshalb ich schnelle Fortschritte machen konnte (war nicht mein erster Kurs).

Die Kurse selbst konnten nach Absprache flexibel getauscht werden.

Ich hoffe, ganz bald wieder kommen zu können!

Bis Bald und Danke nochmal <3

Sabine Schletterer

from Austria, July 2020

"Ein Urlaub für die Seele"

Wenn man Urlaub für die Seele, den Körper und das Herz machen will, ist man im Wayra House genau richtig! Laura und ihr herzliches Team sorgen für Wohlbefinden, Harmonie und das Gefühl, eine Familie zu sein! Ideal lässt sich das energetisierende und revitalisierende Yoga mit dem kraftvollen Surfen kombinieren! Wir haben die Zeit so genossen, dass sie wie im Flug verging und uns viel zu kurz vorkam!

Wir werden auf jeden Fall versuchen, diesen Urlaub bald zu wiederholen!

10 points for the lovelies in the Wayra House!!

Daniela Grilnberger

August 2019

"Most beautiful holiday I've ever had"

If I were you - I would definitely book. Imagine a house full of beautiful people inside and out. A house where you have breakfast in the morning with a breathtaking view of the sea. On the one hand, you can relax and forget everything from your everyday life. On the other hand there are many possibilities for activities with professional instructors. I had an amazing time at this Surf Camp and would love to come back as soon as possible!

Sarah Jung

from Germany, May 2019

The people were beyond friendly! The area was wonderful- so much to see! I wish we could’ve stayed longer. The surfing and the yoga was much fun and the room was comfy and everything was very clean. I recommend it definitely.

Nadine Rüdisühli

from Switzerland, March 2019

"Wonderful place with good vibes"

I enjoyed my stay at Guincho Wayra House a lot! The surrounding of the house is very peaceful, the breakfast is good, the yoga & surf classes were great and Laura spreads so much love and energy in the house! Thanks again for everything!

Maciej Matuszewski

from Poland, October 2020

"A great place to relax and surf"

Laura and all of the instructors were really fun and welcoming, the whole stay I felt like at home.

Andrea Pfeiffer

from Germany, October 2020

"A Home away from Home"

The House is beautiful. With its balcony and terraces , Lots of light and amazing Views. Enough space to relax and find tranquility or enjoy to hang Out with other guests.

Manon Palomo

from Belgium, September 2020

"Overall it was a good experience. "

The finish yoga teacher is great. She gives yoga sessions in the evening and she is very professional and a good teacher.

The house itself is beautiful, with a very nice terrace and the gests we met were very friendly. We enjoyed our time there.

Silviu George

from Germany, September 2020

"Great experience!"

Very clean and cool designed House!

The host is very friendly and helpful!

The surf instructors were very nice and cool!

Perfect house to chill out and reconnect. The terase with ocean view is the perfect dinner place!

Daniel Stelzer

from Germany, August 2020


The vibe, how clean the house was, the organization, everything about the retreat was great!

Tommaso Gradenigo

from Italy, August 2020

"Amazing experience in a wonderful environment"

Guincho Wayra House is one of the most valuable places I have ever been in all my life, as it is not just a guest house, but a whole immersive and totalizing experience in a wonderful environment.

The hospitality is amazing and the hosts (Laura and Nestor) as well. With them everyday is a new reborn in a new adventure inside the beauty of this house in the nature, where the house is located and from where you can enjoy one of the best sunset of your life.

Yoga and surf lessons are managed in the best way ever, but beside that, it's the whole experience in the house that makes you feel like home and, at the same time, in a wonderful place with cosy atmosphere, welcoming people and amazingly good vibes.

It is almost impossible to not fall in love, staying there with a lot of smiles and leave without a bit of sadness, feeling like you are going to leave not just an accommodation but a whole fulfilling experience and a family.

Guincho is love, Guincho is beauty, Guincho is energy, Guincho is inner healing and fulfilling, Guincho is probably the best choice you can take for a yoga and surf house, as the place itself is also very well furnished, maintained, clean and cosy.

I rate this experience and place totally 10/10 without any doubt.

Philipp Kohler

from Germany, June 2020

"Perfect 4 Day Stay"

We stayed 4 days / 3 nights in June 2020 (so during Corona time) and did Yoga and climbing. Everything was perfect. The house is very clean. Laura is a very nice, we had a lot of fun together. The yoga and climbing classes were both really good and done by professional instructors.

We will for sure come again :-)

Lauriane Truchetet

from France, February 2020

"Magic place for regenerate"

It's a peaceful place where all is doing for your wellness. The owner Laura is always here to take car, give advices and tell intersecting storys about the place and the activity!

I was sleeping really well and even if I was alone never find the time long!!

Cascais, Sintra, Carcavelos and Guincho beach are really beautiful places

Really good moment there 😁

Tine Desmet

from Belgium, February 2020

"Healing place "

Very nice atmosphere, lovely people and great yoga 🧘‍♀️. The environment is gorgeous for walks and the massage and mindfullwalk were very healing. Too bad I only stayed for a couple of days. Next time I will stay longer, definately!

Sarah Schoolden

from United States, February 2020

"Beautiful & peaceful "

This was my first trip traveling completely solo internationally from the US to Europe. I loved my stay; it was beautiful, relaxing and so peaceful as a solo traveler. I met so many wonderful people and experienced so many gorgeous views while on my trip. Laura is a truly a delight; super helpful and loving to all of her guests. I felt like family being in the Hostel - I did not feel like I was in a house full of strangers. The walk to Guincho Beach is close and truly one of the most magical beaches I ever stepped foot on. If you're in search of a holistic retreat to unplug and really feel free - this is the retreat for you!

Moses Mackay

from Portugal, October 2019

"Beautiful setting and Laura was super warm and accommodating"

Loved the feel of the house.... didn’t feel like a hostel but more a home


from Germany, October 2019

"I had a good time with yoga, surfing and climbing"

Both staff and house are awesome! Everything is very clean and cosy. The terrace is the perfect location to see the sunset over Guincho beach. The climbing takes place at different beautiful locations with experienced and supportive instructors. You will have great fun and learn a lot!

Shona Patterson

from Ireland, August 2019

"Thank you"

I really enjoy the beautiful location and relaxed atmosphere in the house. I had a great time climbing and the yoga was very good too.

All exceeded my expectations.

Margherita Trevisan

from Italy, August 2019

"Lost in the nature "

Guincho is a magical place, up to the hills of Cascais. The Wayra house is surrounded only by wild nature, is a really good escape from the daily city life.

You can take long walks inside the natural park of Sintra-Cascais, the beach is only 20 minutes walking from the house and there are a lot of activities suggested to do.

Laura is a really lovely woman, she always look after you and whatever you may need; Mat and Mauro are really good cookers, I suggest you to have a vegetarian dinner made by them, is excellent.

I already miss this place and this little family, the feeling and the vibes of Wayra House are really special! ❤️

Kai-lii Merisalu

from Estonia, July 2019

"Wonderful stay if you enjoy nature and good company"

Guincho Wayra House was fantastic! I loved both the people that stayed and worked there. The views from my window and from balconies were beautiful - a lot of green forest, hills and sea. Everything was super clean and it was a nice 15-minute walk to the beach from the house. Also loved the morning yoga lessons - they were professional and also well suited for beginners. Thanks Laura, Ida and Catia! I definitely got long lasting memories from Guincho.

Carol Pye

from Great Britain, July 2019

The yoga classes and two instructors were excellent. It was great to have morning classes alternating with evening ones. Loved that the classes were small and the instructors gave everyone individual help with positions when necessary. The SUP course in Cascais was daily for six days, and towards the end of the week we were able to do some yoga poses which was fun.

Malin Stål

from Portugal, June 2019

Love this place, was weary welcomeing and loving hostel and owner. I’m grateful to been there, flexible times and great activity’s. Loved the climbing instructors and the climbing place as well. Hope to be back soon!

Eryn Mac Donald

from Great Britain, April 2019

"Wayra House is awesome"

Laura, Kasia, Hans, Pierre and all the travelling house mates are amazing. Unforgettable few days, make the most of it. You won't regret, or be bored! Oh and the kite surfing, surfing, climbing, yoga and all the rest is great fun too :)


from Netherlands, September 2018


clean house, really nice view and walking distance to the beautiful Guincho beach. Te waves at Guincho beach are perfect for the wavesurfing. The wavesurf instructors are great!

Mariavittoria Berti

from Ireland, September 2018

"Amazing experience"

I stayed at Laura’s place 6 days and would highly recommend to anybody this experience.

She’s an excellent host, always taking care of their guests and making sure everybody is enjoying their time. She’s funny, outgoing and her attitude is highly contagious, creating a familiar atmosphere in the house. Special mention also to Jamin, great collaborator with a beautiful soul :)

The house is clean, cozy and has a beautiful terrace with the view on the beach.Having an healthy breakfast there with yogurts, fresh fruits, etc will kick off your day in the perfect way.

The surf and yoga lesson are effective, with highly qualified teachers and the intense training is ensured.

Thanks so much Laura! hope to come back soon

Jan Grunau

from Germany, August 2018

"we had a pleasant week"

It was such a nice place at Guincho Wayra House. Laura is an incredible host and helped with everything. The house is clean an comfy and the atmosphere was very relaxed. The kite lessons with Laura, Pipo and Davide were a lot of fun and we learned a lot. We will definitely come back!

Daniela Nigro

from Austria, August 2018

The hostel and the location are really cool! Chilled atmosphere, no party place and nice people met at the hostel. Jamin is great! Chilled and very nice and available host, Australian chap with quite some travelling background! Always nice conversations! Laura is a very energetic woman, travelled a lot, speaks several languages and cares a lot about her business! Always speak clear details about activities you want to arrange (the are a lot to chose from) as duration of the classes varies based on the activities!

Ibrahim Ramadan

from Germany, August 2018

"Amazing experience"

Laura and everyone there were really nice with positive energy everywhere and it feels more like home! Had such a wonderful time!

Christophe Rouxel

from France, August 2018

Breakfast very good

quality and tidied house

the welcome and help of Laura

Changing between visits and surfing lessons

Roderic Hillege

from Netherlands, July 2018

Really nice, modern property with a view on the green mountains and the sea.

Caiscais is actually a decent size city that has everything you need - and even Ubers are plenty available- so a rental car is not needed to get around.

You can do lots of activities - so there is always something to do.

If you go for lessons, they will take you with their VW busses to the beach.

Also the average age of people there was around 30-35 when I got there. Which is nice when you share a room with them ;)

The bunkbeds were or decent quality. If you stay here, you have to pay Sintra a visit!

Jonathan Mardini

from United States, July 2018

"First Time Solo Travel Experience"

I was very nervous at first, my first time travelling solo, not knowing any Portuguese, what I was going to be doing, who I was going to be around. I worried so much for no reason. They really make you feel comfortable when you arrive, give you ideas of places to go to and how to get there. Jamin makes some very good breakfast every morning before everyone starts their day by either surfing or sight seeing. Everyone was very nice and I really enjoyed my stay there.

Pauline Martin

from France, July 2018

"Best first surf camp experience !"

I just couldn't expect more for a first time. I was so very well welcome by Laura and Jamin !

Very warm and flexible, always available for me.

Especially since I was traveling alone!

I immediately felt comfortable and the relations with the other occupants were excellent! (so many beautiful encounters!)

It was just like been at home !

Thank you so much for everything, I will be back as soon as possible!


Helen Kern

from Slovenia, July 2018

"Beautiful and peaceful place to be"

Beautiful house and rooms. It is such a quiet and peaceful atmosphere there. It is very clean and the terrace for having breakfast f.ex. a dream!

Sophia Schiemer

from Austria, July 2018

"Awesome time with lovely people"

The best about our trip were the people there - so lovely, open-minded, humorous and enthusiastic about surfing.

David and Hans, our instructors for the kite lessons were very patient and motivated to share this addicting sport with us. Laura, the owner is an energetic, loving woman who is very interested in making your holiday special.

When you go wave surfing you gonna have teachers of a local surf school, which are also very nice, helpful and attentive.

The house is very clean and nicely furnitured - better than a typical hostel how I am used to it. You'll have an awesome view to the ocean, sitting on a terrace while having breakfast consisting of cereal stuff, fruits, bread, jam, honey, coffee of course and some cake - so also very satisfying.

This all is not located directly in Cascais - Charneca is about 20 km from Cascais. Which means, that the beach close by is not very filled with tourists - Guincho is a good surf spot, so surfers is what you gonna see mainly there.

To that beach you have a very nice 10-Min-walk through pine trees.

And there are a lot of other things to do in the area around. (Sintra, Hiking, Cascais, Climbing, Yoga...)

Jenny Wikman

from Sweden, July 2018


Beautiful surroundings and beaches

Jessenia Garovo

from Italy, April 2018

"Great place"

The hostel is situated 15 minutes from Cascais by car (6-8 euros with uber) in a place surrounded by green and nature. Very relaxing after surf lessons. The hostel is very cozy, from the decor to the people it makes you feel welcome: you can relax outside with a beautiful view, read a book, take a joga session or meet the others guests. Actually it's more similar to a house than a hostel. I would reccommend this place to solo travellers as well as to groups of friends who love nature and water sports, but it's not the better place for people more interested in nightlife and fun.

Tamara Vilhar

from Slovenia, October 2017

"Perfect recharge"

In our week we had perfect weather for wave surfing. Instructors were very professional, they know what they are doing all being experienced surfers. Despite the end of the season, they were still enthusiastic and very motivational for us, beginners. We got wet-suits, which could be more fit, but they did the job keeping us warm in the ocean.


from Spain, September 2019


Poder cocinar como si estuvieras en casa, la decoración, el recibimiento de los anfitriones y la facilidad para relacionarte con la gente alojada, la ubicación y la oferta de actividades.

Nelly Obkircher

from Austria, August 2019

I had the best experience ever in Wyra house. Laura, Matt and Ben made my stay enjoyable. I met lovely people in Wyra house full of good vibes. I will definitely visit the house once again.

Elisa Thönen

from Switzerland, August 2019

"Fantastic experience with amazing people"

the Wayra Guincho house is a lovely house, located in a calm area with a beautiful view and a good atmosphere. indeed, it felt more like a home place than a hostel:) the rooms are nice and the breakfast is good too.

all the activities where well organised and everything was relaxt but challenging in the right ammount and with a good flow & nice energy.

I loved my vacation there very much and will come back for sure. Thank you Laura & staff


from Germany, June 2019

"Had the best time!"

The accommodation is really small with only 14 people staying there tops which is really nice as after a few days you feel like your in a house full of friends. The house is super clean and well looked after. There are lots of different activities to choose from and Laura makes sure that everythings runs smoothly also being very flexible and fair if something is not according to plan. She always wants to make sure you're having a nice vacation and gives great advice.

The Yoga instructor Ida was the best one i had yet! Also the massage therapist that came in was just so awesome :) All in all i had a really nice relaxing vacation!


from United States, April 2019

"Peaceful and active - well balanced "

First of all, I have really enjoyed my stay at Laura's lovely house!

It is located perfectly with a view towards the ocean to enjoy the marvelous sunsets. The beach is in walking distance, very clean and good for surfers. Cascais city center and all activities are reached within 15min by car, Uber etc.

All communication was very lovely from the beginning from the booking to the stay at the house. Laura was very supportive via WhatsApp upon arrival.

I had the package of two sessions of yoga and two climbing sessions and highly recommended both!

The atmosphere at the house was peaceful and quiet as I have stayed off-season end of March. The common area is spacious and the interior is chosen with a lot of love. The house is very clean and some rules help everyone to keep it like that.

If I'm lucky, I'll find the time to come again and can recommend it to everyone who is looking for an active but chilled time in Portugal!

Anna Keremen

from Germany, March 2019

" nice place to calm down surrounded by nature +good vibes"

Honestly, Laura and Valentina are angels, super warm hearting persons!! The house is very clean, super comfy, full of positive energy and nicely located within the nature. It´s a very calm place. I wouldn´t recommend it for a "party and surf" holiday, but as it is a yoga retreat - it´s perfect to recover from the daily hectic.


from United States, February 2019

"A life changing experience "

My 3 nights and 4 days at the guincho wayra house were perfect. Laura the hostess is an incredible kind and strong person. I loved how she made the house so welcoming. The view from the house is just beautiful. If you're looking for a party house this is not the one.

The yoga teacher catia was just as lovely. Every morning at 8.15 my day started with a lesson from her. Her voice made me very relaxed. I also did the mindful walk, which we did in the hills around sintra. Just beautiful. Thank you for this wonderful stay and I'm planning of coming back. For me this whole experience was just what I needed.

Juliette Maillard

from France, August 2018

"Amazing place, amazing peopke"

I just had an amazing time at Laura’s house. I met incredible people, and just enjoyed practicing yoga and going to surf everyday day.

It’s not a real yoga retreat and people who come for that will be maybe disappointed. But yoga was amazing for me because it really helps me to stretch after surfing !

I really want to come back next year, just to rest and improve my yoga and surf skills.

I can only recommend you this place !

Sanne Douma

from Netherlands, July 2018

"Prachtige, rustige locatie"

Het strand was binnen loopafstand

Leuk stadje Cascais dichtbij

Schone accommodatie

Lieve mensen

Goed om alleen te reizen

Karina Legoinha

from France, March 2018

"Great place for yoga and surf"

Definitely, it is the place to be in Cascais for the relaxation and some activities such as Yoga, Kite surf, climbing… I spent 1 week in the Guincho Hostel during the low season (February). It was very quiet and I had the opportunity to get private lessons for yoga and surf. I really enjoyed the daily yoga classes to feel peaceful in my mind and in my body at the end.

Laura the owner of the hostel is amazing. She will give you a warm welcome and she is very involved to make her guess feel comfortable. She pays a particular attention to her guests and to their wishes. She really helps her guests to improve their level in such activities. She is very strict with the choice of her partnerships in terms of surf schools or teachers collaborating with her. She is demanding with the quality provided making the comfort of her guest her priority.

It is very relaxing place, beautifully designed with comfortable rooms. We feel at home there! The hostel is clean with bright rooms, a nice kitchen and the gorgeous terrace offers a great view for the sunset on the Guincho beach. Moreover, the healthy breakfasts are delicious (tea, coffee, fruits, cereals, yogurts,…) I definitely recommend it and can’t wait to be back.