Ericeira, Portugal

Golden Heritage Ericeira Villas help you plan your stay and make sure that you will experience the most of what the Ericeira offers.

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from US$235
from US$235
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3 days / 2 nights

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Sami is a professional surfer born in Ericeira. He will be the main instructor during the stay. He tries to adapt the classes to the students so that they have fun and learn the maximum. He has been teaching since he was 16 years old. He has worked as a surf coach all over the world. In addition to being certified as a surf instructor, he also has certification as a lifeguard, a stand up paddle instructor, and as a surf coach.


Sansão is one of the surf instructors during your stay. Her background is architecture, however, she dedicated herself to surfing a few years ago. She is certified as a surf teacher and has been teaching in Ericeira since the beginning of her training.


Lisa is a yoga teacher. ​For her, yoga is a way to get closer to her real self and to enable the flow of energy. The first step is to enjoy the body postures, a conscious breathing (pranayama), and concentration (dharana).

Testimonials 3

  • Katty Houtmeyers

    Golden Heritage Ericeira Villas Facebook page

    Great place, lovely people! Coming back here

  • Krissie Leyland England

    Golden Heritage Ericeira Villas Facebook page

    Absolutely loved this place!! Will be back, thank you xx

  • Carina Ferreira

    Golden Heritage Ericeira Villas Facebook page

    Great service!

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