Gary’s Surf School

Cape Town, South Africa

Gary’s Surf School is the oldest surf school in Cape Town offering professional surfing tuition and coaching

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  • Ronald Bach

    Google reviews

    I finally got round to taking my first surfing lesson and so glad I chose Gary's Surf School. From the warm welcome "we'll soon put a smile on your dial" at the beginning , Gary and his team are super friendly and genuinely enjoy what they do. Grab a coffee or something to eat upstairs at Ta Da afterwards.

  • Joel Popoff

    Google reviews

    Gary's surf school is incredible. Gary and his instructors are super friendly and know their stuff. I'm still new to surfing and was surfing waves all day with my instructor. I went two days in a row and will definitely be back again. The surf spot in front of the shop is said to have the best waves in the world for people learning to surf. You can't miss this experience.

  • Lesly

    Trip Advisor website

    Very laid back place with experienced staff. You start off doing a dry run on the beach and then there's one instructor to two surfers wannabe's in the water. The tuition is very reasonable and includes a wet suit and board rental for an hour the next time you come. I had such fun and I think we all stood the first time in. So very impressed. I didn't do so well the second time around, but had a bunch of fun. Tadah, the restaurant is just above for something warm to eat and drink afterwards!

  • Michael Rübcke

    Gary’s Surf School Facebook page

    Highly recommended! Gary is a surf enthusiast, asserts itself and his nice crew in muizenberg since 26 years and is completely friendly & trustworthy. If you want to learn surfing - go there!!

  • Fabrizio Di Leonardo Italy

    Garys Surf School Facebook page

    Had a great time with a great board! Much more is given that what can be seen on the web. Thanks for all. Hope to see you again! Cheers!!

  • Ian Wallace

    Garys Surf School Facebook page

    If you want an old school surfer. Who has a passion for teaching youngsters and fostering a family vibe, then this is the school for you.

  • Dale Michael

    Garys Surf School Facebook page

    The No.1 school on the Muizenberg beach front. Knowledgeable and experienced friendly surfers to get you going.

  • Muizenberg Surf Watch

    Garys Surf School Facebook page

    Gary's surf school is one of Muizenbergs best surf schools and also has a supply of wetsuits and boards for hire as well as second hand surf goods and other supplies for sale. I highly recommend it!

  • Anial Grewall

    Garys Surf School Facebook page

    Really brill surf school, was up in 15 minutes! Nobel and Jon were excellent, even had a cheeky encounter with a seal, beautiful surroundings can't ask for more! PS: great fish and chips there as well.

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