Garda Kitesurf is connecting kiters and collecting crews for world kitesurfing adventures from a sailing catamaran in Greece, Grenadines, Antigua, and Barbuda.

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Federico Rigotti

Daniele Pesci


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Mattia Zambetti

Garda Kitesurf Facebook page

First time with Action Cruise.

Great logistic and experience in discovering amazing places. This is the way to perform experience you could never perform or discover by yourself. Always with the purpose to explorer, always in the full power, always in safety, for always the best! Tanks you!! See you soon again Action Cruise!

Victoria Stive France

Garda Kitesurf Facebook page

A very unique experience. Sailing and kiting everyday from different beautiful spots non accessible by land. Meeting wonderful new people and creating friendships. Eating amazing Italian food and drinking great wine (Italians definitely know how to host!). So much fun... Thanks for this unforgettable experience, I will be back soon!

Beatrice Colombo Serri Italy

Garda Kitesurf Facebook page

Best action cruise ever! The only one where the action goes from kitesurf, to sailing, to control the drone, run on the hills, drive the dinghy, laugh with friends, enjoy sunset happy hours, discover new places and new friends!