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Fuerteventura, Spain

Free Surfers School offers surf lessons and surf house accommodation for adventurers, romantic couples, group of friends and also family with kids.

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from US$345
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Jose Luis Izaguirre

Popularly known as Iza with a quarter of a century of surfing behind him. Iza is the managing director at Free Surfers School and also a surf instructor, lifeguard, chiropractor. But his sole passion, with his family’s permission, are the waves, surf, surf and nothing but surf! The sun, the sea and the calm brought him to Fuerteventura and, since then, the island and Free Surfers School form a key part of his lifestyle.

Rosa Maria Rico

Our favour Galician is ever smiling and very passionate. She is the queen of beauty and an expert in all those tips and tricks essential for skin for those of us who are fans of salt water. She has her own beauty centre in Corralejo, but she is always willing to lend a hand for the school and, most days, she happily spends time at the beach and surfing. She is always heard to say, take a break from your worries, leave them behind on the sand.

Massimo Pistosini

A lover of cuisine, books, jigsaws…He is indeed multifaceted but, above all, passionate about sport. This young Italian fell in love with the school during his holidays and, so much so, that he went from student to instructor and the school became his home. Routine does not suit Massimo, he always a new way of saying things so, with him by your side, it would be impossible for the monotony of the day-to-day to seep in.

Yeray Castro

Born in Avilés with a desire to experience the whole world and, along the way, surf as many waves as possible. From a very young age he knew that his life had to be linked to surfing, which provides him with peace and hundreds of other indescribable sensations, and he decided to move to Fuerteventura to be able to enjoy it every morning 365 days per year. It’s been around ten years now since he began his adventure in this scene, and he is now more ‘on fire’ than ever.

Guadalupe Naranjo

She has an eye for detail, is meticulous and the best observer within the salty walls. She was born in Extremadura and spent a large part of her life far from the sea and, now, thanks to her, we try to bring the sea to people with difficulties and, also, try to keep it clean.

Jonathan Prados

He is a true Barcelonian, and instead of doing yoga swamped by city buildings, he found personal satisfaction in the world of surf. It has only been three years since his life moves between the waves, but the island has turned him into a genuine professional of the sport. Jonathan gets straight to the point, you will not waste a second of your time with him. He is as natural as our landscape, and spreads laughter left, right and center. Fun and learning go hand in hand when it comes to him, and you’ll get both, guaranteed!

Testimonials 5

  • Laurie Meyers


    An incredible stay in Fuerteventura with Free Surfers School. They will not only teach you how to surf from the very beginning but how to really feel it and be comfortable with it. They will take care of your learning and you will be able to see another face of Fuerteventura beaches. Surfing is an experience every human being should try at least once, Free Surfers Instructors take it seriously and they are really worth meeting. Staying in the Surf House will also mean a turning point in every vacation, specially if you're travelling solo. They also offer accommodation for those travelling with friends/couple/family :)

  • Rachael

    Trip advisor website

    Fun, friendly and motivating from the surf professionals in Corralejo. Excellent value for money, perfect for beginners and professionals. Can't wait to go back for the 3rd time!

  • Carolina Toscana

    Tripadvisor website

    I took 5 classes, beginners level, and it was just awesome! Iza, Yeray and Max are not just great enthusiastic surfers and patient teachers, but also nice people you always can have a laugh with. I speak little Spanish but it was super easy to communicate with them and get the most out of their tips. It was my first time surfing and they made me love it, I will definitely be back next year!

  • Umberto Toscana

    Tripadvisor website

    I took 5 classes at Free surfers school and i enjoyed them so incredibly much. Everybody there is super nice and they all are very good teachers (special thanks to Yeray and his endless patience!!). I'll definitely be back next year, and i really recommend the school.

  • Rafael Spain

    Tripadvisor website

    I was there with some friends in mid-May... this was my first contact with surf and the experience was unforgettable :). I stayed in the SurfCamp house provided by the school and the atmosphere is really friendly and enjoyable, perfect for either solo travelers or group of friends.The instructor team is very approachable, easy-going and charming. I'd recommend it to any water sport enthusiast and, in general, to any visitor in the island! Hope to see you soon guys!.

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