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Ferrel Surf House

Ferrel Surf House offers the magnificent feeling experience surfing can give.

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The first time we met with Peniche and this amazing place Ocean Ferrel, it was end of September last year and we knew that we would come back and it happened last month again as our second visit! However this time our motivation was mostly the Ocean Ferrel and friends we met that made us come back! Both Rui's (Norte and Lopez) are the bests that you can meet as surf instructor and also as hosts. Me and my girlfriend didn't know how to surf before Peniche and after a couple of days in our first trip we even made it to line up and catch some waves by ourselves. I could easily say you will definitely learn how to surf pretty good at the same time enjoy the best guesthouse in the town with an amazing view. I can't wait to go back and I can easily say it would happen pretty soon! Don't bother to check other surf houses book this place while you still can, you won't regret it!

A surfer

Ocean Ferrel Surf Camp website

Zoe, Rui, thank you very much! I want to write some words about our best vacation. Portugal. This is a perfect place. Incredibly friendly, warm and pleasant country. It surprised us by the beauty of nature, friendly people and its unmatched cuisine. We will member our wonderful trip to Berlengo, supermoon on the cape in Peniche, night walks to Bar de Praia, drinking Jinja in Obidos and unforgettable cycling trips. And also the breakfasts in the cafes near the camp, sandwiches in the bar on Baleal, and, of course, our favorite restaurant “O Pedro” and Beirao. Surfing. We really have fallen in love with this sport. And we are sure that this is only the beginning. Awesome sport, dynamic, complex and fascinating. Everything is very comfortable and nicely organized – an excellent balance between free time and training. Thanks to the authors. OceanFerrel Surf Camp became a second home for us. We had a great company and we lived as a family. Patoo. She is the sweetest girl in Portugal, it seems that she is able to teach anyone and anything. Thank you for your smile, helpful advices, favorite song “Paddle, paddle, paddle more!” and a great sense of humor! Pedro . He is more than wikipedia on feet, now we know how to find the camp using the Sun or the Polar star, when the ocean was in 18, 19 and 20 centuries, and where it will be in the 21 and 22 centuries. With you it was fun, man! You’re really cool, thank you. And your greatest skepticism. Pedro, I caught two waves today, this is a victory! Mila, it’s nothing! It’s really NOTHING! motivating everyone (except Mila) to return again and again into the ocean. Katya. The most friendly and beautiful girl. It was a pleasure to chat with you and see your smile in the morning. Rui. You’ve got a great team and a great camp. Your philosophy really helps to keep moving in everyday routine. But what Rui doing in the ocean everyone need just to see. We are sure, that he was born on a surfboard. Actually, he doesn’t even need the board to catch waves. Special thanks to all of you for helping during the entire stay. Guys, we want to return again and again. And to take our best friends with us. After all, a lot of people in Russia and in the world do not know how cool is it – to Surf with Oceanferrel in Portugal with Rui, Pedro and Patoo.

Katya Lipina

Ocean Ferrel Surf Camp website

Really good camp, I’m full of emotion. Surfing first time and falling in love. People in camp highly professional, very good organization. Surf-classes spent with cozy and friendly atmosphere. Really easy to understand what you have to do on board, as result you start to stand up and catch the wave! i am very appreciated for patience of Surf-instructors, you are finally did it and it was unforgettable. In a camp very calm and comfort, you have everything in your apartments. Near a lot of small supermarket, cafes, restaurants. Whatever – I could write a big poem about this perfect place. That was best vacation in my life. Thank you very much guys!

Irina Rakovskaya

Ocean Ferrel Surf Camp website

“Thank you very much Ocean Ferrel! I spent the best week of last summer in your camp. You are make my trip to Portugal excellent, ideal. My first meeting with local waves was unforgettable! The surfcamp team not just professional, they are really nice people. Rui, Pedro, Zoia, Patoo and Franka, I miss you and I hope to see you next season. Accommodation, organization lessons and the friendly atmosphere – I give 5 points from 5. Highly recommended to everyone.”

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