The house is a local surf camp in Peniche, one of Europe‘s best surf locations! Enjoy the familiar vibe of their community to spend a memorable time together.

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Rui Norte

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Dina Sheikh

from Norway, July 2024

Location: Less time traveling, more time surfing and learning. It’s within a perfect walking distance. Out of 7 days, there were just once we had to drive for better waves, which was a 5 minutes ride.

Instructions: The instructors are supportive and knowledgeable with passion. They recognises your potential and provide individual guidance, not just as group. They communicate with each other to offer appropriate and a more detailed techniques to help us improve, and ways that could challenge us appropriately and safely. Observant and awesome team!

Accommodations: Comfortable and safe. We cook together and have dinner together some evenings. It was hard to say good buy :)

Samantha Kerstens

from Netherlands, July 2024

Instructors were very friendly. Cool people and there is a cute surf cat hanging around.

Sonja Conrad

from Germany, November 2023

"Surfen gut - Unterbringung na ja"

Die beiden Surflehrer waren gut und haben sich bemüht, wir haben viel gelernt, wären allerdings an dem ein oder anderen Tag auch gern noch weiter raus gegangen.

Anne-sophie Henrich

from Austria, August 2023

"Amazing surf experience, amazing people, best location"

I simply loved EVERYTHING. The two main instructors I had as a beginner - Margarida and Kim - were amazing, they prepared us very well for the waves by practicing the correct moves and body alignments on land already, later on the water, they watched our performance carefully and always gave very constructive feedback. This way, it was really easy to progress fast.

The other people in the camp were also amazing - which together with the location turned this into one of the best vacations of my life.

I can just warmly recommend the experience to everyone!

Thank you Ferrel Team! ❤

Frederick Stade

from Germany, August 2023

"Great Surf Experience"

We had a really good time at Ferrel Surf House!! Great people that felt like Family, surf lessons were fun and you have a supermarket, cafés, restaurants and a club in the area!

Barbora Lányová

from Czechia, July 2023

"Fun and care"

The accommodation was very stylish comfortable and very close to the beach. What I liked the most was care and advices of our instructor Kim. I started with big fears of the bigger waves and after one week I ended with being totally comfortable with them and I also improved a lot. Now I feel self confident because I know what I’m doing.

Marc Christoffer

from Germany, August 2022

"Great Surf School & Place for Beginners"

Overall an awesome experience!