Feel - Surf Camp Las Palmas

Feel - Surf Camp Las Palmas is a surf school in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. They organize surf camp at the best place in Las Palmas and they are just 30 meters away from the beach!

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Benedetta F. Spadaccini Tennessee

Feel - Surf Camp Las Palmas Facebook page

If you want to get the best from your staying in Gran Canaria you should go to the Surf Camp Las Palmas! The location is perfect, the staff people are very nice, open, and friendly. The surf instructors are great and fun. The yoga location is the best I have ever seen and the teacher, Laura, is wonderful. After you have got all this don't forget to give something back and go plant a tree!

Nils Karst Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Feel - Surf Camp Las Palmas Facebook page

Many thanks to surf camp las palmas! I had a great time with you. Unfortunately, I did not book to the surfer house and stayed at a different place. I will never do this again, next time I will stay at your hostel! The instructors and the staff were awesome. Especially Judith and Linda, they integrated me perfectly into the great group. I will recommend the camp in every way. Ayram and Oswaldo are very good teachers and they know how to help you catching the wave in a good way. Thanks a lot. See you soon!

Andrea Stauffer Switzerland

Feel - Surf Camp Las Palmas Facebook page

After a few days in the south of Gran Canaria, we spent a week at the Surf Camp Las Palmas and it was awesome. Initially, it was my boyfriend who wanted to take surfing lessons. After the first lesson, Jordi, the camp owner, convinced me to take bodyboard lessons instead and I had fun (and I could do it together with the other surfers). A special thanks go also to Oswaldo and the people from Brisa school for the cool sessions in the waves.

Jordi and his wife also took us to a wine tasting in the valley of Agaete and to a finca where we could all plant a tree. The trip was really nice and it gives us a small insight into the real Gran Canaria. Very beautiful.

Linda and Judith took good care of us the whole week, showing us the camps neighborhood and taking us to the tapas night in the old town. Judith also took great photos from us during surf lessons. But not less important than other guests at the surf camp. We had a lot of fun together and we will miss every single person and hope to see them again.

We would definitely recommend the Surf Camp Las Palmas and would go again. A huge thank you to all of you for making our vacation unforgettable!

Jesus Ballesteros Germany

Feel - Surf Camp Las Palmas Facebook page

Thanks to Surf Camp Las Palmas, we had an excellent week! We were warmly received and treated every day. Milja and Linda were always taking care and helpful with our questions. The Surf Pack offers an interesting mix of sport and relaxation: days starting with an intensive and really funny surf lessons, learning from the very basis for beginners like myself. The time flies when you are in the company of waves and the wonderful people from Brisa School (special thanks to Airam).

For the evenings, different plans are offered to enjoy all aspects of the area: without leaving Las Palmas city, the rest of the day can be either completely lazy, by lying at the amazing Las Canteras beach, or surprisingly interesting by visiting the different neighborhoods (Las Canteras, Puerto, Vegueta, Triana and many more). I cannot imagine the possibilities of the rest of the island but we will discover it the next time! Thank you all!

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