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Chill Hill is created by surfers and life lovers for surfers and life lovers. They want to offer a maximum of comfort to make you feel just like at home during your holiday on the beach.

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Juraj S.

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It was supposed to be just a new experience, just one week in Portugal, country where I have not been in yet and try to surf, sport which I have not tried yet. I will not tell you about how comfortable the bed was, how far was the city center or the beach, and by how many stars would I rate this hostel. I tell you one thing, after a very, very long time I came to a place where I lay in a swinging net, looked up, took a deep breath, and I did not feel any stress, nor troubles. My mind and body were absolutely clean, nothing bothered me and I finally found peace. Here at Chill Hill hostel in Ericeira. Regardless the absolutely amazing staff, who really make this place a "Chill Paradise" thanks to their everyday hard work and dedication. You never get to hear "no" from anyone and you will be always surprised how much these helpful people do to make your stay and your holiday as perfect as it could be. The town does not have more than 12,000 inhabitants, which is just perfect, because even though it is a small town you find shops with souvenirs, many surf shops, grocery stores, supermarkets, public markets, many coffee shops, restaurants, tourism office, clubs, bars, bus station directly to / from Lisbon and above of all this, it is still quiet and peaceful town with very hospitable inhabitants, who always welcome you with an honest welcoming smile. Wonderful!

Niklas H.

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Friendly staff. Great for meeting people. Surf together, hang out in the backyard, walk along the beach and have some dinner and drinks. (Some amazing seafood + gin at the Hemingway bar + empanadas at Fusco Lusco = Perfect evening)

The location and dorms aren't the best. It's the atmosphere and people that make this a real gem! Our first night the staff showed us the best bars in town and taught us some portugese.

We all learned to surf in a few days. The Atlantic does get cold. But the surfing is great and Ericeira is an awesome town. Superior to the tourist traps in the south. This is a place worth coming back to!

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