Surf, Party & Yoga, In that order. Skip the boring retreats and come have fun with us, Elsewhere. Surfing is our life and passion and we want to share.

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8 Days Party, Yoga, and Surf Camp in Sri Lanka

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8 Days Epic Surf & Yoga Camp in Weligama, Sri Lanka

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Tobias Young

from Great Britain, February 2020


Great people, brilliant instructors a great week all round!

Fred Lane Fox

from Great Britain, February 2020

"one of the funnest week’s ever"

Friendly staff. Amazing guests. Literally a week of paradise and surfing.

Andrey Puzakov

from Russia, January 2020

"Лагерь мечты"

Полетел туда я из холодной зимы в поисках хорошего отдыха и серфинга, выбор пал на этот лагерь и я заказал пакет с серфингом и проживанием в гостевом доме.

Вообще у меня довольно плохо с англ, говорить на нем вообще не могу, но более менее понимал что мне говорят, это вызывало опасения и переживания, но ребята сделали все что бы мне было комфортно проводить время, а инструкторы местные даже выучили основные команды в серфинге на русском и орали Греби греби или давай давай, что придавало уверенности и помогло быстро освоить серфинг, позволив наслаждаться процессом а не затягивать с обучением, так что привет Ашану и большое спасибо. Вообще главной моей целью было посерфить, но лагерь так же предоставляет кучу развлечений, у них неплохие тусовки, у Софии можно расспросить о том где стоит побывать после лагеря а так же договориться о местных экскурсиях, цены дешевые и все захватывающе, советую пользоваться возможностями и не провести все свободное время в лагере. Кстати там отлично готовят, впечатлили порции и вообще все было вкусно. Я даже удивлен как дешево все это стоит, ни разу не пожалел что выбрал этот серф камп, впрочем и те кто просто пожить заезжал были довольны.


from Kazakhstan, October 2019

"Great place you will never want to leave"

The surf instruction was good, and as it was my first time surfing instructors tried their best to make me comfortable. Also the video analysis to see the progress was helpful to learn surfing. Staff is friendly, kind and keen to help out.

Georgy Dean

from Great Britain, March 2018

"Absolutely loved this place!"

Brilliant instructors (Julen and Ylva) and a really great vibe.

Bridget Doring

from Australia, March 2018

The place was great... staff were really nice & helpful.. the surf instruction was great, very personalised. The food was really good, especially the breakfasts and smoothies.

Lottie Whyte

from Great Britain, January 2018

"This might just be the best place on earth..."

Make no mistake, Elsewhere is surf utopia. If you’re considering going anywhere else, you’re silly. Amazing instructors (both surf and yoga) chilled out vibe and if you’re up for it some epic parties. The only problem is you will never want to leave.


from Finland, January 2018

Loved the staff and the food, very cosy homelike atmosphere and had a lot of fun with everyone. Felt accepted as I am.

Alice Hoffendahl

from Germany, October 2017

"The very best"

The Sofa cuddling - squeeze IN sofa is the best of the world, I loved the breakfasts and the Arrack nights, actually I really miss the Arrack nights.

Gina Knoester

from Netherlands, October 2017

The vibe was so good and layed back. Really good surfinstructors. Amazing group of people.

Fraukje Panis

from Netherlands, September 2017

"Looking for a fun surfweek? I can def recommend this place!"

Comfortable dorms, very good food, relaxt atmosphere!

a traveler

The atmosphere on the camp was amazing, the regulars and the new guys merged easily into a big family, doing a lot of stuff together. The people were amazing and there was a lot of effort put into making us new guys fit in and join the conversations. I can easily understand why some people at the camp came in for a week but have stayed for months. I loved the dinners we cooked together at the camp, but the Tiki dinners were every time nearly the same. The premises were cool, the beach is nice and the town is only few minutes tuk tuk ride away. The Saturday boat party was amazing, I absolutely recommend doing that. I wish there was a bit more communication and organization regarding the possible adventures around the area (safaris, snake farms, whale watching etc), few of us were interested in joining such activities but were completely clueless of how to join. The surf coaches were very competent and easily explained how to bring the learnings from theory to practice, but sincerely I felt that when in water, the instructors concentrated largely on the "students" who learned easily, and ignored the ones who just couldn't get it right. Also, we surfed all week long in one spot, where the conditions favored us only on the first few days, leaving us few more days where the waves were non-existent. On the last day even the coach gave up, and waited for us on the beach since sitting on the board waiting for waves got too boring. I really hoped for more strategical choosing of surf spots, and more equally divided attention during the lessons.