Dynamic Windsurfing offers surf camps with their own education system that teaches the most important skills for sailing effectively in every wind condition.

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5 Day Dynamic Beginner Windsurfing Camp in Stockholm

Jul | Aug | Sep | Jun | Jul | Aug | Sep, 2024–2025
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5 Day Beginner Windsurfing Camp in Malmö

Available in July, August & September
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2 Day Windsurfing Camp in Malmö

Available in July, August & September
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Johan Ekstedt

Marina Romanova

Reviews (6)

Balázs Levente

from Hungary, May 2023

"Superb adventure"

The atmosphere, and the whole camp together with every moment.


from Germany, January 2023

"Perfect windsurfing fun at the sunny coast"

I've decided to spent the time "between the years" at Costa Del Sol with a 5 day surf camp. I've made my license years ago, but became rusty, this was the perfect opportunity to get back into it again.


Directly on the first day we went straight into the important basics, refreshing turns (tacks and jibes) and looking into my technique. Johan was really good at giving me pointers for all the things to look out for, giving me time to explore for myself how changing small things can do a lot. Since Johan is a real pro (Formula competition racer), he is very precise with knowing which gear and technique is perfect for you. Very fastly I knew what I could work with, could make my turns faster, more stable and more confidently. On top Johan always gives you a lot of time and patience, I never felt stressed, there has been also a lot of time to practice, enjoy the surfing, the sun, wind and water.


The spot and the conditions were perfect. The beach was empty during the winter season, so we had all the water for ourselves. The view is stunning, you can see the mountains of Africa and Gibraltar on a good day. One day we went to the famous Tarifa for a really fun surf.

Every day were different conditions, stronger / weaker wind. Johan was surprising me with teaching me something new (for example the "butterfly" trick), even when there was little wind one day. A really good lesson: There is always something to do with Windsurfing, in every condition!


from Germany, August 2022

"In nur 2 Tagen Windsurfen lernen! "

Johan war sehr geduldig und hat wunderbare Tipps gegeben. Nachdem ich den ersten Tag noch ziemlich oft im Wasser gelandet bin, konnte ich am zweiten Tag schon längere Strecken am Stück segeln. Ich habe sogar schon gelernt die Richtung zu wechseln. Das hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht. Ich habe nach nur 2 Tagen ein gutes Gefühl fürs Windsurfen bekommen. Und möchte unbedingt einen weiteren Surfkurs machen!

Johan war außerdem ein total lieber Gastgeber, bei dem man sich sehr wohl gefühlt hat. Er hat mich sogar von der Busstation in Marbella abgeholt und wieder hingebracht, was sehr lieb war!

Mein Zimmer hatte eine Klimaanlage! 👌