Downwind Kitesafari brings you the adventure of doing an ongoing downwinder along the tropical and largely deserted sandy beaches of North Brazil.

Testimonials (3)

a traveler France

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Excellent organisation, competence and kindness of all the team

For all kiters with downwinder experience

Language: english, deutsch, spanish, italian, portugues, brazilian

If you want to discover all the spots along ceara, discover the wild north, deep in adventure...

Good kiting conditions, 100% windy, good food, best pousadas as possible in each place

And Caipirinha

a traveler Germany

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A must have for kiters in Brasil. Do not do it, if you do not have a good kiting level. But if you have it... you must do it.

The organisation and support was great. More on land than on water though. On water you have to be good on your own. No lessons.

a traveler Switzerland

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This year we made the tour from Cumboco up to Atins.

Perfect organisation very good Pousadas and a beutiful trip along the coast.

Especially the downwindkiting in the Parnaiba Delta along the Islands is a Great experiance. Just wind, waves, emty beaches and you with the Kite.

Thank you Francesco and Thomas for tour guidance as well as the Support Service.

Thank you Monika for all the work in the backoffice.