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Dominical Waverider

Dominical Waverider indulge in the extensive surf camp experience, offering the best vacation experience with outstanding service.

Instructors 5


More was the last acquisition on the Dominical Lifeguards team and with dedication, became an amazing waterman. He is a very chill guy and nothing can take away his smile and friendly vibe. His eager and fast learning ability quickly earned respect from the other team members and soon, he started working with the surf camp teaching others to surf, how to be safe in the water, and to respect the ocean.


Simon is a local and rips whether it’s a round house, tail blasts, or 360 airs - he can do it all and help you get there too. He competes in national and local surf contests and has accumulated many titles over the years. He is a great surf instructor for all surfer levels.

Jorge Flaco

Flaco is a Tico ( Costa Rica native) and one of the top surfers in the water. His smile and “pura vida” vibe is infectious. When he is not keeping the beach safe, surfing, or skating, just take a look around and you will see him talking to everyone. Flaco is a super friendly guy and if you are having your lesson and he is there, consider yourself lucky, because he’s one of the best.


Jeanine is from exotic Brazil and one of the co-owners and operators of Waverider surf camp. She is a fun and friendly instructor who is very helpful with those new to surfing through her attention to details and warm instructional style. When she is not working or surfing, she loves to spend time in her garden or doing yoga. Jeanine is a great surf instructor, eager to help you understand the fundamentals of surfing as well as a love and respect for the ocean.

Natalia Natti

Natti is from Argentina and was drawled to Costa Rica to surf warm water and explore the beauties of the country. She felt in love with the ‘Pura Vida’ lifestyle and soon made Dominical her new home. She is a good surfer and an excellent instructor, very patient, and kind. Her warm instruction style makes the beginners feel extra comfortable to ride the waves.

Reviews 1

Testimonials 5

a traveler Oklahoma

TripAdvisor website

Dominical Waverider is an amazing surf camp. Not only do they provide exceptional surfing instruction that will have you standing up and surfing waves on the very first day, but they also set up and coordinate other activities in Dominical and the surrounding areas. Our two instructors, Jeanine (who co-owns the surf camp with her husband) and Jordy, are just awesome. Jeanine called us as we were driving down to Dominical from the San Jose Airport to greet us, and then she met us when we arrived and showed us around Dominical. Jeanine and Jordy were both, of course, very knowledgeable about surfing, and we also enjoyed hearing all they had to say about Dominical and the other activities there as well as hearing their own surfing stories. Also, when planning the trip, Jeanine was very responsive in answering all my questions and helping me sort out all the details. Dominical Waverider far exceeded my expectations for this vacation. I absolutely love everything about my vacation in Dominical with Dominical Waverider Surf Camp and Jeanine and Jordy. If you are planning a surfing trip to Costa Rica, I highly recommend them!

Gabriela G.

TripAdvisor website

My boyfriend and I were looking for a surf camp in Costa Rica to visit online when we stumbled on Dominical Waverider. It by far had the best reviews, most activities, all at the best price. I mainly corresponded with Jeanine who was always very prompt when responding questions. We booked the tickets and suite and when we arrived, we were so please with our choice. Jeanine and Andrew were amazing hosts. We went to dinner with them on our first night there. They would pick us up at our hotel and drove us to the surf lessons' spot. Even if they had a packed schedule they made sure to personalize and be as attentive as possible. They took us around town, to a few places. Not to mention the package was amazing. My boyfriend and I both learned to surf, went hang gliding, and rode horses to a waterfall. The water was warm and the waves were perfect. I would highly recommend Waverider for a pleasant and real Costa Rican experience. Pura vida!

Kevin H. The Netherlands

TripAdvisor website

I stayed out in Dominical for 12 days and joined up Dominical Waverider to get surfing experience. What a great a way to learn! They were brilliant and it was more than just a surf camp, they had heaps of tips in and around town and were happy to show me around and sit down for some drinks (12 ounce curls) at the end of the day. I'd have to describe it as being welcomed into their surfing family. Will definitely hit them up if I return to Dominical!

Danielle D.

TripAdvisor website

I got a lesson from Morales who was extremely professional and took the fear out of the ocean. He was encouraging and really made an emphasis on safety which I appreciate as a lifeguard. Definitely would recommend him.

Jay W.

TripAdvisor website

From the first email to final goodbyes, Jeanine and Andrew genuinely had our best interest at heart. Jeanine was ever attentive and caring while Andrew's knowledge and passion for the ocean meant you couldn't help but feel stoked to be in the water, regardless of the conditions (which is almost always great). We are leaving after seven days in paradise feeling more connected to nature and thankful to have had the opportunity to experience all that Dominical had to offer with the kindness and local knowledge of our new friends. Whether you're an adventure and thrill seeker or a mellow beach bum, just drop Waverider a note, you won't regret it.

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