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All You Need to Know About Surfing in Sri Lanka

Tea and coffee, coconuts and cinnamon, crystal-blue water, palm-fringed beaches, stilt fishermen, and mellow surf breaks. No wonder Sri Lanka is on every surfer’s radar.

Ditch the Wetsuit in These 5 Warm-Water Surfing Destinations

Imagine riding those perfect peaks and barrels wearing nothing but boardshorts or a tiny swimsuit, lazing in the shade at midday, swinging in a hammock on a palm-fringed beach… You can have all that in a tropical surfing destination!

All You Need to Know About Surfing in Australia

With its world-famous Superbank, Byron Bay, Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and Torquay, Australia stands at the very top of any avid surfers’ bucket list.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Living the Van Life

Study hard, find a well-paid job, save money, buy a house, buy a car, have kids, buy a bigger car, feel trapped every single day. Why? Because society tells you to? Maybe you do not want those things, perhaps you want to spend your money on meaningful experiences, escape the rat race and gain control over your life. 

Surfing in Sri Lanka: Your Guide to the Best Waves

Previously known as Ceylon, the land of tea and coffee, coconuts and cinnamon, Sri Lanka is one of the most reliable surfing destinations in the Indian Ocean. 

10 Epic SUP Destinations You Need to See in Your Lifetime

The next time you go paddleboarding, why not throw in some eye candy as well? If snow-capped mountains, mangrove forests, alpine lakes, lagoons, emerald-green rivers, and tropical beaches tickle your fancy, you’re in luck! The world’s best SUP destinations have them all.

All You Need to Know About Surfing in Costa Rica

With both Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, delicious food, and miles after miles of white sandy beaches, Costa Rica, the “rich coast”, certainly lives up to its name.

The Beginner’s Guide to Surfing in Colombia

Colombia is a spectacular land of variety and opportunity. It almost seems as though, no matter where your interests lie, the country always has something to offer. 

What to Look for When Booking a Surf Camp

In this day and age, when we have access to so much information, it is easier than ever to do research when planning a surf trip. 

Taghazout vs. Tamraght: Where Should You Go Surfing?

In Southern Morocco, where the deserts, argan plantations, and the Atlas Mountains meet the Atlantic Ocean, two sleepy fishing villages turned international surfing hotspots attract wave chasers all throughout the year.

5 Surf Camps in Morocco to Take Your Surfing to the Next Level

Have you been dreaming of surfing the legendary waves that Morocco is so famous for? If you’ve been intimated by their notoriety before, no need to be anymore. Morocco is one of the best places on earth to progress and improve your technique in record time.

Surfing in Costa Rica: Your Guide to the Best Waves

With over 300 gorgeous sandy beaches, year-round warm water, steady winds, and consistent swells, Costa Rica is a surfing mecca and one of the best places in the world to learn to surf. 

All You Need to Know About Surfing in Hawaii

While other locations may have been the true birthplaces of surfing, one thing’s for sure – Hawaii is the spiritual home of surfing and the birthplace of modern surfing.

Surfing in the Maldives: Your Guide to the Best Waves

Imagine surfing a perfectly-peeling wave all by yourself, one that has hardly ever been touched before, perhaps not even named yet. 

The 5 Best Surfing Destinations in Europe

Europe may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking about the world’s best surfing destinations, with Hawaii, Australia, and Indonesia often stealing the spotlight. But it’s certainly one of the most impressive.

All You Need to Know About Surfing in Southwest France

With surf spot after surf spot, rights and lefts, steep and powerful, mellow and long, hollow and rippable waves, you are spoilt for choice in Southwest France.

Surfing in Fiji: Your Guide to the Best Waves

Who hasn’t heard of the legendary waves at Cloudbreak, Restaurants, and Frigates, three of the best left-handers on the planet, and dreamed about surfing them or at least having a peek at the pros?

All You Need to Know About Surfing in Morocco

Mint tea, tagine, couscous, colorful bazaars, fascinating medinas, bold flavors, camel rides, Saharan sands, and flawless waves… Morocco is a sensory overload!

Top Places to Learn to Surf in Spain

Summer in Spain brings to mind images of sun-filled days, incredible beaches, laidback vibes, and a huge variety of friendly waves for beginners.

Ericeira vs. Peniche: Which Surfing Destination Is Right for You?

Portugal’s central coast is home to some of the best and most impressive waves on the planet – record-smashing behemoths and heavy, spitting tubes that only a few can handle.

Chasing the Wind: The Best Windsurfing Spots in the World

What are you looking for in your next vacation? I’m sure we’d all love some sunshine, palm-fringed beaches, warm turquoise lagoons, and relaxing by the pool sipping cocktails. But how about blustery wind conditions? Only a select few will appreciate this ingredient. 

Top Year-Round Surf Camps in Morocco

You haven’t truly had a complete surfing experience if you haven’t dipped your surfboard in the Atlantic Ocean on Morocco’ beaches. 

The 6 Best Surfing Destinations in South America

South America is home to truly epic surf. With over 144,000 miles of coastline and just about every kind of wave imaginable, you can really take your pick. Most surf spots are never too crowded, and the countries are budget-friendly too.

All You Need to Know About Surfing in the Canary Islands

Sand dunes, lunar landscapes, crystal-clear water, and blue sky; any time of the year. Plus the occasional Saharan breeze in your hair. Otherworldly surroundings only a stone throw’s away from Europe.

The Best Surf Cities in the USA

Any surfer knows that finding a good surfing destination isn’t the easiest of tasks. Thankfully, the USA offers a large selection of awesome surf spots. 

Top Places to Learn to Surf in Portugal

Portugal is a surfer’s paradise. Its huge coastline is dotted with waves of all shapes and sizes, rolling in one after the other, some located just outside lively beach towns with buzzing nightlife, others remote and serene. Simply put, Portugal has something for everyone.

Surfing in Peru: Your Guide to the Best Waves

Two words: mythical and diverse. Although it would take much more to describe the fascinating realm we call Peru, these two definitely do justice to its tumultuous history, culture, geography, food, and surfing scene.

All You Need to Know About Surfing in Spain

Some of the best waves in Europe are found on the Iberian Peninsula, and Spain’s long sun-kissed coastline is the perfect destination for a surf trip. Any time of the year.

Surfing in Thailand: Your Guide to the Best Waves

A world of extremes, where noisy cities meet authentic street markets and luxury seaside resorts are intertwined with deserted beaches, Thailand is a popular travel destination for many reasons. Unfortunately, surfing is not one of them. Yet!

Surfing in Spain: Your Guide to the Best Waves

The Iberian Peninsula is home to some of the sweetest surf spots in Europe. With almost 3,100mi (5,000 km) of coastline (the Canary Islands included), Spain is famous for its rich culture, gripping history, scrumptious food, and its surf.

All You Need to Know About Surfing in Peniche

Peniche is famous for quite a few things – long sandy beaches, surfing, sardines, and Supertubos, one of the best beach breaks on the planet. It is also mainland Europe’s westernmost city and one of the best places to learn to surf in Portugal.

Surfing in the Canary Islands: Your Guide to the Best Waves

Europe’s answer to Hawaii, the Canary Islands are a place of endless summer. Off the coast of northwest Africa, the Spanish archipelago consists of seven major islands with year-round warm weather and consistent surf.

Top Places to Learn to Surf in France

The birthplace of surfing in Europe, France is home to some of the best beach breaks on the planet.

The Best Kitesurfing Spots in Spain for a Windy Escapade

Have you been wanting to take a stab at kitesurfing, or maybe take your practice to the next level, without having to travel far? Enter Spain and its famous wind-swept beaches, which attract beginners and pros kiters alike.

All You Need to Know About Surfing in Ericeira

The jewel in the crown of Portuguese surf, Ericeira is often compared to Mexico’s Baja California and Australia’s Gold Coast. Are you wondering why?

Surfing in Mexico: Your Guide to the Best Waves

There’s more to Mexico than sombreros, enchiladas, and tequila. Some of the biggest surfable waves in the Americas can be found on the Pacific coast of mainland Mexico.

All You Need to Know About Surfing in Lombok

Nestled between Bali and Sumbawa, Lombok has long lived in the shadow of its western neighbor. Referred to as Bali’s sister, the two are often compared while there are, in fact, more differences between them than similarities.

Top Budget Surf Camps Under €500 for All Levels [Updated]

Surf camps are becoming more and more popular, but there are still some people who think that you would need to spend big bucks to go on a surf vacation or a surf camp. 

Surfing in Hawaii: Your Guide to the Best Waves

Hawaii is the most isolated landmass on the planet, a chain of volcanic islands exposed to all swell and wind directions. For surfers, this means one thing: year-round waves for all skill levels.  

10 Charming Surf Towns You’ll Never Want to Leave

For die-hard surfers, it’s all about the waves. For all they care, if the swell is pumping and the barrels are rolling, the surf spot could very well be in the middle of nowhere. 

Surfing in California: Your Guide to the Best Waves

The capital of surfing in the USA, California is the birthplace of surf culture. This stretch of coastline is home to some of the world’s most famous waves and surf towns.

Surfing in Australia: Your Guide to the Best Waves

To call Australia a surfing mecca is already somewhat of a cliché. Surfing is deeply rooted in Australian culture, and the country is home to some of the world’s best surfers and waves. 

Bali vs. Lombok: Where Should You Go Surfing?

Choosing between surfing in Bali or Lombok comes down to personal preferences, but your skill level should also come into play. Are you looking for challenging waves and an active party scene, or do you want a more relaxed ambiance, authentic vibes, and virgin beaches?

The Best Surf Spots in Victoria, Australia

Australia is a magnet for surfers, and Victoria makes no exception. The seductive beaches and powerful waves close to Vic’s vibrant capital of Melbourne are a gold mine for adrenaline junkies.

Why Is Canggu Such a Trendy Surfing Destination?

Want to have a taste of the “real Bali’ without missing out on the hip establishments, youthful vibes, contemporary art, and the surf?

The Best Surf Spots in Western Australia

Besides kangaroos and koalas, surfing is also one of the first things that come to mind when thinking about Australia. 

Surfing in the Philippines: Your Guide to the Best Waves

Encircled by the Pacific Ocean, the Celebes Sea, the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea, The Philippines consists of 7,107 islands. Each of them is home to potential surfing spots.

All You Need to Know About Surfing in Portugal

From a surfer’s standpoint, Portugal has it all. It’s not just the awesome waves, but also the surf culture, its authentic charm, and the fact that it’s inexpensive that make it one of the world’s top surfing destinations.

5 Kitesurfing Camps in Europe You Must Check Out This Summer

Some of us wait for those perfect summer days all year long and when they finally arrive, it seems as though they pass by too quickly. 

All You Need to Know About Surfing in Bali

With so many waves within such a small area, Bali is a great place to learn to surf and enhance your skills. From first-timers to progressing surfers and pros, there’s a spot for all.

Surfing in Portugal: Your Guide to the Best Waves

Doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned surfer or you’re just starting out; Portugal is one of the most surfer-friendly countries out there. 

What to Pack for a Surf Trip – The Ultimate Checklist

Surf and travel are inseparable. But what should you pack for a surf trip? It’s so easy to get caught up in all the planning and overlook some of the essential items that you should take with you.

The Ultimate Surf Seasons Guide for the Perfect Wave Riding Trip [Infographic]

Choosing the right surfing season and destination makes the difference between an unforgettable surf holiday and possibly the worst time away.

The 5 Best Surfing Destinations in Asia You Need to See in Your Lifetime

We can all agree that Southeast Asia is a surfer’s paradise! It’s not just the surf breaks, but also the beaches, the weather, the people and all those little things that make a surfing destination highly sought after by surfers. 

Surfing in France: Your Guide to the Best Waves

The land of wine, baguette, and cheese, the history, landscapes, and surf in France are without rival. 

Surfing in Bali: Your Guide to the Best Waves [Infographic]

Also known as the ‘Island of 1,000 Temples’, locals believe Bali is blessed by the gods. With 271 miles (437 km) of coastline, idyllic beaches, epic barreling waves, a surfer-friendly community, and laid-back atmosphere, it certainly seems to be. 

Top Places to Learn to Surf in Indonesia

Indonesia is a coveted destination among wave enthusiasts, and one of the best places in the world to learn to surf. 

Where to Surf in February

It may still be cold in the Northern Hemisphere, but there are some places where the summer is never-ending. 

The 10 Best Kitesurfing Destinations for Beginners

Very few things in life come close to the sheer freedom experienced when harnessing the power of the wind, skimming across the glittering water, and being lifted high up into the air. 

The Most Affordable Surfing Destinations in the World [Updated]

When it comes to doing what we love most, there should be no limit to how much money we spend. And yet, money always seems to get in our way. How wonderful would it be if we could spend less and travel more!

The Best Surfing Destinations for Beginners

When was the last time you packed up and left for a new destination, leaving routine way behind you? If you’re reading this, you’re already taking the first steps towards discovering your passion. Kudos to you! But if you’re going to learn to surf, make sure you do it the right way!

5 Reasons Why Peniche is Summer 2019's Top Surfing Destination

For surfers, Portugal has always been known as the ‘Brazil of Europe’, thanks to the Atlantic Ocean and the strong tides that create provoking waves. 

The 10 Best Surfing Destinations of 2019

Another year has gone by. We’ve learned and grown together. We caught our very first waves and joined our first surf camps. We’ve made great progress. But, the journey is never-ending.

10 Winter Surfing Spots You Need to Check Out [Updated]

If you haven’t already made plans for the winter holidays, we have some hot ideas for you to consider. How does watching the sunset from a palm-fringed beach while swinging in a hammock and sipping cocktails in the midst of winter sound? 

5 Awesome Things to Do in Portugal When You’re not Surfing

Portugal is a surfer’s paradise. It has hundreds of surf beaches, it has Nazaré, the biggest wave ever surfed, and a laid-back surfing community.

The Best Surf Spots for Beginners in Argentina

Surf’s up all over the world now that summer is at its peak. Surfboards and sunbathing have already become the norm on beaches around the globe, and seaside towns are reaping the benefits, including Argentina’s lush coastline.

Tayrona – Where Part of My Heart Lingered

It all started as a sort of experiment. I took part in a competition organized by BookSurfCamps.com and I won! I do have some fabulous people supporting me and I thank them from all my heart! 

Whitewater Rafting Experiences Made in Romania

It’s funny – I don’t spend a lot of time on Romanian waterbeds and many other watersports enthusiasts travel great distances to do that. Here follow some stories on the features of the most popular whitewater rivers in the country. Just to get your appetites whetted… 

Whitewater Rivers in Albania & Bosnia and Herzegovina by Shades of River Turquoise

Quite often, people ask me ‘Why do you go south of the Balkans for your watersports?’. Because I love the waters and their color there. In my head, it is far better to flip and be able to see everything that lies beneath you – or a large part of it – than do that in murky waters. 

Why I Won't Go Swimming with Dolphins or Shark Cage Diving

As a surfer, I have a deep love and connection to the ocean, which is why this topic is close to my heart and one that just does not get enough attention in the media.

Wild Encounters: The 5 Best Places on Earth to Surf with Dolphins

You are never alone in the ocean. I know, this is a spine-tingling thought, but I’m not just talking about sharks. Oceans are teeming with life, intriguing and mysterious, and there’s a whole underwater natural order that we land-dwellers are not always aware of. 

Top 8 Surfing Destinations in India to Catch Your First Wave

With surfing rapidly gaining popularity in India, there are quite a few spots spread across the country’s vast coastline where you can catch waves and take your first steps on the board. 

The 7 Best Surfing Spots in Texas

Cowboys. Pickup Trucks. The Alamo. Barbeque. Surfing? Believe it or not, Texas is a hidden gem for beginners and veteran surfers alike. With well over 300 miles of sprawling coastline, it’s no wonder that those in the know have long been referring to the Lone Star State as The Third Coast.

An Exciting 5-Day Itinerary on the Greek Island of Ios

When you think about a vacation in Greece, chances are you will conjure images of visiting ancient sites, soaking up the sun on the beaches, and eating many amazing meals. While that’s certainly the case for most travelers, there are others who want to explore the wilder side of the country. 

Top 30 Surf Blogs for Surfers and Water Sports Enthusiasts

Surf legend Philip Edwards, credited with being the first professional surfer and making the first signature surfboard in the world, famously said that “The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun. We strongly agree with him and we also believe that surfing is so much more than just a sport; it is a lifestyle and, for some, a religion.

The 10 Best Surfing Destinations of 2018

Are you ready for your next great adventure? Is taking up surfing one of your New Year’s resolutions? Would you like to check off some of the greatest surf destinations in the world? Regardless of what your surf plans are for 2018, we’ve got you covered!

Beach or Snow? Surf & Ski on the Same Day in these 5 Locations

Oh decisions, decisions… Christmas is knocking on our doorstep, snow has already started to fall and ski resorts are opening their doors for the season. At the same time, the surf is pumping too. How can you possibly pick one or the other?

Surfing in Nicaragua: 10 Great Reasons to Add It to Your Bucket List

From the moment I arrived at Hacienda Iguana for a scouting trip, I was in love. The sun was just coming up at Playa Colorado, beautiful, organized sets were breaking right outside my front door, and the white sand beaches were empty save for a few early morning surfers. In a word, it was magical, and I knew this was the experience I wanted to share.

Wild Beach Party Destinations You Must See in Your Lifetime

If you’re looking for a relaxing beach vacation where you can swing in a hammock on a deserted beach, enjoying the absolute silence, these destinations might not be your cup of tea.

Beach Camping: Useful Tips and Tricks (+ Essential Packing Checklist)

It’s summertime and the great outdoors are calling. You want to hit the beach, but you also want to go camping. Why not do both? 

Surfing in Cuba: Riding the Winds of Change

There’s more to Cuba than mojitos and Che Guevara. Far beyond the country’s quintessential symbols, its colonial architecture, hand-rolled cigars, Spanish guitars and African drums echoing in the streets, lie fantastic diving spots and… some sweet surfing!

20 Interesting Facts About Portugal

Any surfer knows that Portugal is a wonderful surfing destination. But then again, with 586 miles (953 km) of coastline and a lovely weather all year round, there wasn’t really any doubt there. 

Surf Camp Breakdown – What Goes On Inside a Surf Camp?

Surf camps are a great way to brush up on your surfing skills, improve your technique, meet like-minded people, and visit amazing destinations with picture-perfect beaches. 

30 Useful Things Surfers Need to Know When Traveling

Are you planning to take your surfboard out for a spin in a place you’ve never been before? You’re doing it on your own, without any friends or family, and you’re having concerns about how things will turn out? Or maybe you just need a bit of help on your journey! 

70 Awesome Travel Hacks You Absolutely Need in Your Life

Surfers are among that group of people who travel the most, which is why we thought they would appreciate some awesome travel hacks. They make our life easier and some are so clever that you’ll probably wonder why on earth did you not think of them before. 

10 Useful Safety Travel Tips for Women Surfers

The world is a dangerous place, but it is also beautiful, filled with stunning views, awesome people, great food, rad barrels, gorgeous beaches and many more wonderful things. Unfortunately, traveling as a woman presents more risks than traveling as a man. Even though women from all over the world are finally beginning to make their voice heard, we still have a long way to reaching true gender equality. 

Top 10 Travel Destinations for Single Men

Few things are as wonderful as feeling free and ready to experience new locations, meet awesome new people and enjoy delicious exotic foods. And if you’re a single guy, the world is truly your oyster!

The 15 Best Surfing Destinations in the United Kingdom

When we think of great surfing destinations, most of us think Hawaii, Bali, Australia, Portugal or something along those lines, right? A place where the sun is shining pretty much all the time, the weather is never too cold and the scenery is nothing short of amazing. But did you know that the United Kingdom is also an awesome surf destination? 

Big Wave Surfer Andrew Cotton Is Ready to Surf the Biggest Wave Ever [Interview]

Big wave surfing is one of the most popular surfing styles and it is definitely the most spectacular. For big wave surfing, the waves need to be at least 20 feet ( 6 meters) tall. However, for experienced, hardcore big wave surfers, 20-foot waves are nothing more than a mere child’s play. 

5 Great Tips for Traveling with Your Surfboard (from a Pro)

If you’ve been to an airport you already know this – airline baggage handlers don’t care about your luggage. Their goal is to get all the bags onto the plane as quickly as possible, and whether your bag is dropped, thrown, flipped upside down or smashed into other bags doesn’t matter to them. 

5 Valuable Life Lessons Surfing Will Teach You

For many, surfing is not merely a sport, a hobby or something fun you do at the beach; it’s a lifestyle, a religion and an intrinsic part of their soul and personality. The great news is that surfing can influence and change your life for the better. It can mold you into a better person and it can help you grow and evolve. 

Working Hard and Playing Hard: Dirt Bike Surfing with Robbie Maddison [Interview]

To say that Robbie Maddison (known to many as Maddo) is a living legend is not an overstatement. Dubbed the modern day Evel Knievel, Maddison is a prolific biker, stunt man and thrill seeker. Last summer, he partnered up with DC Shoes and released a video called Robbie Maddison’s Pipe Dream that showed him surfing on his dirt bike in Tahiti. 

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