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Dawn Patrol Bali - Balangan Surf School

Dawn Patrol Bali offers adventurous and fun surfing for all level surfers seeking the best surf breaks in Bali and surrounding islands.

Instructors 1

Akaa Maulana

Akaa was born in Java and is currently living in Bali. He is a highly experienced surfer and a well-known instructor who has been teaching for years in an accredited surf school before teaching in Dawn Patrol Bali.

Testimonials 3

Lysberth Wassenaar

Dawn Patrol Bali Facebook page

I love the never-ending enthusiasm of Akaa! He is always happy and smiling and he knows what he is doing. As a beginner, I always felt safe with him in the water. I have taken classes for a month and I have definitely improved my skills. If you are looking for a fun and enjoyable surfing experience with an instructor that speaks decent English, then Dawn Patrol Bali is for you!

Cams Lozano

Dawn Patrol Bali Facebook page

I have taken lessons with Akaa last year and since then, I make sure that I only book with Dawn Patrol Bali every time I'm in Bali! Akaa and Donno are very professional surf instructors that take the progress of their students seriously. I also love that they limit the number of students for each instructor so you know that they are really paying attention to each student. Dawn Patrol Bali goes beyond what you expect from a surf school. I know so well since the last time I was in Bali they really took care of me! Thank you, Dawn Patrol Bali!

Nicole Mendoza Crisostomo

Dawn Patrol Bali Facebook page

Thank you, Dawn Patrol Bali, for taking care of us! I love the surf spot that they recommended. That was the first time to surf nearby airport landing. I want to have more surf lessons with Akaa Maulana soon! We will be back for sure!

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