Danau Surf Center offers specialized surf holidays for families, couples, and individuals that want an easier approach to surfing.

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8 Day Relaxed Surf Experience in Baleal, Peniche

May | Jun | Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct, 2022

Instructors (2)

Joao Neto

Zé Miguel Cancela

Reviews (10)

Casper Van Es

from Netherlands, September 2021

"Great lessons and relaxed vibe"

Everybody was super helpful and friendly. Mimi who runs the hostel was always available and made sure there was a good breakfast. The taxi service was a great addition.

The surf school was really good. João had a lot of patience and was calm in explaining what went wrong and how you should do it better. His enthusiasm was nice and helped me a lot during the class. I learned a lot during the lessons.

The whole package with the stay, taxi, lessons and food was perfect.

Francesco Porcelli

from Germany, September 2020

"Great Experience"

The whole packet is absolutely great. You don´t have to think about anything, accommodation, all the meals and surf classes are arranged for you.

Your day will be like breakfast-surf-lunch-rest-surf-dinner and repeat.

Joao and Miguel are very helpful and teach you all you need to have fun in the waves.

Really a perfect vacation.

Silene Willemin

from Switzerland, August 2020

"Great experience"

Thanks for this great days!! I enjoyed a lot the place and the surf lessons.

I recommend, really nice people and good experience to spend great hollidays 😁


from Portugal, October 2019

Very generous people! Nice surf camp, nice food, nice villa.

Yann Haetty

from France, August 2019

"Three perfect days"

What I've liked ? Absolutely everything !!!

People were so nice, the Villa was wonderful, lessons were really great and funny. Spending time in Danau bar was cool, nice atmosphere, good meals and always something to drink ;)

It was really relaxing.

Don't hesitate one seconde !!! You won't regret it !

My last words for you Sandro, Juão and Mimi. Thank you so much ! It was perfect, I hope I'll come back soon.

Muito obrigado, eu ja espero a proxima vez !!!

Vosso amigo,


Liza Tavcar

from Slovenia, August 2019

"Super good!! "

Surfing classes by Sandro were so nice, he gave attention to each one of us, was very relaxed and supportive. Breakfast was always cute, they easily provided vegan options for me, food at the surfing center was delicious. All the people involved were really friendly and made our vacation very pleasant. We would definitely come again.

Viktoriia Ivanenko

from Ukraine, July 2019

"Excellent experience with excellent people"

It was my first time surfing.

I am happy I had one of the greatest experience so it makes me want to go back to surfing once again.

First, Joao. He is an absolutely amazing instructor, a wonderful person, and just a nice person to get to know. He was very helpful, very understanding, and very encouraging.

Second, accommodation. Martin's Villa is an astonishingly beautiful place to stay at. Very clean, very cosy, very hospitable.

Third, food! Amazing dinners one could dream of! I would definitely love to come back next year!

Georgios Psarras

from Great Britain, April 2019

"Brilliant surfing time"

Very friendly and nice people. Provided us with everything we needed and made our short staying really nice.

Looking forward to go back again and spend a bit more time surfing with them 🙂.

Eléonore Campiche

from Switzerland, April 2019

"Amazing quality surf camp in Peniche!"

I spent a week in Peniche, surfing with Sandro from Danau and I had the best time! He is an amazing teacher, super fun and enthusiasitc. I already surfed but wanted to improve and he was the best for that! I improved a lot so fast. I is observant, sees all the small mistakes you do and helps you correct them and get more confident on the line up. I'm so grateful! Can't wait to be back!

I stay in the nice family house from Danau. The house was just perfect, lovely place. They thought about every little detail!

Anne Muellers

from Germany, August 2019

Everyone at the surf center and at Martin’s villa was very welcoming and sweet. During the surf lessons I learned way more than what I‘d expected. Sandro is a great teacher, you can tell that he loves his job and the waves! Thank you for those great days, I‘m sure I‘ll be back one day!